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I can see here a lot of nasty comments by Spaniards expats that have been caught doing illegal stuff. Gib is great for a visit .. great historical sites, natural wonders and some good shopping. Make sure you park legaly otherwise you will get clamped ... the main street shopping can get congested with tourists when a couple of liners are in port and it is a Spanish holiday. There is plenty to do over a weekend. It is a contrast to the nearby run down towns in Spain ... do not pay any attention to the idiots above who are either brainwashed Spaniards or arse licking expats who believe all the propaganda lies by Spain to put down Gib.
Gibraltar is a great place if you like cheep cigarettes, booze, sunshine, and monkeys.
Gibraltar's main problem seems to be the British expats found in every bar and restaurant complaining that it's crap and not like England (they do the same in Spain) and the low life Spanish cigarette smugglers stuffing half-dismantled mopeds with cigarettes on every street corner. The locals are extremely friendly; depending on the time of year, weather can be quite warm and humid. Shopping is extremely cheap if you avoid the establishments aimed at lightening tourists' wallets. If you expect Spanish food (like tapas) in a British country, be prepared to pay for it. Historically, the place is amazing. To see all of the tourist attractions (many by appointment with a military guide) you need at least a week in the country. To really enjoy the place (and the beaches) several weeks and an open mind are recommended.
Gibraltar is a boil on the arse of humanity. The majority of those in positions of power -- the police -- are sleazy, corrupt arseholes. Want a hit? Ask a policeman ... he probably has his own supply. Rich Auntie Mable not dying quick enough? Take her to Gibraltar and bump her off ... the pathologist is as much use as a chocolate fire-guard or shag a copper and get away with it!
I keep going back to Gibraltar since I was sixteen (am now fifty-five). It has changed a lot and not all for the best, admittedly. As with anywhere else, though, you need to look at the history and culture of the place -- the locals are really terrific and multicultural. If you want a week on the beach with lots of booze and karaoke, go to Spain. A cheap hotel saves money for everything else you may want to do. I'd live in Gibraltar if I could.
I expected a lot more! Gibraltar is not a nice place!
It's got some of the finest prostitutes in the area. It's great.
It's an amazing place, and not overpriced at all.
Its a lot cheaper in Gibraltar now with the Euro rate. It is really worth the visit -- not just cheap fags and booze, even dining out is cheaper!
Gibraltar looks better from twenty kilometers away.
I camped in Gibraltar illegally -- it was great and really cheap. I recommend the beaches. It's a world away from the scummy port towns that are very dodgy.
Gibraltar is very historic and full of interest and compliments Spain. The only problem with Gibraltar is some of the dodgy finance companies in it, selling football insurance and taking people's money for bits of paper not worth anything. Beware of men in suits and Aussies that want to help you.
Oh boy, what a dreary place. You can't even get a decent cup of coffee, forget it if before 7 p.m. The only thing going for the place is duty free cigarettes and Morrison's, rest of the shops just like in England.
Gibraltar is an wonderful place and the people are very helpful and kind. The food is very good although prices are higher than some places in Spain, but the choice is fantastic! Drinks and cigarettes are greatly reduced as there is no VAT tax. The history of Gibraltar and all the fantastic sites to see is really worth a holiday there. You need the time to spend learning about the Rock and the people to get the full benefits. This is a warm and fascinating part of Britain.
I have lived in Gibraltar for twenty-eight years now and think it's a great, safe, and cheap place to live. Where else can you get a pint for £2?
I live here and it's great.
I can confirm that Gibraltar is a dump, having just spent the weekend there. They have overpriced hotels; poor restaurants; naff, British-style pubs -- worse still is the depressing array of tenement flats with washing hanging from most windows. It represents the very worst of the U.K. society and should be condemned, demolished, and given to the Spanish, who could make it respectable. I felt sorry for the monkeys having to put up with the dregs surrounding the rock.
mike - 27th Jan, 2009
I have to say that I would stay in Spain. Gibraltar is terrible -- full of fat, lardy people!
Paul Garner - EFPG
They have beautiful weather, nice people, great views, cheap cigarettes, and alcohol! What more do you need? It's paradise!
It is very touristy, but I really enjoyed getting to see the monkeys run wild and see the caves and some of the history that was there. Duty free is good on some stuff and makes virtually no difference on others, but overall I would say definitely worth a day visit.
Gibraltar is a dump at the bottom of Europe. Stay in Spain -- it's cheaper and a lot nicer.
Gibraltar in very touristic and overpriced. But I must say The Rock is worth a visit. But I do recommend that you stay and eat in Spain to save money.
Gibraltar's a nice place. It can be costly but well worth the trip. The rock is scary to drive up though.
I had a great time -- duty free booze and cigarettes. It's culturally interesting.
It's a great place. I highly recommend it.
Gibraltar is much less touristy than Costa del Sol. Prices are like in the U.K. and shopping is duty-free.
Gibraltar is very touristic and overpriced. But if you travel trough the south of Spain, it's a must to visit.
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