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Luxor is filthy. Get in and out. The people hassle you nonstop. The sound and light show at the Karnak temple is a waste. Go see the sights on your own in the daytime. Also, you don't need guides for the valley of the kings. Cabbies will try to get you to pay 100 LE to take you around the sights -- you can get it for a lot less if you just get cabs as you need them. Hotel packages are therefore a ripoff as they usually charge at least 80 to 90 LE per person. Don't let anyone lead you to the currency exchange -- they'll come in and get a commission off you at your expense in the form of a greatly reduced rate and the same goes for hotels. Overall it's a super cheap city.
I've recently returned from a tour of Egypt. I'm an Ancient Egypt-lover and for some time i was looking for a tourist company that can help me with the specific tour and a program made for me. I phoned to many companies but they usually said it was difficult for them to arrange these things as I was going to change the hotels and places often. After this I decided to find a local agency in Egypt to help me, but it was not easy as it may seem. I sent many mails, but most of them offered me their standard programs and didn't want to have such "a problem" tourist. At last I was in despair and decided to book everything by myself or to come to Egypt and try to find everything there. And I started to browse the forums, asking what is better to do, what hotel to book and how. I had a reply from Maghrapy from Elsheriftours, who said that he could help me with the itinerary. I gave it a try -- and at last found what I was looking for so long! At last we confirmed the program and were ready to go! It was not my first trip to Egypt, and not second or third -- but it was the best! Everything was arranged by Elsheriftours with high professionalism, the service was always very good and friendly and -- what is most important for me -- always on time! I was worried about this -- you know, "Egyptian time." We visited all places we wanted, and Maghrapy also presented us with the free trip to Esna -- we were very pleasantly surprised.
For the best pizza place, go to Quick Pizza on the Television Street -- they have what you like.
For the best pizza in Luxor, head to Quick Pizza. All pizzas are freshly baked in front of you and so are wonderfully fresh. For dessert, leave room for fateer -- Egyptian pancake which you can have with fruit, mixed nuts or -- delicious -- honey and cream.
I have been to Luxor. I had the best pizza in all my life in Quick Pizza in TV Street. I want everyone to go there -- they have a good pizza. They have home delivery as well -- very fast to the hotels.
There are lots of touts offering tours. Don't go for them because you will be rushed and you will get tour guides who don't speak English. El Sherif Tours seems ok, but Jolley tours (on Corniche) seem the best. I booked my balloon trip through them and while in their office I met some people who just stopped in to say how pleased they were with all the tours. If you have time you can negotiate a bit on price (if you're not in a group or subject to someone's commission, you'll be more successful). If you want a Felucca ride on the Nile to Banana Island, go to the waterfront and ask for Haggag owner of the boat Tom and Jerry. Haggag charged us a reasonable 50LE for a two hour sunset trip for two people and plied us with some mean Kerkade (hibiscus tea). His comment book is filled with people who've done his friends' camel tour and West Bank tour and have left good reviews. I don't recommend Kababgy restaurant on the waterfront, but The Bistro (corner of TV street) was very good, and mighty cheap. Pizza Quick on Television Street has a good pizza.
Conrad Matt
Luxor is like so totally awesome! #1 tourist destination.
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