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Vondelpark 8 minutes walk from our hostel




(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Cosmos Amsterdam" at Frans van Mierisstraat 69 A.)


Frans van Mierisstraat 69 A, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.354287, 4.881717 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)20 625 2438
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Didn’t Let Me In, Then Blamed Me for Knocking! (Happens "Once a Day")
Do not stay here if you want to be able to enter your room without a massive confrontation! When I checked in, I was told that guests do not receive a key to the front door, but that this was not a problem because "someone is always here." This proved not to be the case at a time no later than midnight; when I rang the doorbell, no answer. I rang again, and again, again. Then I knocked on the door, loudly enough that someone inside could have heard me. Immediately the person at the counter poked his head outside, but instead of opening the door, he said, "c'mon, man, we have a doorbell!" I told him I rang the doorbell four times and had not been allowed in -- he seemed previously unaware of this, which supports my theory that the doorbell was broken. I really believe that if I hadn't knocked, I would have been standing there all night. He said "we have neighbors," as if the noise of my knocking was the loudest thing happening on that Amsterdam street. Ironically, he was shouting this to me out the window! He told me to relax, at which point I told him I would relax as soon as he allowed me to enter the hostel where I had paid to stay, which he still hadn't done! This back-and-forth lasted about a minute. Then he finally told me to ring the doorbell again so I could enter. I did, but then he asked me to ring it another time, further evidence that he wasn't able to hear the doorbell. However buzzing me in did work, he didn't have to come down. When I entered the hostel I stated that it was unacceptable that no one had been there to answer the doorbell as promised. By this time he had a story that he had gone to help another guest with his beds, as if that was supposed to make it okay that no one was there to let me in. I do not believe this because he did not respond to the doorbell four times, but then immediately responded when I knocked audibly on the door, which seems very coincidental. In any case, I reminded him that it was not my responsibility if the hostel did not have adequate staffing such that one employee could be assisting guests while another was allowing them to enter! He eventually told me "you are right" (as if that was in question) but kept telling me condescendingly to "calm down" instead of in any way apologizing for failing to live up to the hostel's basic obligation to allow its paying guests to enter the premises! At that point someone else (who may or may not have been a member of the hotel staff) chimed in to say that situations like this happen "once a day." That suggests to me that they happen at least once a day. It is likely that I was speaking at a higher volume than normal, and I was certainly upset about the situation, but what I actually said wasn't disrespectful until the end of the confrontation, when my gracious host told me I could have damaged the door by knocking, at which point I told him that was bull$#%* and he was full of $#%* and walked upstairs to my room. Either the door is so weak that it can't withstand a knock (in which case I would advise not staying there for security reasons!) or he was making something up to try to win a pointless fight he had started with me. So by all means stay at Cosmos Hotel if you look forward to being treated in this way.
Location -- It's a 20-30 minute walk from Amsterdam Centraal. It's right on the 5 line though. This is a plus and a minus. If you want to party, it puts you a long walk away from where the coffee shops and red light district. If you want to be in a slightly quieter neighborhood or next to the museums, this is a good spot. Staff -- My interactions with them were great. They were friendly and full of good advice. Stairs -- They're steep. That's par for the course for Amsterdam though. I had no trouble with them. Big bags might be tough to haul up to the third floor. Common area -- It's tiny and not much of a place to hang out and socialize. Bathrooms -- There are 3 for the whole place. They're modern. The showers had a button you needed to keep pressing to keep the water flowing. The top bathroom smelled awful for the entirety of my 4 night stay.
Age 33, USA
Unaccommodating; bad vibe
Most unaccommodating hostel I've ever stayed in. No breakfast, somewhat unfriendly staff, no cancelation (even in advance), gross showers, won't print an eticket for you (you have to pay to use the computer and then to use the printer), hardly a lounging area to meet people or hang out. Not a very good vibe in the place. I was supposed to stay here for three nights and I left a day early. I hated it. Granted, apparently they warn you of these things on their website (no breakfast), but I didn't catch it before I got there. They do have a fairly good location and wifi works in the room, but that's pretty much all they have going for them. Wouldn't recommend this place to anybody.
Not bad, Not good
Good -- The staff were pretty friendly, it was affordable, and pretty quiet at night. Bad -- The room was very hot and the windows didn't open, there was literally nothing complimentary there, not even hot water. You have to climb the sketchiest steepest stairs in the world to get into the hostel, and the common room was pretty lame. But it wasn't a terrible experience, but definitely nothing to brag about.
Age 20, U.S.A.
Friendly Staff, Good Location, Tight Space
The staff here were the friendliest and most helpful I've encountered at any hostel. They took the time to help me find restaurants, ATMs, and pretty much anything I asked about. The location was great, just a quick walk from Central Station, close enough to a main road to feel relatively safe at night. The street was pretty quiet at night too. The bedroom was kind of tight, but clean -- I didn't spend much time there except for sleeping. There are no lockers under the beds, but there are small lockers for valuables (would fit things like an iPad, laptop, passport). The staff seemed to know who belonged in what room, so I felt ok about leaving my possessions of marginal value under the bed. The shower was nothing special, having hot water, and not on a timer, was really all I was looking for. The common room right by reception is quite small as well, you'll bang your shins on the coffee table trying to sit down on the couch, so I don't think there's much in the way of hanging out, but as a place to lay your head at night this place is great.
Age 31, USA
Nice place with helpful staff
Hostel was clean and decent though little congested and staff where very helpful in all matters. Overall it was good stay at Janson Hostel.
Prashanth NS
Age 25, Indian
Hot and crowded
hot, crowded, cramped and no amenities. Staff is very friendly and location couldn't be better, but the overall discomfort of the place isn't worth it.
Age 24, usa
Great location, Great staff, cute cat!
This hostel is located very close to everything in Amsterdam (well, it's quite a small city anyway). The stairs that everyone is talking about are quite steep, but that is standard for an older home in Amsterdam. They're usually steep, narrow and winding. At least these ones are only steep and narrow! The staff were very helpful and the security was tight. The showers and washrooms are a bit small. Overall I enjoyed it. I'm going back to Amsterdam in 2 months and plan to stay here again.

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