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1 North Street, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China
34.260520, 108.947480 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(China Country Code) 029-87231203 or 029-87233005
(China Country Code) 029-872182222
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What a Hostel should be.
Much more friendly that one of the higher priced snobby hostels I was at earlier. The staff is wonderful, English friendly, fair prices for the rooms and restaurant. Fun bar atmosphere with a mainly Chinese clientele. A breath of fresh air when compared to some of the Eurosnob hostels where all the rich kids are clutching their guidebooks and eating their Muesli. Great Place and a Great Location! View out my window of the bell tower = Priceless.
Every Day Is Christmas
It is now April. Would anyone in the entire world agree that Christmas decorations should still be up? I've never stayed in this place, but I go to their bar frequently, I live in Xian. I see the absurd xmas decorations and every time I say to the waiters "merry christmas." They look embarrassed, and so they should. I even speak to managers and point out that xmas decorations are for December, no other time. I come back two weeks later and nothing has changed. It's clear they regard Xmas as nothing more than pretty decorations. In my opinion the owners/managers of this place have zero regard for the values of western culture. But if you love Christmas, please come here! Every day is Christmas!
(New Zealand)
Clean rooms, affordable, good food.
We stayed at Bell Tower one week in a twin bedroom with private bathroom. The room was clean and well maintained, and had air conditioning. People at the reception knew what they were doing, but weren't too friendly doing it. The food at the restaurant is good, but again, the staff were doing the minimum to get the job done. All in all, the place is nice, cheap and clean, but we felt the staff didn't look too happy and friendly. The ambiance wasn't the best I saw in a youth hostel. Also, avoid the restaurant/bar after 8 p.m., as it fills with brainless local teens -- very annoying!
Clean and very well located
I was in this hostel in april 2009. It was fantastic. Excellent location, bus stops just in the sema square located. Good breakfast at the bar. Very clean room. Good attention at reception desk. Cheap internet access. The only thing, not much tourism information.
Well located and decent place to stay
The hostel is on the NE corner from the Bell Tower, near everything in town. Plenty to do and lots of friendly people. Many nationalities and the staff speak English and can help get train tickets -- though the train ticket stall is about five hundred meters north on the east side of the street (well marked). This is a business so some hostel prices are U.S.A. Good pricey food, nice rooms, and dorms cleaned upon request. In Xian it's 40 rmb now to walk the city wall. used to be 5 in 1997. Tours are tours -- make reservations anywhere but when the bus shows up full and you have to ride in the mini van, you have been screwed and will be re-brokered off to the lowest bidder (to allow for first tour guides profits). Best go to the first pick up point to assure you make the first load -- we were in the "back-up" van and were taken to the east wall hub and re-brokered for an hour and then left to fend for ourselves on the way back from the Huashan mts. The tour to Terra Cotta Warriers works much the same. Not a reflection on this hostel but they are small and won't fill up a bus. Go west to the huge hotel on the south side of the main road and get your tour ticket(s) there. the bus starts from there. other locations are catch as catch can. The small hostel had little power to intervene for us on getting a ride back to Xian that evening. the people who came from the huge hotel got on the bus. we were left on the curb just outside Huashan. several obvious photos of the bus id's, tags, registration, the tour guide, and her permit (up close) got us a fifth rate ride back to Xian. Great mountains but a hell of a ride.
Clean, Friendly, Excellent service and food. People were great and a great place to go. I was comfortable and it was cosy. The people there was so nice and when I go back I will have no choice but to go there again.
The Bell Tower hostel is aptly named, as it has an amazing view of the old Ming style Bell Tower towering over the chaotic streets below. Geographically this tower and hostel are in the centre of the old town, but this area is extremely modern with shopping malls and McDonald's crowding the wide streets. It is very close to the Muslim Quarter, which is great for shopping. The hostel is very easy to find because of the landmark and it is on the intersection of many bus routes. The large hostel has many dormitory rooms, privates and doubles. The eight-bed dorms are spacious and secure as each person has their own key to the room. You can also get quite cozy here as they have heating, individual lamps & side tables to make life easy. Though it is a big hostel, there is more than enough room in the social areas, which have been divided into two parts. There is the cozy lounge with soft couches to lounge and gaze at the Bell Tower and there is the restaurant area attached to the bar for drinking and chatting, and it has the same great view. There is no kitchen for guest use, but they have a restaurant with good reasonably priced food. They will also give you hot water if you ask. The bathrooms are sufficient for the number of people and are very clean. The twenty-four-hour, piping hot water is a bonus. The English speaking staff offer a wealth of information and can organise almost anything for you. This hostel is great to escape the chaos outside and is sociable if you want it to be, quiet and secluded if you prefer. The resident lazy cat who acts as the reception paperweight adds to that homey feel.
Bronwyn Fanshawe

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