City Centre Backpackers


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216 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australien
-24.867399, 152.345673 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (7) 4191-9818
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Disgusting. Avoid at all costs
I stayed here for 2 weeks. Have not received any pay from the work I have completed. Now I cannot even get through to the hostel. Not helpful one bit. The hostel is disgustingly dirty. I would advise you to go elsewhere unless you fancy working on a farm for free!!!
Age 25, UK
I spent 4.5 months in this hostel, and it really wasn't that bad at all! The jobs were there, I worked on 11 different farms in the time there, some piece rate but the majority hourly pay. Michael and Nancy run the hostel fairly, they provide you with the info you need, try their best to provide you with jobs and are just generally decent people! Their is a no alcohol policy in the hostel, and yeah, the wifi is kind of bad but there are bars across the road and free wifi hotspots all around Bundaberg. From the stories I've heard of other hostels in Bundaberg, City centre is definitely the one to go to over the rest. Made some amazing memories here and some great friends, if I had to do farm work again (88 days is enough thanks) I would definitely go back here.
Age 25, England
We were treated fairly
We spent two month in the City Centre Backpackers and from all the hostels we have been to this was the best. The accommodation itself is not the nicest, but people tried to get us only hourly rate jobs and we felt treated fairly. Piece rate jobs were on a volunteer basis and as soon as there were new hourly paid jobs, people were put on the better Jobs. People respect in general the no-alcohol policy and the hostel is quite calm. Shops and other facilities are nearby so there is no problem when you don t have a car. On sunny weekends the hostel Management offers bus rides to take you to the beach. The manager was always straight and very honest with us and we had the feeling that we could trust him. During low season, couples had a room to themselves and when there were only piece rate jobs, the Management lowered the rent. All in all we had a great experience.
Anca & Mat
Age 30, Germany and France
Great experience
Spent almost 6 months here doing my days and was gutted to leave! It's hard work but the hostel and money is good and it's easy so save. They always try to help you and find you work. It was a really good experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do their farmwork!
Age 20, Finland
Surprisingly amazing experience
I came to the hostel just with the intention of doing my days and going but am checking out today gutted to leave! City Centre is honestly such a brilliant place to come and do your farm work but also to make friends for life. I was working within a couple of days on sweet potatoes and then chillies before getting permanent on a pineapple farm. Even when the storm season came and put a stop to most farms, Michael still made sure you had work to pay your rent. Everything's allocated fairly and if you work hard, you'll do well. Aside from the farming, the hostel is such a sociable place where everyone gets along with everyone and just have a laugh. It's a dry hostel so there's no midweek partying while you're trying to sleep for work but every Friday and Saturday everyone clears out to let their hair down after a hard weeks work. Shopping centre and laundrette is a short walk away, train stations across the road, nightlife is on the same street. It's just an ideal balance of everything. The hostel really cares about its residents and even after one drunken night where I lost my phone, the manager, Michael, tracked it on his app and drove me to go get it -- absolute life saver! Could not recommend more, I'd come back in a heartbeat. Makes the drudgery of doing the required farm work actually fun!
Age 23, Scotland
Best Experience of my life
Arrived first week in April with my friend I'm traveling with.We both got work straight away on macadamia 5 days a week. Hourly pay. Can be very surreal experience but it becomes a daily routine very quickly. Rent was $180 and $7 for travel per day. The hostel is ran by Michael, Lin and Emma on reception. They do their very best to get you work and are very helpful. We were in a room with a 3 tier bunk bed with a sink, shelves for belongings and a balcony. The rooms are cleaned, sweeper and hoovered very day. Showers and bathroom are cleaned very morning. Kitchen can be quite hectic in the evenings you also get your own food locker at check in. There a smoking area with picnic benches, a table tennis table, and the TV room has couches and board games and also DVDs available from reception. It is lovely place to meet people from all over the world and I definitely met friends for life. I would highly recommend City Centre to anybody.
For the best times and best friends
we stayed here back in oct 92 for a few months leading up to xmas and had the time of our lives! picking rockmelons, mandarins and tomatoes, up at 5, back at 6, across the road for happy hr $1 pots and $3.50 crumbed steak. foxys nite club then maxis, out all night with the city centre crew then back to catch the tomato bus again!! a weekend ritual that lasted till we left for another maxis in airlie beach for xmas. yep, those were the days alright!! sounds like the family vibe is still going strong which is bloody awesome. this home away from home holds a special place in my heart. I hope for you too have fun.
Age 46, nz
My home for 6 months and always!
Arrived early in March and had work straight away. Even ended up staying longer after completing my days to save up more money. Farm work is always going to be sh*t and hard. Everyone in the hostel is in the same position which really helps. Michael, Lin, and Emma, who run the place, go out of their way to get work for people and make sure everyone is happy. They respect you as long as you treat them the same way. When the work is so hard coming home to a clean, friendly, and well-run hostel makes life a lot easier. Weekends were filled with BBQs in the nearby park, beach trips, banjos beer garden, and central night club. You spend 3-5 months with the same people and they become your family as well as Michael, Emma, and Lin! All the work is hourly paid and they will never let you get ripped off or treated badly by farmers which happens a lot in other places. I always felt at home and safe here. Was absolutely gutted to leave the place and people. Would recommend it to anyone.
Age 22, England

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