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If you come here to party and drink, then you will come across a few or more idiots. If you come here for a relaxed atmosphere and great holiday, then that is what you get.
It's a fantastic place to work and stay -- I chose to stay just out of town on a farm because it was cheaper. This was one of the safest, friendliest towns I stayed in.
Anonymous from uk
Bundaberg is great -- the work, the good accommodation, the good people. I can't wait to go back.
The government should do something here -- it's a seriously nasty place to spend time in.
kevin walker
It is an absolute sh*thole. The hostels are full of bad people and fleas and there is loads of work elsewhere. You don't need this experience.
Bundaberg sucks really bad, I would suggest staying away. People get attacked all the time because of the violent drunk and drugged kids that are under the age of sixteen! It's the worst place in the world!
Stay away from Bundaberg -- there is nothing to see or do.
Bundy is great!
I have lived all over Australia, in the big cities and small outback towns and in between, and Bundaberg is without a doubt right up there with the best. Everything you need is here, there's lots to do, and great weather. Bundaberg is a fantastic place to live and meet people -- a lot of people from all over the world come to Bundy for work. For good reason, Bundaberg is awesome.
The best thing in Bundy was the Bundy Asian Market on McLean Street. They gave great advice and have the best range of Asian food plus a very pleasant owner.
I stayed in Bundaberg around five years ago and had an awesome time and saved heaps of money! If you are a physically fit guy and there in the tomato season, try and get a job loading the trucks! I made $600 to $1,400 a week in the peak of the season!
russell burnard
I have been all around Australia and found Bundaberg the best place to settle down so we moved here from Sydney eight months ago. The climate is fantastic and the people are friendly -- the only hard thing is the lack of jobs if you are unskilled.
My nephew is having to have major surgery because some idiots decided to attack him after a night out in Bundaberg. A nineteen-year-old is now having to have his face rebuilt -- please stay away, the place is full of nutters. Maybe if people stop going there, something will get done to clean the place up.
Bundaberg is a sh*thole. I've been cussed at, ripped off, and assaulted in Bundaberg. I witnessed my friend getting his skull cracked open here. half of the population consists of unemployed, violent, permanently drunk people. Not to mention this bloody gang who are roaming the streets looking for victims.
I used to live in Bundy. For some reason, even though I lived all over Australia, it's always been home. Parts of Bundy may be crap, but it's what you make of it, which is why I'm coming back to start my new life. And it's better than the Northern Territory.
Bundaberg isn't hillbilly!
I came to Bundy with my family at the age of twelve for a family get away. At the time we lived in the middle of Brisbane and needed to get away. Mum had family here so we came to visit. I'm now at the age of twenty-nine and I am now living here with my twins and hubby. I moved here at the age of eighteen to settle down and start my life by myself. I got married at the beautiful Botanical Gardens. I recommend this place to anyone. Yes, it takes a while to find a job but it's worth the while.
New resident to Bundy
I came to Bundy with my family for a month at the age of five -- I'm now fifteen and we are living here. It's such a beautiful place but you've just got to find the right hostel. I'm so glad we came and moved back here.
I loved Bundy -- spent five months there and have a lot of fond memories.
I love Bundaberg. I made great friends there and we still keep in touch.
Bundy is a good place to live, work, and stay.
I had a fantastic time in Bundaberg learning to dive at Bundaberg Aqua Scuba. The instructors and staff were great and had loads of fun. Roger was awesome. I would recommend it to everyone -- it was by far the most memorable part of my time in Bundy.
I had a fantastic time in Bundaberg learning to dive at Bundaberg Aqua Scuba. The instructors and staff were great and had loads of fun. I would recommend it to everyone -- it was by far the most memorable part of my time in Bundy.
I recently stayed in Bundaberg and hated every minute. I learned to dive at Bundaberg Dive Academy and my instructor couldn't speak any English at all. The locals were vulgar.
I had a brill time in Bundy, mostly because I accepted that the work is hard and the hours long, but hey, that's what you're there for. Make the most of it while you're there, make loads of mates like I did, and take advantage of the central pub -- that's where all the magic happens.
The hostels here are enough to make a person puke. I would never go to Bundaberg again in my life!
Chuck Norris
I had a great time in Bundy learning to dive at aqua scuba. The hostels were great and my instructor Danny-boy rocks.
This place makes me want to puke. All the guys try to screw the girls. They make me sick. All a bunch of perverts.
I would skip this sh*thole. It's dirty and the people are dickweeds.
This place sucks. The work is underpaid and the hostels are overpriced so it makes it hard to save.
I liked Bundy. The work and people were great.
I have fantastic memories of Bundaberg and would go back. I loved the hillbilly feel of the town. Beats the cities any day. Work is hard but well worth the experience.
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