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The Review

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna has all the benefits independently run hostels tend to have, as opposed to large chains. They offer good accommodation in a nice atmosphere and all of this for a decent price. It's definitely one of the better hostels Vienna has to offer.

The Location

The hostel is located quite conveniently in the city center near the Mariahilfer Straße and only a five-minute walk away from the Westbahnhof, from there you can take the subway in practically any direction. The hostel itself consists of two houses, one which houses most of the facilities, the reception, and common rooms. It is also quite easy to spot the hostel, mainly because one of the buildings has "Hostel" painted on its side in very large green letters. Even though it's located very close to a big shopping street the area of the hostel itself is rather quiet, which is also a big advantage if you're looking for a good night's sleep.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are quite small and not as nicely decorated as the rest of the hostel. Everything is pretty basic but the rooms are clean. The lockers in the room are provided free of charge and so are bedsheets, towels, and hairdryers. The bathroom is quite simple as well, but it will suit most travelers' basic needs. The same goes for the little guest kitchen. A laundry room is also present, and clothes can be dried on the clothesline in the courtyard as well as using the dryers. Besides the free lemonade that's available at the reception, they also offer a simple breakfast for a very democratic price.

Common Spaces

The common areas have a traditional and homey atmosphere and are very pleasant to spend your time. Of course free Wi-Fi is offered and the bar provides a wide variety of drinks as well as various meals such as pizza and spaghetti. A wide selection of musical instruments is available for guests to play, including an upright piano, two acoustic guitars, and a ukulele. This makes the music played from the barman's iPhone quite redundant in a way and makes it also very easy to socialize and jam out with other guests as well. A book exchange and some board games are also present for guests to use. In the courtyard, people can smoke or use the barbecue.


All in all Hostel Ruthensteiner is a very well-equipped hostel located in a great place. Its cosy atmosphere is complemented by most of the staff members who are cheerful, welcoming, and helpful. The fact that the hostel is located in the heart of the city and that its facilities are how they should be make Hostel Ruthensteiner an excellent place to stay while in Vienna.
by FF Staff Reviewer
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The common room.
The outdoor common area.
The bathroom.
The front of the hostel.


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna" at Robert Hammerlinggasse 24.)


Robert Hammerlinggasse 24, Vienna (Wien), Vienna, Austria
48.193386, 16.335433 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+43 1-8934202
+43 1-8932796
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93% Guest Reviews

Good location
Really near to everything, which was great especially those historical building and Westbahnhof Metro. The room was ok but the shower room was a bit too small even for an Asian guy like me. The garden was a nice touch and enough rooms for people to socialize.
Great place to stay!
Great location in relation to the train station! Rooms were spacious, cool chairs and hammocks in our room. Great WiFi throughout the entire hostel. Staff was super helpful, great info about public transport and things to do in the city at the desk. Bar/lounge was nice, plenty of room, great place to meet people. They had great lockers for luggage storage. Highly recommended!
Age 20, USA
Immaculate, attractive, very helpful staff, good location
My grandson, his friend and I stayed 3 nights in a private room ... very small but so clean. Unfortunately, our room (I think it was 40) did not get wi fi service, but that was a small inconvenience as it was available everywhere else. All staff were wonderfully helpful and so pleasant. Breakfast option greatly appreciated. Having at the front desk the pre-printed direction slips to attractions of note was fabulous. Free locker use was a plus so we could go exploring on our last day after check out and before we were scheduled to leave Prague. All in all, delightful. We would definitely recommend Ruthensteiner to others.
Age 76, USA
Such a friendly, lively place. People are awesome, they have everything you'd want and need in a hostel. Musical instruments, great courtyard, bar, helpful and fabulous staff. I loved it!!! One if the best hostels I've stayed at!! Oh everything was clean too.
Age 26, Australia
I loved this hostel. I travel a lot, and this is one of my favorite hostels ever. I'm 62 years old, and in some youth oriented hostels, you feel separate from the social life of the place. I met great people from all over the world here. This atmosphere is due both to the great common areas (I particularly liked the garden), and the staff who are organized, helpful, social, and a great bunch of people who have traveled themselves and know how to make backpackers feel welcome. Nice work guys!
Age 62, USA
Pretty good hostel
Overall, I would probably recommend this hostel. The lockers were average-sized, although they didn't seem very secure. They have a nice kitchen, and washers and dryers available for use. It seemed like there were too many people for our bathroom (10 people for one bathroom). Cleanliness was slightly questionable, but I think it was a case of sloppy roommates, rather than lack of cleaning. There is a bar and quite a bit of common space, which is nice for socializing. The staff does a good job of keeping people in the common areas after specific times, so it doesn't get too loud. More outlets would be nice, as I had to chose between my reading light or an outlet. Also, the bunk beds are very short, so if you are on the bottom, you have to hunch over rather severely to sit up in your bed. They accept credit card payments, but they don't mention anywhere that they charge you a fee, so it's better to pay with cash.
Very good location, nice atmosphere and not that expensive
Visited there for one night, and it was quite comfortable. Prices were cheaper than other good located hostels around. The hostel had very good atmosphere inside, it's not like hotel type and unsocial. but it was joyful and interesting, and friendly atmosphere while it was so silent after the evening which is a really good and wanted feature.
As expected
A recommended hostel, and that means it books up and there is a lot of people. Overall a nice place. Our roommates unfortunately went to sleep at 7pm, so we couldn't even turn on the light to go do laundry. Nice to have shower and bathroom in room. All well cleaned. Kitchen is easy to maneuver, except no oven. They offer spices, which is nice when cooking the budget food bought from grocery store. Laundry is well priced, soap is free. Stove takes a while to start hearing up, so being first one to use it takes a while. Overall really liked.

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