The Monkey Hut




Del triángulo 100 metros al Norte (From the triangle, 100 mtrs to the North), Laguna de Apoyo, Nikaragua
(+505) 888-73546 or (+505) 872-21818
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What a noisy place
The lake is awesome and should be enjoyed by any nature and water lover. I found this hostel to be pretty horrible, however. Between partying and snoring, there was no peace. Later, I took some Spanish classes at another place nearby, where the guests and staff were more interesting, and the conditions were more integrated into the environment. And I slept while listening to frogs there!
I just came back from a 3-month-trip in Central-America and this hostel is printed in my memory. The location is ... WOW! The staff was really friendly and I got to meet a lot of other travelers. One of the most beautiful places with the most relaxed atmosphere I've seen during my trip. A must-see for every backpacker!! Thanks monkey hut for making my stay so memorable.
Ilse, Holland
Paradise on earth!
This place is one of the most beautiful spots in Nicaragua. And the kayaks are for free!!!! Planned to stay there for a day, but finally stayed there for about a week in December 2009. The staff is super friendly, and the place is just so relax! We never had problems with the staff, they were lovely and were never disturbing us. The Monkey Hut is not for boring people who want to be isolated from the rest of the world, it's a social spot, where you get to know other travelers and can talk about your experiences. I just loved it, and so did all the other travelers we met! Some friends of ours stayed in the Cabaña, the most relaxed spot of the hotel, where you have a king-size bed and your own hammocks! We stayed in the dorm, and we didn't experience any noisy staff disturbances! In other words: those who want privacy can have privacy and those who want to mangle with other travelers will also be satisfied! Monkey hut rules!!! I'll be back!
(Costa Rica)
Really bad night
We stayed at the Monkey Hut last month. they rent out the opportunity to swim on the grounds, so the beach is really crowded with families. The night we stayed there were a bunch of people there from Granada for a year-end party which the staff of the hostel shut down at 11. Unfortunately, the staff then had their friends from other hotels over and kept partying. We finally (with tears and pleading) got them to move their party off the main deck so we could get some sleep. They were so rude, it was a horrible experience. I do not recommend this as a place to stay unless you really miss the whole "summer camp" experience.

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