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There are swarms and swarms of tourists in Siena, taking many photographs of the beautiful buildings. I like it.
Absolutely enthralled with this incredibly picturesque city. I went and stayed for a month to study with Montclair State University. The winding and hilly streets of this place captured my heart and soul. There is no place in the world like Siena. I would even say that I could live there in a heart-beat. It definitely turned out to be my euphoria. Heaven on earth! I'm going back this summer! In my opinion,utterly amazing...the food, the vino, the people. There's something in the air that will capture any of it's visitors. It's Italy's best kept secret, "a pearl in the hills of Toscano."
Lindsey Signorelli
Siena was so beautiful! I spent two months there last summer and loved every moment of it. At night time you can sit in Piazza del Campo and relax. It's a very safe place and a very friendly town. You don't need to know how to speak Italian. Everybody speaks English.
I just spent a week traveling Europe. Siena was by far one of my favorite places. It truly is beautiful and traditional Italy. Quiet, safe, and free from traffic. At times, the brick streets were so quiet I could hear my own thoughts. The Italian people are charming, warm, and very passionate. If you attempt to speak Italian, their faces light up bright like the sun. I fell in love with Siena. And I made a new friend, Lucca, who was kind enough to show me how to get to the train station. I will be going back again very soon. I miss Siena. Ciao!
Denise - Philadelpiha, PA
I visited Siena this summer and I can say with no doubt this is my absolute favorite city in the world it was incredible. Anybody who can I suggest GO immediatly!
Siena is the little sister of Florence. Great charm and wonderful architecture.
David Arcusi
If you don't have any contact with the bus company except the bus drivers, then you are going to have a good time. However, the little rubbish-bin-like tourist information machine in the train station can drive you crazy as well.
Siena is great once you figure out the buses. Downtown Siena held me captive for five days.
Siena -- What could I say about the place. My wife and I just came back from Italy. And all we can think about is Siena. We took so many long walks there in Siena, that we give praise to God for the beautiful scenery out in the hills of Siena. It was so peaceful, the serenity of our walks through the hills were delightful with every step we took. We felt that Siena is the place to go and visit every time we return to Italy. The people there are also wonderful to visitors. We just love Siena.
A. & K. C
I absolutly loved the town. It left Florence looking like another overcrowded, dirty metropolis by comparison. Siena has everything you could ask for, more history in a mile than you could imagine.
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