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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Siena Hostel" at Via Fiorentina 89.)


Via Fiorentina 89, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
43.340481, 11.305725 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+39 05771698177
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  very nice, I have barely met such interesting people in my life as I did in siena hostel. The employees were so nice and welcoming, always willing to help. We didnt know it when we booked the hostel but the breakfast was included and was just perfect. They even had alternatives for peoples being allergic to gluten. I shall recommend this to everyone, in particular to those who are outgoing and curious of meeting new people. Thank you for the stay!
Age 18, switzerland
Age 66, USA
Very strange hostel
We stayed in this hostel last summer and just couldn't believe how strange the staff behaved. One of the reception guys knocked at our room door in the middle of the night to ask if it we forgot some gloves on the table (no, we didn't, and why the hell does he ask at 2 a.m.??). You are locked out of your room for hours every day, and don't even try to ask if they can make an exception. There is no common kitchen and no nice place to sit and relax, just plastic chairs. We anyway sat outside and talked calmly one evening. Then the guy from the reception came and yelled at us because he thought we were making too much noise. The whole staff (except the cleaning woman and the one who served breakfast) were just weird; I never had such an experience in a hostel before. If you go out in town in the evening, there is no bus back, and it is quite a distance to walk. Positive points: The beds and the breakfast were ok and the showers just great. Nevertheless I strongly recommend spending some more money if possible and searching for a cheap hotel or B&B in town.
(Bern, Switzerland)
Noisy, crappy joke!
I stayed there with my brother in june 2007. what a joke! The location is terrible -- you have to wait forever to get a bus to get there (on the weekend!), and don't even think of "strolling there" as you'd have to walk a long time with your packs, by the side of the road with no sidewalk, which can be quite dangerous considering the typical kamikaze european "driving"! It seems like it's right on an off ramp of the highway, so imagine the noise when trucks drive by, good luck trying to sleep! That, and despite being a new, modern building with a clinical waiting-room feel, the doors are so thin you can hear the loud conversations and every door banging in the hallways. the front desk old guy was indeed surly and grumpy, we had to wait there while he was chatting with some old dude who walked in to visit -- and he doesn't realize some visitors actually do understand Italian when he told his buddy, "they can wait." it's like we were disturbing him! You see the sitting room in the photos, with the Mcplastic chairs? We sat there to read our guides and have a terrible hot chocolate from one of the machines, when we realized locals were just strolling in, hogging the remote of the TV to watch their cheesy program while drinking beer and eating snacks from the machines! We've never seen this anywhere else in Europe, and were so amused we took photos. I can understand there is nothing interesting to do for the locals in the bland neighbourhood except going to McDonalds, but it's really the first time I've seen locals who can't afford even that hanging out in a youth hostel as if it were a community service hall or a YMCA! Definitely one of the worst hostels I've been to. I agree that Siena is worth a visit, so splurge a little and stay in a hotel or B&B where you can actually sleep and feel safe!
  I stayed there summer 2003 and can't wait to go back!
The Siena Hostel is located about 15 or 20 minutes via bus from the heart of Siena, so it is not exactly convenient. Take the Number 10 or 15 bus from the bus stop in town but make sure to check with the driver as the routes change throughout the day and the hostel stop can be hard to judge. If taking the Number 10 bus, there is a somewhat steep additional five minute walk to the hostel (following the signs). Some guide books mention taking bus 3, but there is only one hostel in town and bus 3 doesn't stop there. The hostel is located near a few restaurants (including McDonald's and more traditional pizzerias) and a coop supermarket. It is also possible to buy all meals from the hostel. A rudimentary breakfast consisting of a roll, hot drink, juice, jam, and butter will cost a small fee but is only served from 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. You can also buy lunch and dinner. There are no kitchen facilities. The hostel doesn't really have a communal friendly feel, and with the 12 p.m. curfew (plus 9:30 a.m. checkout) it is not a party hostel. There is a common room but the uncomfortable plastic benches are not a popular hangout and the TV is always on so people don't talk that much. There is also internet available, but it costs a lot less at various internet points in town. The staff at reception are friendly, helpful, and speak good English. The rooms are clean and private with two twin beds, sink and closet in the room. Beds are quite comfortable and sheets are provided. Some rooms don't have bunk beds. Each room requires key entry every time the door is opened and so security seems quite adequate. The showers are sublime -- go to the ones on the second floor -- they must be the best in all of Italy. Breakfast (a roll and coffee) is an additional 1.50 euros, so you could just to get a fresh croissant in town. Depending on the time of year, the hostel can be filled with rowdy students who go to university in Siena, but it is still a relatively quiet place to stay. The hostel does not take reservations directly, so try to book through Otherwise your only other option is to call back continuously throughout the day (often starting at 10am and continuing every hour or so until 4:30pm) to confirm whether there is a bed. Overall the Siena Hostel is a cheap, pleasant stay, and a nice place to do day trips to other parts of Tuscany.
Vanessa Boltman
  I was a student in one of the language schools in Siena. Before the school term started I stayed in this hostel for a couple of days. I remember making friends with two receptionists, an elderly man, and a young man. That was back in 2003. Both of them were very friendly and eager to teach me words that I could not understand in Italian. I also made friend with an elderly lady who took care of the breakfast in the hostel. My Italian was as good as zero. Yet, despite my inability to communicate with them in Italian, we still conversed with each other. Each Sunday evening there is a Christian church service right below this hostel, which started around 6 p.m. (I think). Before attending the church service, I would visit them. Both of the receptionists would look forward to hearing what I had learned. I had a great time with them. When we travel to a foreign land, remember, we are the foreigners in the land -- the strange ones. Learning to adapt to the local culture with an open mind and not pass judgment will make your stay and trip full of pleasant surprises.
  This hostel kind of sucks. And the guys that work there are kind of jerks, especially the old guy, but they are still helpful if you pester them. Anyway, it's not hard to find because it seems like everyone in the town knows where it's located. Just take the number 10 bus from the train station. But anyway it's the only hostel in Siena, so what choice do you have? It has a non-vegan friendly breakfast not included. I recommend getting some vegan pizza at the nearby grocery store, where it seems like only people over 60 shop. One room we stayed in here didn't even have an outlet I could plug my phone into. Bunk! The rooms seem totally random with what is included. Like, our first one had a bathroom with no outlets then the second had outlets with no bathroom. Also the hostel is about two miles from the downtown but there are buses that go straight to the center. Later.

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