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Hollywood International Hostel

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The Hollywood International Hostel is in a great location. That is the most it has going for it. It's directly across the street from the subway that unfortunately is almost useless to most, and in the heart of the media district. Walk up a flight of stairs to the second floor of a brick building that has businesses beneath, and you'll be facing a very long hallway that runs the length of the building. We noticed right away when we went to use the bathroom that there was no soap there, and it smelled of urine. There were sereral sinks and showers, but no soap to wash hands. I asked at the office. "Do you have any soap, or can you sell me some soap?" "No, sorry."

Our dorm room was a typical 4-person bunk room. Linens were included in the $19 fee. We asked the office clerk if he knew where we could park the car. "No, not really. You could park down there, but it will be expensive like fifteen dollars," he said pointing out the window to the lot below. The sign at the office entrance said breakfast was included. In the morning we went out to see what it was, not expecting much. That's exactly what we received. Breakfast was a piece of bread and jam, butter, or peanut butter. A man with a bread loaf periodically walked downstairs from the TV room to place a loaf on the table below. We saw no real facility for cooking. The "kitchen" was a sink and shelf in a closet with just enough counter for a coffee maker. Coffee was inclused as well at breakfast. There was one typical-sized refrigerator, which was full. The TV room was a good size, with the usuals milling about. Internet access was $1 per ten minutes with a bill feed machine.

by David
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   Very qualified for modest demands We stayed in the hostel for 4 days. It was clean enough in the restrooms and the staff was friendly and helpful. The rooms werent cleaned up and the beds werent comfortable but all in all it was a good value for money.  , age 23, Germany ()
1   Hostel has bedbugs Do not go there, even if the location is great, you will have a terrible stay at this hostel! The floors are dirty, the showers are not very clean and not convenient at all! Beds are invaded by bedbugs and the staff is very rude for no reason! Help shut down this place!!!  , age 20, French ()
1   Should be shut down My previous experiences with hostels led me to expect friendly staff and a nice environment, instead this hostel provided visible dirt in all areas, so much so that i slept in my towel. The staff were unfriendly and not at all interested he guests. Easily the worst hostel experience i have ever had. Do not stay here.  ()
4   Best Hostel In Hollywood I went to two other hostels that would not rent to me -- a college student with a Visa and ID because they did not like the way I looked. This hostel, however, did not make such judgments. It is a hostel for mature people: you are expected to know and follow the rules -- it is really that simple. The room was clean and no one stole my laptop. The cast of characters here would make for a Hollywood film. For example, I shred a room with Ivana Trump's stalker, just Google it. The linen was clean. simple breakfast (PB&J) is served weekly. The day manager, Sean, is remarkable. A very intelligent and nice guy. I would stay no where else. The room is 25 with a 25 deposit, so $50, $25 returned if you follow the rules & check out on time. Don't be vulgar or rude to the other (crazy?) guests or you will be asked to leave immediately.  , AMerican ()
5   Very good, I would come back i think they made change or something staff very friendly and they had a lot of activities and stuff. I spoke with the new manager and said they were doing a lot of upgrades to the place. Can't wait to see what they did fro this summer. Lots of girls there too!!! had a great time hope to back there soon.  , France ()
1   A complete mess Well if i had any lighting in the room or could actually see the damp and dust properly im sure my review would be worse. The staff were very reluctant to help and i found when you asked them anything it was a real effort for them to be polite and friendly except for one older guy who was actually polite to me and went out of his way to find me a lamp so i could actually pack my bags. The toilets and shower areas were disgusting, the showers had no lockable doors so your privacy was very limited, and they were also closed for two hours in the middle of the day for cleaning, why they didnt clean them at a more suitable time i dont know. Breakfast was a joke, and as for a kitchen well if you can call that a kitchen. The only thing going for the place was the location that was great. The staff should also be more respectful and turn the TV down when guests are sleeping especially after a long flight.  , England ()
3   Great staff The location of this hostel is pretty good because it's near the subway, which takes you in about fifteen minutes to downtown. The staff in the hostel were extremely nice and helpful. Thank you! The only really bad thing about this hostel is the smell in the rooms, it was very strange. The bathrooms weren't bad for a hostel, just bring your one soap with you.  , Swiss ()
3   Good and really bad The location is great, but maybe the only one good thing about this hostel. Although I called several times to confirm my reservation, we were told that there is no such reservation, after all they did us "a favor" with letting us stay there. The staff are really unfriendly, rude, unhelpful. The rooms are ok, but the breakfast is invisible -- only coffee offered.  , Bulgaria ()

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