Gramercy Place




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1310 Gramercy Place, Los Angeles, California, USA
34.046832, -118.312763 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (323) 733-6168
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Nice house, but ...
The neighborhood isn't the greatest. No way would I stay here without a car. The street the house is on is ok, but there is a main boulevard that runs parallel to it that is really noisy so you hear the cars all the time and cant sleep with the windows open so it gets hot and stuffy. They do not have air conditioning! There is some type of medical/retirement facility next door and you hear elderly people crying for help and see/hear ambulances going in and out all the time. I stayed in a downstairs room that was dark and dismal, they have strange lighting that makes it really depressing. There are not enough bathrooms for the number of people/rooms there so it is difficult in the mornings with people taking long showers. I don't think they have half baths. The woman who runs the place is kind of scary. She seemed nice and normal at first but she was really mean to one of the guests and kicked them out for something that wasn't really their fault. She seems very short-tempered. The other woman told me there was plenty of space for the next week, but when I went to pay 2 days later said they were fully booked. The place was mostly full of other American people who were not travelers and had been there a long time, so it wasn't really a fun place and I wasn't disappointed about leaving, it just would have been nice if I had more advanced notice and not been told there was space when there wasn't. Somebody else there told me about another hostel in the area and they had availability so I was glad to leave. This place was not fun and it was noisy and depressing.
No to gramercy place
My experience with gramercy place was both damaging and demeaning to my livelihood. As a result of lies told by gramercy place and its staff, I am living, in my car, on the streets of LA. Kelly, the director, is responsible for lying to me. She is truly an evil lady. She reminds me of the devil in sheep's clothing. I feel completely comfortable calling her a liar and just a bad person all thru. The staff doesn't care. When clothing and food came up missing, nothing was done. My mattress and pillow were both dirty, with stains. Nothing done. While sleeping I would feel like I was being bitten by bedbugs. Gramercy would be decent with a better director, who isn't out to ruin lives. Definitely felt the hurt of being racially discriminated against by Kelly and Gramercy Place. I would not recommend anyone to Gramercy Place.
Age 40, american
Too many long term residents
This would be a great place, if not for the fact that it is full of people who have lived there for ages and are very picky and territorial. Not for several weeks, but for several months and years. And because they have been there for a while, they are considered to have seniority and any dispute that arises favors these people automatically. You absolutely must do things a certain way or they will quickly tell you "that is not how we do things around here." I can see why a lot of hostels have a 28 day policy, because these long term people are not pleasant to deal with. They seem to get their kicks by "tattling" on the newer people. It is a shame because it is a nice piece of property and it is kept fairly clean.
WONDERFUL place to stay
Considering my age, 73 I was somewhat concerned it would be a 'house' of young people drinking and partying, but this was NOT the case. I am also somewhat of a 'cleaning constantly' person, I was very comfortable with their staff as they were there from early morning, everyday, cleaning. The neighborhood was as safe as any large city neighborhood in a close to downtown area, walking around at night shouldn't be expected in any city for a single woman. Being close to all the bus lines and subways system was also a large Perk. Close to large grocery stores, drugs stores and resturants as well. Thanks to Sheila and Kellie as they were always willing to assist with any needs I had, which in this case was having a lower bunk! I would more than recommend this place. I met some wonderful people from around the world, China, France, Norway, South America. Take some time to see the real L.A. and stay at the Gramercy.
(United States)
Enjoyed my stay considerably
I initially had doubts about staying at Gramercy because every other hostel had turned me away for not having a credit card. Hence, no reservation was made but Kelly was beyond accommodating through our correspondences. I am forever thankful to her for allowing me to make a reservation based on trust alone. When I arrived, I thought the place was clean and very nice. I was given a dorm room on the 2nd floor with two other women, whom I got along well with. Kitchen and bathroom were in top quality. I've been in various other hostels and they were icky but not Gramercy. Only issues I had was probably the neighbourhood -- It was in Koreatown and at night, it got a bit dodgy to be walking to the nearby liquor store. But on the first night, I met two guys (and my roommate) who were staying at Gramercy and they were nice enough to wait for me outside the store so I wouldn't walk back alone. Made a lot of friends and everyone was very nice in my opinion, even Sheila and Maria (the housekeeper). There were a few tenants who weren't as friendly but I didn't let that bother me, especially when I was outside for my two weeks stay. Other issue I had was probably, the tv room? I mean, I could hardly find the place empty cuz the guys kept hogging it all the time. But other than that, I enjoyed my stay. *shrug* I'd probably stay again.
(Brunei but I was in South Korea when I stayed at Gramercy)
Best Experience
Just to clear the air and set the record straight: Kelly, Sheila, and Isabella do a bang up job running the place, keeping it clean, and making sure the tenants are happy and suffice. It's a place for those of us who don't feel it necessary to be drunk all the time. And I was worried about the safety of Gramercy Place after reading some of the reviews -- no need. The property itself is über safe, and I even have my car here and have had no problems. For those of you bringing cars keep in mind the days street sweeping is done and 2 spaces are available for night parking in the driveway first-come-first-serve. Really everything you could need to feel comfortable and at home is here. I guess I'm referring to the kitchen, there are even irons and ironing boards. Bathrooms will be more immaculate than your own, and this is coming from a clean freak. Much thanks to these women!
This place was great. I was there when sheila had to deal with a few guest that were rude and selfish. They had visitors after hours, partying, and abolished the kitchen, leaving their mess for others to work around. It was refreshing to see a women in charge not take their @hit and asked them leave. If there was a problem both women were on it. Great team. It made me feel secure. I'd recommend this place if your a professional and NOT someone looking for a party hole. Another plus is the cleaning women, she keeps the place immaculate and well organized.
Scary Lady Running the place
Gramercy Place would be 1/2 decent if Shelia was not in charge. Always busting down doors..accusing you of everything wrong, before finding out all facts. Always on edge when shelia was around. Always nagging you about if you did anything wrong. Shelia's people skills are truly poor. Gramercy Place runs smoother without Shelia being there. Kelly the office manager was nicer. The area around Gramercy Place is not the best place. Never truly felt safe at nite. Constant turn over in hired help, because Shelia would run then off. Poor Attitude about others. Always told others about your's and Gramercy Place business. Not a happy place to be.
Hiroaki Masuda

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