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Due to a change in ownership of in November 2019, we are currently no longer accepting new paid reviews at this time.

Online since 2002, is the largest hostel reviews and information source online. Along with guest ratings, we also pay travelers to write full reviews with photos to give our visitors as much information about the hostels as possible. Now you can help contribute to this important travel resource, and get paid for doing it.

We pay $10 per review (that's roughly €9 , CAD$13, or AU$15). Payments are made using PayPal (it's easy to sign up for a free account later if you don't already have one). A review is a few paragraphs (at least 375 words) about the hostel and some photos taken with your digital camera. You can see an example of a review on here (look for "The Review").

There is a minimum of two reviews per reviewer, but beyond that you can write as many as you like.



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