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Via Livorno 5, Piazza Bologna, Roma, Lacio, Italia
41.914522, 12.521957 (accuracy not guaranteed)
Phone Number
+39 06 44 29 2471
+39 06 44292604
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Youth Station Hostel. Not even once.
Let me start from the beginning. When I arrived at Youth Station Hostel's supposed 24 hour reception I had to wait for the manager who was "at lunch". Instead of the manager, who I really wish to name but for ethical reasons I will not, some construction contractors greeted me and my friend on arrival. The hostel was completely unstaffed at 12. However, the contractors seemed to know the manager and suggested I leave my bags with some other bags tucked behind the front desk. My friend and I went out sightseeing. Returning an hour later I am greeted by a supposed guest of the hostel. This apparent guest was asked by the manager to "watch the place" while he was out (I am suspicious as to whether this person is actually a guest or an individual the manager lets squat at the hostel so that he can leave the place unattended whenever he likes). Upon closer inspection I found that my bags were not where I left them. Panic ensued. 20 minutes later the manager arrived. He'd moved my bags into a separate room, without telling anyone. While checking in I noticed the manager's pupils were dilated and his demeanor anxious. I was not offered an apology for the lack of reception. Instead, in speech slurred, I was offered an explanation that a hostel manager has to eat lunch. This was a fact I found quite enlightening. Entering the room I find it to be completely unadorned. Blank walls stare back at me and furniture is nowhere to be found. There is a toilet so I can liken this room to a prison cell. We had many issues during our stay. The first night my friend and I froze. During the night the heater would turn off and on during the afternoon (when the temperature was comfortable). We complained about this issue the first day and nothing was done. I thought leaving the remote out at night an elegant solution to the problem. However, this was seemly too much to ask of the hostel. This remained an issue up until the point of checking out from frustration. The straw that broke the Roman's back was the manager's entering of our room whilst my friend and I were indisposed. At this point, I called the manager (who was -- wouldn't you know -- out of the hostel again leaving it empty) and requested his presence to discuss my grievances. To which the manager responded as if I was inconveniencing him. I was received poorly, given a scare that my luggage had been stolen, stayed in a room fit for felons, froze in a bed and a shower, and completely ignored by hostel staff. To top it off the hostel manager told me it was all my own fault, that I was wrong to complain of being cold, I was dirty, and should go back to my own country. Wow, I really love this place. Never, ever, ever Stay here.
Age 29, USA
Hostels in Rome are generally quite poor, so I didn't have high expectations. The hostel was ok, very basic but there were a few issues. The shower door was broken, and it wasn't very clean. The staff would walk in the rooms every so often with new guests showing them around the room, turning on the light regardless of the time. This happened at 2am, 6am and 8am during my stay. They also randomly came in sprayed air freshener and left the door open while I was trying to sleep. They were friendly enough, but wtf??? Respect your guests. Perhaps my experience was a one-off ... Without the staff interruption it would have been distinctly average at best.
Met Expectations
Ok, so this place was pretty much my expectation of european hostels in general. Its not the cheapest hostel, but not the most expensive. Its not clean, but its not dirty. There were ants in the hostel bathroom which was gross, but manageable. There are ten beds/room with an en-suite bathroom that was fine. The area is great to meet people and I made a lot of good friends there. I do feel a lot of that has to do with the people that are there and your outgoingness but the hostel is set up for people to meet. There are also lockers that they give you your own key for, but people have said that there's could be opened by shifting the door a bit. Mine was fine, at least. The staff are bad but by the time you go, they'll probably have switched. Otherwise, close to the Bologna metro and bus stops and a nice park and bakery.
  i had a great time here. Yes, the rooms are small but you are only in the room to sleep. the common room is great with a selection of movies and a small kitchen with dishes and such. The beds were really clean and comfortable and the showers are small but more important they are hot and stay hot even in the peak showering hours. The location isnt great but it certainly isnt bad -- all you have to do is that the metro or buss it didnt conflict with any of my plans. And the employees were somewhat helpful and i did get the guy thats says be quiet a lot but who cares. like i said i had a great time and i met great people, the whole atmosphere was great and i recommend this place for young travelers.
  I had an ok stay here. Only one tiny bathroom/shower for a ten-bedroom room (although there are two extra bathrooms/showers in the hall for the whole of the hostel) -- and the shower floods the floor. I consider location to be important when choosing a hostel, but this one is far from the center of the city. Located in Piazza Bologna, the area itself is pretty boring, but the supermarket two buildings down was convenient. The staff was mostly unhelpful, especially the dude who told me to quiet down when I was only having a conversation with a stranger in the common room (albeit it was late). The air conditioning was great, the beds were clean, but they do put you in some cramped quarters. Warning -- my friend and I booked a female room and were put in a room with eight other guys. I'd stay here again because of the price but the hostel was only average.
  This place was ok. We stayed in a ten-bed female dorm. The room was incredibly small for ten bunks as well as lockers, so there was very little room to move around. Beds didn't have ladders, which was a bit inconvenient. Room was quite dark too. The room was clean, although they only offered one sheet, and then we found out later that they don't change the duvet cover between guests, so essentially you share that with countless others. The bathroom seemed to be cleaned everyday, so no complaints there, but there was only one bathroom for ten girls, which was really inconvenient. Staff were more or less friendly, and helpful most of the time. The kitchen was really only a microwave, toaster, and two small fridges. Also, very little in the way of cups and plates, so improvisation was the order of the day. Left luggage was 3 euro. But, it's very, very noisy. I had to sleep with ear plugs every night. For some unknown reason, they turn the TV up louder at night after 10 p.m. I wouldn't recommend staying here if you like a good nights sleep. But then that is usual for hostels.
K Hillock
  This is the worst hostel I have ever stayed in. Go there and lose your dignity. This is definitely not a place for human beings. Even chickens would have more space to live in. All that is in their website is fake. The pictures show the biggest room. Actually there are four rooms (corridors) that contain ten beds each. The picture show a narrow room with beds aligned on the side. The reality is that the beds are double decked (the ladder is lacking on some beds) and the number of lockers is two times more so you have even less space than what is shown. There is a very tiny bathroom in each room. If you insist on going there, make sure you don't bring clostrophobic friends along. This hostel is just for business, the owners want the maximum money and don't care about the clients. It is made only for young people who don't complain -- no adult would ever accept such swindle. By the way, credit cards are not accepted though the website says it does! This shows how much honest they are. Internet is 1 euro for half-hour and there are only three computers. It's expensive compared to other hostels where it is free. The kitchen has just a microwave and two little fridges. Air conditioning doesn't work. The emergency exit in my room didn't work. The room cleaning is bad and didn't include bathroom when I was there. A second bed sheet is given on demand only. Bags can be kept after checkout for three euros. They'll desactivate your friends magnetic keys so that you cannot enter the room and pick up your bag without them. Please consider my note and don't experience this hostel -- this bunch of crooks doesn't deserve any other penny. The rooms are forty meters long and two meters wide, filled with beds and lockers that hardly let the light in. They even added old desks in the way supposed to help us but rather make us more suffocate.
  This is the worst hostel that I have ever stayed in. When I arrived at the hostel I was informed that the single sex dorm that I had booked six months earlier was not available, however I was not informed before arriving. I was not offered an alternative even though I stated I didn't want a mixed room, the staff informed me that I could find myself a different room for the night and they would not charge me, but where at three p.m. in the middle of July are you going to find a room in Rome? They also did not accept credit card athough I was told they did, so I had to walk ten minutes to a cash point on my own in Rome at ten p.m., in a not so nice area! Also the air conditioning did not work in the dorm, no ladders were on the bunks so had to get another traveller to lift me up, and finally there was 1 combined shower and toilet room per room, so took around ninety minutes to have a shower in the morning due to the queue. I really do not recommened this hostel to anyone.

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