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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Three Black Catz" at Čika Ljubina 7/49.)


Čika Ljubina 7/49, Belgrade, Serbia
44.817110, 20.458740 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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94% Guest Reviews

Great location, fair price, extremely friendly service. Higly recommended!
Age 28, Icelandic
Friendly and chill
very helpful and friendly owner. great atmosphere for chilling, beer drinking, plus a 24 hour grocery across the lane to replenish what ever stuff you may be lacking in the moment. cool place as is mladen's other hostel.
guy hawkins
I stayed at the Three Black Catz off and on from last January to June. Out of the hostels in the twenty-four countries I've visited the Three Black Catz is without a doubt the best hostel I've come across. Situated right off the main square downtown it is surrounded by bars and cafes, including a small bar hidden right downstairs from the hostel. Mladen and the staff are some of the most welcoming and helpful people you will ever meet. They exhibit a unique patience and sense of humor with the guests who spend hours uploading and downloading on the Wi-Fi and who at times confuse right from left when they come back drunk from Belgrade's intense clubbing. The hostel's atmosphere feels like home and it is perfect for exploring the rest of Belgrade.
Justin Vela
I lived at the TBC for an entire month and it was absolutely amazing.
Honestly, it's not the most posh of hostels (but what true hostel is?). Everything is basic, but what makes the TBC special is the people. Everyone who works there is great, the owner, Mladen, is a blessing and really wants you to have a good time (when you walk in, just ask for a shot of Rakija and he will hook you up). There are plenty of resources at the hostel to open your eyes to the gems of Belgrade. It is the cheapest place around and won't disappoint. If you have any problems, questions, they will all be acknowledged. You will learn how to make a mean cup of Turska Kava/Srpska kava, too!
Erica G.
Great Experience!
I was a little surprised when I arrived to find that Three Black Catz is more an apartment than a standard hostel but what a great place to stay. It is like being in a flat with a bunch of great people from all over the world, tasting local food, local wine, and watching local DVDs. It has a great location, Mladen (the host) and his friends were wonderful and very helpful, and I had a simply superb time. If you are looking for a spotless, characterless hostel where you are just one of many then don't even think about this place but if you want a real local experience, cosiness, and a truly relaxed atmosphere then I thoroughly recommend this hostel.
Belgrade is cool and these are some cool cats to show you around. Very fun!
Three Black Catz is in a great location and super friendly. The manager greets guests with tea, coffee, or alcohol and goes out of his way to make sure everything is good. The Location This hostel is centrally located to everything in Belgrade. It's half a block from the main square and right off the pedestrian shopping street. There's a small sign on the street level near the entrance to the building and other signs in the building leading to the hostel door. A small elevator takes you to the fourth floor where the hostel is located. It's easily accessible from the bus or train station either by walking or by tram. Rooms and Bathrooms This is a small hostel with only two rooms -- a six-bed dorm and a four-bed dorm. There are lockers in the six-bed dorm and lockers in the hall for the four-bed dorm. All of the beds are bunk beds supplied with clean sheets, blanket, and pillow. There is only one bathroom for everyone staying at the hostel. The bathroom is very spacious and is pretty clean. The shower has very poor water pressure, so showers tend to take longer. Common Spaces There is a small kitchen and sitting/tv area including a computer with free internet access. The kitchen has two electric elements, an electric kettle, a microwave, and a fridge in desperate need of a cleaning. The hostel manager goes out of his way to make sure everyone has everything they need and are happy. The hostel is very conducive to socializing. It feels more like an apartment for a lot of people than a hostel. There is also a small book exchange and guide books for reference. Summary This is a nice place to stay in central Belgrade. It's a very friendly, homey-feeling hostel.
Laura Itzkowitz
  I was there about four years ago with my fiance but I still remember it like it was probably a year ago. I just loved it! The staff was great and the environment. and some day I hope to go back to beautiful Belgrade. They have good meat!
marko pihlaja

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