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I lived in Minneapolis for four years. The cool thing about that place is probably the lakes and the diversity of people that inhabit the area. I suggest checking out all kinds of restaurants there. You can have Mexican food in the south side (check out the Supermercado at Bloomington and Lake), Somalian food on the west bank, as well as the best cup of coffee in town at the Hard Times, Vietnamese food on Nicollet (try Pho Quan, on Nicollet and Eighteenth, I believe -- it's not much for ambiance, but the mock duck soup is fantastic and cheap, and also the Jasmine Deli). And then you can head over to Nye's Piano Bar in the Northeast and rock out some old time tunes with some old timers. There's great stuff in Northeast, too. Emily's is a winner. For vegetarians, you'll be in seventh heaven. You've got the Seward Cafe, Hard Times once again, and most places have veggie options galore just out of knowing so many liberals that patronize their businesses -- one of the many benefits of living in a punk rock Disney World city. For coffee, besides the above mentioned, I suggest The Matchbox in Northeast Minneapolis. It's tiny, and collectively run, which if you don't know what that means, consult any city dweller, and they'll probably have an answer for you. For groceries, I suggest the local North Country Co-op for its homey feel, and great bulk bins. Most people are avid fans of The Wedge, but I feel that that place only cuts a wedge into my bank account. They do have Oats Cream, though, So I'll patronize on occasion. For sights and sounds, I love the Intermedia Arts gallery on Lyndale. They have a lot of local artists doing what they do, whether it be performance or visual, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to enter. They're a great organization, and do community stuff. If you're into music, always just check the bulletin board at your local whatever, and you'll find something. I really love the Cedar Cultural Center, Located On Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis' West Bank, which is interesting all by itself. I do suggest that you get a bike while you're there. It's so easy to ride on such a flat terrain, and everything is pretty close when you get down to it. I suggest that everyone goes to Minnehaha Falls. It's amazing. It was even more so until they built a road over the native burial grounds, but you can't deny the power of the water. Minneapolis has an extremely rich history, and if you visit, please check it out. And don't be afraid to take a 21 bus down lake to catch a glimpse of Minnesota's fine capital, St. Paul, which is much older and very beautiful. Try to get in on some Prairie Home Companion tickets while you're there. Have fun, and be good to that place.
I've lived in Minneapolis for four years, and can honestly say it is a great city with lots of things to do, great parks, surprising bike culture, and really great people (once you get to know them). The winter is probably the worst thing about it though. Make sure to eat at one of the small Mexican restaurants on Lake Street, but brush up on your Spanish before you do.
Be sure and get on a bicycle to enjoy the many bike paths around the city's numerous lakes. Also kayaks and canoes can be rented. The 12-acre outdoor sculpture garden is exceptional and the Metropolitan Museum of Art is free and has a great collection of Asian art.
Well I was planning to stay at a hostel. It's a long story, but after getting on the plane at 2am and arriving Saturday morning at 7am I was in no mood for being stuffed around with. After 30 minutes and getting incomplete directions to the hostel I was back at the airport terminal. Once again I asked for public transport instructions. I was told to use Prime Shuttle for $15. The cost of these shuttle buses tend to add up and since Minneapolis has a light rail to take you downtown for $1.50 I said if I take Prime Shuttle you can pay for it. The guy hung up on me and of course I went elsewhere, leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth for Minneapolins.
Finally the first light rail line is open between the centre and in the direction of the airport and Mall of America. I lived in the Twin Cities and can't say enough good about them. Of course, winter is a shock but presents many opportunities like bright sunny days, ice fishing, winter sports, festivals, great museums, and theater.
Minneapolis is a great city with a lot of diversity and lots of Swedish Americans. The people are very nice and the city is beautiful. Set on 10 or so lakes, it is a perfect summertime get away.
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