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The Review

This hostel is part of the Roebuck Bay Hotel, which consists of a motel, bottle shop, backpackers, restaurant (Pearlers Bar), sportsbar, outside beergarden (Oasis) and nightclub (Bungalow). The hostel is in average condition, but it is a very social place and you get free entry to the bars and nightclubs at night. This is a great place to stay if you want to party for a few nights, and is one of the cheapest options for people wanting to stay long term and work. As they say: If it happens in Broome, it happens at the Roey!

The Location

The hostel is located in the heart of Chinatown, close to shops, supermarkets, cinemas and restaurants. It is a 10 minute walk from the airport and there is a busstop at 20 meters distance with busses going to the famous Cable Beach (twice per hour, about 20 min journey) and other places in town. There is lots of free parking available at the back of the hostel. The entrance to the hostel is located next to the bottle shop on Napier Terrace. Despite of the location next to the sportsbar and Oasis, most rooms do not really suffer from noise from the bars.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms vary from 4 to 8 bed dorms. Some double rooms are available in the hostel, but these are mostly reserved for staff that live and work at "the Roey". Doors are locked with normal keys and some doors can be temperamental and difficult to lock. The beds are bunkbeds, and some have terrible old and thin mattresses. For every 2 beds there is 1 big wardrobe that can be locked, which can be annoying if you are travelling by yourself and if all the wardrobes are taken. Rooms are mopped and bins are emptied 3-4 times a week.

The bathrooms are shared, there is 1 male and 1 female bathroom, each have 4 toilet cubicles, 4 sinks and 4 shower cubicles. There are enough shelves and hooks in the cubicles and above the sinks to put your stuff and hang your clothes. However, sometimes if multiple showers are used at the same time, the amount of water coming out of the showerhead is tiny and the warmth changes every time as well. But if you're showering solo the showers are great and they are clean.

Common Spaces

The hostel has a big kitchen with lounge sofas, television and a few tables and chairs. There are a lot of fridges, but not much freezer space and there is a great lack of cooking utensils as pots and pans etc. There are no plates, mugs, bowls or cutlery present in the kitchen, however you can buy a set for 5 $ from reception. The oven doesn't work and neither do some of the stoves. If the kitchen is busy you sometimes have to wait for an hour and a half before you can start cooking, which is very annoying! In addition, the kitchen is locked between 10 and 11 at night, and only a small number of the keys work for the kitchen!

The hostel also has a barbeque area with barbeque and a few benches, this is the designated drinking area. Rooms right next to the barbeque area may experience a lot of nuisance. There is a pretty cold pool in the motel area that backpackers can use as well. The hostel has washing machines, a dryer and some washing lines outside. A big disappointment in this hostel is that there is no internet on the premises, but there are two internet cafés in walking distance (about 5 min). Also the opening times of the reception are quite short (although you can sometimes try to check in at the motel reception before 7.30 pm).

Last but not least: Make sure you lock the gate and the backdoor to the premises! Locals and aboriginals are known to use the toilets and showers and to wander around on the premises where they don't belong.


One of the cheapest options in Broome, this hostel is popular amongst both long term and short term guests. It is not the nicest hostel in the area, but its location in Chinatown next to the biggest bars and near the cinemas and only nightclub make it ideal for people who want to party and do not mind a 20 min busride to the beach. And if you are looking for work in the area, the Roey is generally always looking for staff!
by Nicki Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Roebuck Bay Backpackers" at Carnarvorn Street.)


Carnarvorn Street, Chinatown, Broome, Western Australia, Australia
-17.955434, 122.244047 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(+618) 08 9192 1221
(+618) 08 9192 2390
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Where shall I begin?
Well this hostel is one of the worst places I have ever stayed in! It does not have a swimming pool, the motel does. But then they close it for a week if a couple of guest got drunk around the pool (punishment for the rest of us who did nothing). The kitchen was awful, it stank, it was dirty and there was NO utilities! Prepare to bring plates, cups, cutlery, pans -- there was next to no room in the fridges. One freezer was out of order for over 2 months and still is, so expect to not have room for your food! Oven was useless, takes at least double the amount of time to heat up and cook food. Stairs are rotten and fell down them several times. Rooms are disgusting. Stayed here for over 3 months and only had it cleaned twice. Hotel is doing lots of cuts to save money, the result is a dirty, horrible hostel. Beds were AWFUL, you sleep on the bars, had to take another mattress to help stop the bruising. Aircon leaked, not to mention sounded like a helicopter. Needless to say, management didn't care and were very rude -- all they cared about was we're their next spliff was coming from. It's lucky dip with the keys, some get you in the gate at night, others are useless and you have to jump the gate to get in. Had countless infestations in the room, again nobody cared. Couldn't wait to leave this place, it doesn't even deserve one star. It has no Internet or wifi like advertised. Oh and the doors are rubbish, people have had lots of things stolen during my stay. When my door wouldn't close, I had to harass staff to get maintenance to fix it before I went to work (they wanted me to just leave it, even though the door wouldn't even shut) door broke again and they said they would send someone, they never did. So overall the kitchen was useless, the bathrooms accommodate the locals that want to shower there (sometimes you even get poo all over the wall and floor), the rooms were hot and the aircon was awful and it was more comfy to sleep on a table outside, probably just as safe, management was useless, the whole establishment is not wheelchair friendly, security throw your snooker balls into pockets before it closes, even if your in the middle of a game. Beds have bedbugs.This place is the ultimate dive and I wouldn't recommend this place to someone I didn't like, let alone a friend. Avoid at all cost, there is better hostels with better atmospheres in Broome!
  real dive of a place but kinda good for making a noise and not getting in trouble.
just someone
  I stayed here way back in 2000 and wish I was there now. There was a great atmosphere especially at night when everyone sat around outside. The facilities were very basic but I put up with that because it made up for that in other ways. As with many hostels it can really depend on the people staying whether you like it or not. I liked it also because there were lots of Aussies there who are often not allowed to stay in hostels for some reason. I am looking forward to staying again when I go back.
  This place has nice cool rooms, awesome people, and good nightlife.

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