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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Domus Aurora Roma" at Via Milazzo 3, Scala A, 3 floor.)


Via Milazzo 3, Scala A, 3 floor, Near Termini, ローマ, ラツィオ州, イタリア共和国
41.901751, 12.504238 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+39 3319246510
+39(0) 06 49381624
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Rooms bear no relation to photos they provide. Ours was particularly bad but we saw a supposed double and it was skanky, nothing like their published photos. We ordered a double room one month before our trip and specified clearly that we wanted a double bed on the requirements box of the booking form and to tell us if that would be a problem. We also emailed them about the requirements. We tried to phone twice on the day we ordered but they didn't answer. When we arrived they took us to a different building to the one advertised in a pretty dodgy street. The room was tiny and they had given us bunk beds with the assembly instructions still hanging off. There was a sink in the room but it wasn't plumbed in. The other rooms had title plaques ours said "PRIVATE" (in Italian, I forget the exact spelling) and looked like it was meant to be a staff room. The shower had the aircon outlet hanging above it. They gave us a load of excuses about how busy everything was because there was a Lady Gaga concert that weekend but failed to explain how this should affect our one month old booking. We stayed one night as it was very late and I did a load of Googling and found a studio apartment we could rent for two nights for 80 euros which was basic but streets ahead of this hole.
I'd try and find somewhere else
i stayed in the guesthouse area right across from termini and a few blocks from the actual hostel. initially when i arrived the clerk was very friendly, but the man that was told to escort me to the guest house didn't even acknowledge my presence and waved me to follow him. he then walked at a pace that i could barely keep up with my luggage (which was a small carry on sized bag, so not like i had something huge to carry). upon arrival he gave me the key and left, but failed to explain to me that the lock needs to be unlocked in a very specific way, so the first time i tried it took me about 15 minutes to get it open. the rooms were really small with 3 beds put into a room built for two (i was later informed by my roommates who i saw later on after i moved into another hostel that they added two more beds which they stacked on top of the originals) the one plus was there was a bathroom in the room that had hot water, however this one good point was nullified by the fact that there were bugs in the beds (the only place in rome i had this problem) i think the thing that made everything unbearable was the unnecessary rudeness of the staff working in the guesthouse. i was nothing but friendly and courteous, and i even tried speaking italian with them to make them more comfortable, however i realized they weren't italian themselves. overall i'd say do what you can to avoid this place since there's no way to know whether you'll be put in the guesthouse, or the regular hostel which may or may not be as good as the people on here have said.
  They did not understand English extremely well and the hotel clerk was shy, but Christine and her sister were very nice, friendly, and helpful to us. We enjoyed our stay with them very much and loved the value! The shower was a good one.
Sharene and Shelley
  We are staying in this guesthouse right now and we WOULD NOT recommend it. The staff are EXTREMELY unfriendly and we would rather stay somewhere else because of how they act and run their guesthouse. We strongly suggest staying somewhere else!
Chris and Alex
  Very clean, the owners were extremely helpful and nice, Very convenient to Termini station and easy to find!
  Very clean place, close to Termini station, and only 2 metro stations away from major attractions. Very helpful owners. I found it much more convenient than when I stayed near major attractions. Good value!!!

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