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Heart of Amsterdam Hostel is an excellent place to stay and it is really located in the heart of Amsterdam. It is a great place to meet new people and to hang out, relax, or explore the city. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the breakfast is very good.

The Location

The hostel is located in the middle of the Red Light District, which is an area with all kinds of different people. During the day, there are tourists and during the night there are a lot of partying people. The hostel is located within ten minutes' walking distance from the Centraal Station and supermarkets are a five-minute walk away. There are pubs and bars everywhere, as well as coffee shops. The hostel has like a small backyard where you are allowed to smoke.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Every single room is designed in a different movie theme, which makes every room unique. The bathrooms and bedrooms are very clean and every room has a flat-screen-TV. You get fresh towels every single day. The beds are pretty comfy, but the rooms are not that big and there are no wardrobes in the rooms. But every room has safes for your personal items and every bed has a personal reading light. There is also free Wi-Fi available in the whole hostel and the hostel has a luggage room where you can store your luggage.

Common Spaces

The common areas are great and you can easily meet new people. The hostel provides two free computers for your own personal use in the lobby, where you can also hang out and chat with people from all over the world. The lobby is designed in a Hollywood theme. Although there is no kitchen, the staff help out if you need some hot water for tea or some glasses. The backyard smoking area is pretty awesome to chill and relax and meet new people.


Overall, this hostel is really great for young people or backpackers who like to explore the world and meet new people. The atmosphere is excellent and the hostel is very clean and comfy and in a really great location -- it's hard to find another such great place in Amsterdam.
by Anna
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Heart of Amsterdam Hostel" at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 118-120.)


Oudezijds Achterburgwal 118-120, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.372365, 4.897516 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0) 20- 624-8879
+31 (0) 20- 638-9497
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Location is perfect, very clean but it's full of guys, bad bathroom.
Good hostel if you are going with friends. I would recommend going alone as you won't meet anyone here but (maybe) your roommates. Location probably couldn't be better, accommodation is ok, you get towels and soap, good lockers, ok bed but you won't rest a lot here as its really loud. Bathroom was really bad, the shower has no curtain or anything so everything gets wet and we were 8 roommates showering every morning. Also the drain of the shower was full of hair and stud so you were showering while bathing your feet in 2 cm of water. Almost no girls, probably the girl vs guy ratio was 1 girl per 9 guys.
Age 21, Uruguay
A1 -- just plain fantastic!
I was here for eight days and i must say to everyone at the hostel that they do a fantastic job here and made me and my friend feel very welcome and safe! If you are thinking about going to amsterdam then you should consider this place as its right in the heart of it all and well its damn comfy as well. I will return to the same place but when its a little warmer next time! Once again well done to all the staff -- made my stay in amsterdam even better!
Paul Malkin
Very good!
stayed here at the start of this summer (2008), the hostel was wicked. the staff are very friendly, and are very cooperative with any requests you have. the rooms are very clean and your belongings are very safe in the hospital, rooms are locked after the last person leaves and every bed has a secure locker next to it. planning on going back to dam early next year, and im gonna stay in the same hostel and would definitely recommend it to anyone. not to mention how wicked the rooms look with a different movie theme in every room, stayed in a clockwork orange this time, next time hoping for sin city. anyway if you wanna stay somewhere clean, central, comfortable, safe, and with free breakfast then definitely check this place out, and any horny lads, its right in the middle of the red light district, you cant go wrong here.
Nice, friendly, and fun -- but shady
I read bad reviews of this place but was actually pretty impressed with the rooms, cleanliness, and atmosphere of the place. The rooms were clean and the themes were cool. All the rooms had only one bathroom which was a problem when there are seven other people in the room and if someone takes a shower for an hour you can't even use the toilet. The breakfast was nice. One thing that seemed off for the first two days was that staff came into the room multiple times while I was still sleeping -- to clean or whatever (they always changed the sheets daily), but it seemed excessive. They were walking in the room all the time and looking at the beds. This seemed shady enough but then on my third day, I noticed I'd had about $100US in perfume stolen, and when I inquired at reception about where I could file a police report, they behaved suspiciously and assured me that the perfume was stolen by another guest (i.e. not staff) in the room even though I never even said for sure the incident even occurred at the hostel. I was then given some bogus directions that took me nowhere near a police station. I cannot say for sure that they were involved, but I have my suspicions and they behaved strangely the entire time. On my last night, I had to switch rooms (I was able to get a bed on this sold out night because I was "a very pretty girl") and the shadiness only amplified. When I went to my new room, the key I'd been given for the locker didn't work. They are digital so the man at the desk came to the room with me, reprogrammed the locker door and left the room without looking in the locker at all. I opened the locker and there was a purse inside. I called the man back to reprogram and lock the door. He had no idea who was using it but clearly someone had a key to it and was still staying in the room. Basically, if I hadn't been honest, the locker was worthless and I easily could have stolen this girls purse. The man then tried to convince me to leave my deposit for the locker with him even though I had to locker key and to "come back later" when the girl had checked out. But they didn't even know who she was. I demanded my money back because at shift change I imagine I could never convince the person at the desk I'd paid a deposit but had no key. It just seemed like one more attempt to be shady. I would say that nothing is safe in this hostel, the staff is moderately creepy, but that if you don't have anything valuable with you and carry your passport and wallet, you might enjoy the place. Location is also great!
Best location. had a blast here. The rooms were cool and comfortable. Nice for trippin' on shrooms. I stayed here four nights. I'm gonna come back here next year.
It is the worse place I ever stayed in
Dirty towels, dirty bedding, funny smell all over the place. Even after we got high the place seemed to be disgusting.
  Avoid this "hotel." EUR 140(!) per night for a dirty room without a shower in the room is much too much. We had the luck to arrive early, so we were able to find a new hotel. I believe every single story here.
  a dirty, smelly, unfriendly, nasty, unhygienic rat's nest! The only people to recommend this place would be the staff themself. don't be fooled -- they are crooks!

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