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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Zorbas Hostel" at 10 Gkyilfordou Street.)


10 Gkyilfordou Street, Victoria Square, Athens (Athinai), Attica, Greece
37.992554, 23.731127 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0030 210 8218878
+30 1 8234239
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Nice and clean
simple, clean, polite service, always ready to help. Convenient location, very near a metro station and supermarket.
Everything needs some improvement!
Everything needs some improvement. I'm not exaggerating, I can't think of a single thing that was at least average in quality. I wouldn't recommend ...
Age 32
Good enough for Athens
Hostel was clean and staff were great. Wifi worked well and they welcomed us with a shot of their local liquor at the small bar downstairs. Only faults was their lack of response, I tried to email to cancel a reservation 3 times but never had a response meanwhile when my friend emailed to change dates they responded within 24 hours. Also the area is a little sketchy at night but near a tram stop.
Age 23, Canada
Nice location and rooms, proper hygiene, great staff
Very decent hostel at a very nice location. When we arrived in Athens, the public transport was striking so we had to walk from the main square, which was not that convenient, but it was still doable. So if you're the active type, the city centre is in walking distance from the hostels. If you prefer public transport, a metro station is quite nearby. We stayed in a two-bed room within the hostel and even though it was quite basic and not too fancy, it was complete and very clean. I stayed there with my mum and since she left student life far behind her, she is very fussy when it comes to cleanliness. So if she is satisfied about the cleanliness, it really is clean. The staff was really incredibly friendly and helpful. They provided us with all the information we needed and best of all, when my mother was feeling sick one day, the guy behind the reception came up to bring her a cup of tea! I can therefore really recommend Zorbas. It's nicely located, not to expensive and the staff is great.
(the Netherlands)
Hostel Zorbas is a really great budget hostel. The beds are comfy and the staff are nice. It is close to the bus station and the metro, but it kind of in a seedy part of town, Omonia. The Location Despite the location, the hostel feels quite safe and the receptionist always has to buzz you in and out. The hostel can be hard to find, as the English name of the street sign has faded away. It is very close to the Victoria Metro Station (which was not running during our stay, so it is a ten-minute walk from Omonia Metro Station. Rooms and Bathrooms They have private rooms as well as four- or six-person dorm rooms, which do not have lockers but do have lockable doors. The beds are quite comfy, but the rooms are quite small. The bathrooms are generally quite clean and the only complaint would be that the shower is annoyingly tight. Common Spaces The hostel has a bar downstairs with some seating areas -- some days the bar is really hopping and sometimes it is not. There are also some seats near the receptionist, but it is not really a "hang-out" space. They also have a computer area for people using the public computers as well as a luggage storage room. Summary This is a great budget option. It is really cheap and at such cheap rates, this hostel is a really good deal. It is in a fairly central location though in a seedy neighborhood. The staff are really friendly (and are even willing to order gyros to be delivered to you in your room). And the beds are comfortable.
Benjamin Shoemaker
(United States)
  I stayed here last summer (August 2006) and it was a nightmare. We were meant to stay two nights but ended up leaving after one. There were three of us booked in, and yet when we arrived we were told we'd been overbooked meaning one of us would have to sleep on the floor. The dorm we got was tiny and the space on the floor for an extra mattress was a joke, but we decided we could make do. My friend volunteered to sleep on the floor while me and my other friend got bunks. At night I was kept awake by me constantly scratching and eventually got my phone light to check out the bed -- it was crawling with bugs. I had to get up and go to the reception desk at about 1 a.m. to ask if there were any spare beds (thinking there probably wasn't as my mate was already sleeping on the floor). The receptionist didn't give a crap that I'd been kept awake by bugs crawling on the bed and pointed me to a bigger dorm where there were in fact two free beds. So much for my friend needing to sleep on the floor. The following morning I returned to my original dorm, to find that my friend who'd been sleeping in the top bunk had the same problem with bugs but hadn't woken up from them. Instead she was covered head to toe in bites, which I can't describe how badly they spread over her entire body, eventually coming out in really angry red marks. We decided to check out of the hostel after one night and explained to the staff what had happened. They couldn't have cared less. Following a visit to the pharmacist my friend had to go to the hospital to be treated for the bites and spent a majority of our month's travels around Greece itching, sore, and on medication. Furthermore, through sheer incompetence the staff managed to "lose" our passports and money which they were holding "safe" for us. Asking us again and again if we were sure we didn't have the passports ourselves. No, we handed them over to you for safe keeping. Eventually they were found -- yes, the staff had them -- but not after much tears from three distraught travelers. This is an awful awful hostel, quite possibly the worst I've ever had the misfortune to stay in, and I've stayed in a number of hostels over the years.
  I stayed here a full week at the end of May 2005. It's a bargain per night in the communal rooms, and a just block away from a Metro station. There's someone around twenty-four-hours, and high-speed internet access for a few Euros. Greek plumbing is notoriously shoddy, but Zorbas was good overall, despite a broken shower head one night. Yes, it's dark, but safe for a major European city. The staff was the best. Chadi, the chain-smoking receptionist from Jordan, spoke fluent Arabic, Greek, and English -- and will smoke with you if you're down at the bar. The photographing couple from Brazil was the sweetest duo -- you'll want to learn Portuguese after meeting them. Beware the cross cleaning lady, however, and never leave your belongings out when she's around otherwise she considers it communal property.
  I stayed here for three nights in total, one when we arrived in Greece and two on the way out. It's pretty basic and there's a dark empty bar downstairs that I never saw anyone use. The rooms were quite clean and the air-conditioning worked, but the first time I stayed we were given sheets, and the second time I had to request them and the staff person working at the time made it look like I'd asked for his first-born! And 1 euro for a rented towel, which is as big as my hand, is a bit off. But it's reasonably cheap and I was just passing through. The area is a bit dead and boring but two of the staff members I met there were really friendly, and one was super cute!
Kiwi girl

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