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I named my cat after this wonderful place!
I visited just for the day on a tour, and am coming back for a longer stay in 2010. They have great folk and wonderful music.
dawn downey
When I think of Doolin, I have nothing but good memories. It's a nice, relaxing place. It's quiet but without the ghost-town feeling and with very nice, decent people around the area.
Turfbank G
I was in Doolin for August bank holiday and had a great time!
Ciara B
Doolin is like Vegas what goes on in Doolin stays in Doolin. Have a grand old time. Just remember we don't go for the men or weather. Doolin Cafe is wonderful.
Great music in the pubs. But Doolin is pricey and has inconvienent shops.There is no ATM machine. Bring a bag of groceries and have cash.
We Loved Doolin. We travel a lot and our trip to Ireland was one of our favorites and the time we spent in Doolin was the best of Ireland. The locals as well as tourists we met in the pubs were charming. Hoping to come back soon.
Jerry & Melinda Walsh
Hush! Don't be letting everyone know. There will be no room for the rest of us!!!!
Doolin is my favorite place to visit in Ireland. The music can't be beat. Go there the last weekend in February for a great festival!
This is a very small village, and somewhat remote, but well worth the effort to get there. With views of the cliffs, wide open vistas and great pubs.
I loved the simplicity of waking up in the morning, looking out, and seeing only a minimarket, a music store and a pub. Not to mention waching five cows eating breakfast with you out side your window.
I think this is one of the most charming and beautiful places on earth. I named my dog Doolin in honor of this special place.
Doolin is a very small village so wherever you stay will be close to the few pubs available. Doolin is said to be the home of Irish music and the pubs are all very welcoming to tourists with great music and craic. There is not a lot of accommodation in Doolin so it may be best to book ahead. There are no supermarkets in the area, if arriving late bring food to cook with you or just dine out.
Doolin is a gorgeous place to visit. And a good place to rent bikes and explore.
Amazing tiny Irish folk village. A few speciality music shops, music cafe playing and selling irish music, some great rocks to play on by the coast & a friendly chilled atmosphere. A great place to relax, a bit remote though.
Beautiful village, with great pubs.
Just a quick couple of comments. GO TO THE MUSIC STORE. It's really cute, and it serves GREAT chocolate cake with whipped cream. Bring cash, because there is no ATM in town, and the grocery store does not accept credit cards.
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