Cheviot International Lodge



(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Cheviot International Lodge" at 30 Bulwer Street.)


30 Bulwer Street, East Perth, パース (Perth City), Western Australia, オーストラリア
-31.943904, 115.870753 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (8) 9227-6817
(61)-(8)-9221 6826
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OMFG what have I done
Well, if the potholes in the drive don't wipe you out and the fist-holed sized hole in the front door window don't put you off you probably deserve to stay there. I had no choice but to ring the doorbell and when this crazy lookin old dude turned up I figured Perth must have had good acid in the 60's. Eventually he seemed to remember where reception is and we did the I.D. thing he looked dismayed that I had a Passport for I.D. (a sign on the front door says no passport: no stay), and having traveled all day, I just wanted to put it in his "mailbox" and send it to reality with my right foot. Well, I knew I was doomed for at least a few nights, so I paid and he took me to my cell. I think it still had original paint from the 1800's. The door had obviously been booted in a few times from the look of the shattered frame and old handles that had been removed, he handed me a pillow and blanket that I am sure he found under a bridge somewhere, neglected to show me the amenities (which I looked for in the wrong place (read : ladies room) to the slight distress of a nice young lady), and that was that. The room stunk -- although it may have been the blanket/sheet/bed/pillow, I was too tired to care and was just waiting for someone to jump me. A hellishly dilapidated, aged and under-maintained S-hole of a place. I am getting out of here asap. If you don't hear from me again, tell my parents I love them.
Perth's five-star sh*thole!
If you like substandard living, a front office run by a crazy old man who does not know his ass from his lips, and a bathroom that most prison inmates would refuse to bathe in, then Cheviot International Lodge is the place for you. By the way, the free breakfast is a piece of toast and jam that is most likely one decade expired.
A concerned backpacker
This place has a massive infestation of bedbugs, and the staff are rude, and would rather all caucasians go somewhere else. The kitchen is absolutely filthy. The showers are filthy. Its a dump.
  Well we didn't stay there, but we could have a look. The man at the reception was a crazy old fool. We came from another hostel, because they didn't have any beds and that receptionist guy wouldn't want us to stay, firstly because "too many assholes" already came from the previous hostel, and secondly because two of us were speaking french ("No, we don't take French people. Had too many French assholes"), although we were from Canada and not from France. When we were discussing with that guy, we also heard two people speaking about the bedbugs present. While someone was still arguing with that ol' fool we had a look around and were not really attracted by the general rundown aspect of the place. Finally we just left. And won't come back.
  I stayed here for just over a week in July 2005. Its a big old house that has a lot of character. The room I had was shared between 2 other friends. It had its own Shower and toilet. The only downer about it was it was very cold at night. (there is no central least not in our room). The kitchen was very big, with plenty of room to accomodate a good few people, although there are only 4 cookers in all. I met a lot of Japanese here(2 of whom are now good friends). The place, like most of Perth's hostels, seemed to house hordes of Japanese. The place also had a big tv room, and a nice outdoor seating area, where most of the lodgers got togehter and chatted or drank. The lodgers were a mix of short term backpackers, and long term stayers (mainly Kiwis). There is a Petrol station on the corner of the street with a decent shop. and not 500 yards up on the other side of the street to Cheviot is a "Strippers World" store, catering to all your costume and stripping accessory needs. It even offers dancing lessons. What more could you ask for? The walk into Perth CBD is only 10 minutes from Cheviot via North Bridge. All in all, a nice hostel, for those backpackers who don't mind the rougher end of the hostel market in terms of facilities and home comforts. I enjoyed my time here.
Tom Scally (England)
  I stayed here a couple of times in 2003. It's a nice friendly hostel, with a good kitchen and nice rooms. It's a ten-minute walk from Northbridge, so you don't get kept up all night from the noise of the bars and clubs. It's a good place if you want to stay and work in area.
Bruce, UK

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