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Xi'an has way more to offer than the army.
I was recently down in Xi'an for a week and had a great time.
Xi'an is ok and has great Chinese ambiance within the city walls, but I would not stay here more than two or three days. If you don't care about seeing the Terracotta Army and the Great Mosque, then don't bother to come here. The air quality is very bad here and there's not much to do here other than those two things.
Pippin, USA
Despite some negative comments given, Xi'an is a "real" Chinese city. The tourist sights are well known but it's a great city to get out and explore. Especially if you like inexpensive street food.
The Terracotta Army and the walled city are fantastic, inside the walls are old markets which are fun, but two days max is enough for Xi'an. Outside the walls are dreary houses and factories. Other downers are the taxi drivers who refuse to use meters, just get out of the cab, the beggars which to a Westerner are very aggressive, and the pollution is horrific, took two weeks to clear!! And the use of lights after dark on vehicles/cycles is a rarity so beware when walking, but otherwise it's very safe.
The terracotta army is magnificent! Altough the city itself is a real dissapointment. Pollution and garbage are what you can expect to meet on the streets. If you decide to go here, then - whatever you do - DO NOT stay at the Shang De Hotel wich is located near the train station! It's a sh*tty place with only one shower in the entire hotel.
Niklas, Sweden
An ancient city worth seeing! The lifelike terra-cotta soldier from the Qin dynasty is amazing. However, air quality in this city is terrible.
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