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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Accommodation London Studios" at Willesden Green (zone 2) and Queens Park (zone 2).)


Willesden Green (zone 2) and Queens Park (zone 2), North West London, London, Greater London, England
51.546762, -0.209234 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 208 459 6203
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Fraudulent manager and director
Rooms are fine, but renting from this company is really dangerous. Director takes no responsibility for customers' experience and has set up clearly unethical and immoral policies that manager and staff enforce without questioning anything. Like robots they work under the director's command, even when it's obvious they're in the wrong. They have multiple legal charges on the company, historically, and directors do not accept any contact with customers. Manager is rude (hung up on me mid-sentence), and a liar (once again -- on the directors command through policy).
Age 24, Sweden
I stayed in a damp shack out the back of a dodgy looking house, a neighbour told us that he'd recently had people climbing over the roof of his own shack to try and get inside. We complained to the manager who we by chance had met and got his number, and demanded to be moved, after being messed around for several days we were eventually moved to a slightly better room (inside an actual building) but lacking the kitchen and en suite that we had paid for, they tried charging us an extra £100 for this room on top of what we had already paid, but we demanded £130 to be refunded to us instead which was done. The rest of the week was acceptable but I would never go there again and I warn anyone else from going there. Unclean rooms, useless robotic staff, uncaring patronising manager, bad facilities (very few pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils), no towels as stated on the website, unsafe area. It also seems that a lot of the reviews I have seen are made up by the company itself, very dodgy company, do not use.
Age 21, Britain
At the end of 6 months they didn't give me my deposit back and I'm not the only one. BE AWARE OF THIS AGENCY.
Very poor average for money
I stayed in one of those (twin) studios for almost three weeks. Let me tell you, this is the worst accommodation I've stayed in. The studios are tiny. The kitchen is minimal with very old stuff -- the fridge noise woke me up almost every night, and there's not even a microwave. The floors and walls are very thin, you basically hear everything that's going on next door or upstairs. The heating was next to non-existent. You pay for electricity about 1.50 pounds per day although we didn't cook or watch TV. It was the heater that consumed so much electricity without actually warming up the room but it made loads of noise. The entry door was broken in and damaged, so, almost no security there. The modem for the internet connection was so slow, despite having a fast Ethernet card, I could hardly surf the net most of the time. The bathroom was more of a closet that smelt really bad. The walls were dirty, the curtains and furniture had this disgusting smell, that I couldn't get rid of despite airing for the entire day. Having lived in London for almost five years, I'm used to low standards but this was the lowest of the low. And if you're not put off by now, let me tell you, it is a long way to walk from the tube station. It's not even close to a tube station or proper shops. However, what annoyed me the most was people from the agency that let out these studios coming in several times without without calling beforehand or knocking properly. They just turn up and let themselves in. There goes your privacy. All in all, this is very bad value for money. You basically pay a lot more than what you get. I would not recommend this place to anyone. In fact I'd say there's loads of better places out there -- and many of them are cheaper too. Having paid 900 pounds for a bit more than two weeks for a twin studio, I feel completely cheated.
  I stayed in the Willesden Green apartments in June of 2004. The apartments are definitely not as colorful as the pictures make them out to be, and the bathroom was a bit cramped. The laundry facility was gross, but there was a nice (and cheaper) laundromat down the street so it wasn't too much trouble. As for the location, it was a bit far removed from anything remotely touristy, but it was a two-minute bus ride/15 minute walk (which one would not want to take by oneself at night) to a tube stop. The good part about being away from tourists is that there are reasonable ammenities available in the neighborhood: cheap internet cafés, laundromats, pharmacists... all of the basics that are either grossly inflated or missing altogether in other parts of London that I have stayed in. Overall it was clean. It had all that you would need (but nothing beyond), and the people in the area were nice and helpful. Be prepared to leave early in the morning on your last day.

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