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I spent two months working on a cane farm in Tully -- it's bloody hard work, but I had a great time with the locals and spent all the money I made. That's what traveling is about -- get off the backpackers beaten track and have some fun with the natives.
I love the people and loved the valley. The rain is beyond belief, just beautiful. Many good times were had and many loves made. I now have a beautiful family and reside elsewhere these days but I always make a point of going back to work and catch up with my mates. You've got to go.
My husband worked as a raft guide. I got stuck stringing banana trees, it sucked! My husband had the better job. We had the best time of our lives in Australia, wish we could do it all again!
Kathy and Tim
I was born in Tully in 1966 and left in 1983 when I finished high school. Besides the cane toads, mosquitoes, tiapans (snakes), leeches, humidity, cyclones, rain, and floods, Tully is just a hoot.
The locals are good fun, sure know how to drink and have a good time. It's a good place to work for decent money, and make heaps of friends from all over the world.
Sarah, tractor queen
Although a one street town, the place has an endearing charm and the banana barracks where we stayed were a great laugh. We somehow avoided the banana work, and got a job clearing a field which was rare and an absolute bonus. The locals are quirky and entertaining, some real characters.
I spent six weeks in Tully in 2005 -- brilliant six weeks. The work is so much easier if you're a girl. I ended up driving a tractor! Great fun. People were amazing, very friendly. Ignore the guidebooks and go.
Worked in Tully for 6 Weeks in 1987. Bannana picking sucks. Got so bored we did the round trip to t'ville one night for some real entertainment.
I've stayed there for about 3 and a half month. It was a pretty tough work, but the people are as nice as crazy. I quite liked it there. nearly everybody worked on the Banana farm. So it was a big community thing, one big family.
If you are going to Tully specifically for work make sure you are guaranteed work! We went from Cairns told we had work waiting for us, and then found out that there was a waiting list for workers! Some of the people had been waiting a week for work and still didnt have it!
Tully is one of the best places I've ever visited.
Well I lived in Tully for about 1 year or so and the main street is pretty pathetic and the shops are lame. People are nice, but it's boring living there and it isn't nice working on a bannana farm either.
I stayed in Tully for two and a half months as work was plentiful. If you want work you don't have to go through a hostel, just get up bright and early, say 5:30 am, and stand at the post office junction. Ask the farmers if they need help as no qualifications are ever asked. Tully and its environs have a lot to offer and I must say I had the best two and a half months ever.
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