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Guests love relaxing in our intimate lounge
Our guest kichen is fully stocked
Our privates come with cable tv and mini fridges
We have full bed, twin bed and bunk bed privates



The Review

USA Hostels San Diego is perfect for spending a few days in and around downtown San Diego. The hostel itself is calm but the location is noisy, so keep this in mind if you need to go to bed early.

The Location

The hostel is located in the Gaslamp Quarter, the heart of downtown San Diego. This is an historical neighbourhood worth exploring and also serves as the entertainment district, where many bars and restaurants are located. The hostel itself is located a short walk away from the bus station, and it is possible to take the bus directly from the airport for the price of a regular bus ticket.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are typical of a hostel that has been operating for a number of years without having been renovated recently. The beds are clean but they (and the rest of the room) are in need of some fresh paint. Nothing seems dirty per se, but everything seems a bit worn out. It is not really a problem if you're not too picky and don't intend on spending too much time in your room.

There is an individual locker for each guest and you have to provide your own lock. A nice touch is that each bed not only has a headlamp and shelf, but also two outlets near the shelf. This is missing in most hostels and can be a problem, as most people travel with several electronics that need charging. There are outlets inside the lockers as well, which is also very rare.

The bathrooms look very nice and actually seem newer and cleaner than the rooms. There are three shower stalls and three toilets per floor, but we never woke up early enough to know if this is enough during a rush. The shower stalls have a separate space to change and there is free liquid soap and shampoo.

Common Spaces

There is a nice lounge with a TV and a few couches and a small computer room. The kitchen is on the main floor, whereas the kitchen tables are upstairs, accessible from the kitchen. It is a good idea to separate them, as the food preparation area can get quite noisy. Being upstairs while you eat is nicer, because you can actually hear the people to whom you are talking. There is Wi-Fi throughout the hostel, although the signal can be pretty weak.


This is a good hostel for a few days' vacation. It would not be a good choice for people with professional commitments in the morning, as it is noisy at night because of the neighbouring bars. The hostel organises a few trips a week, among which is a Saturday trip to Tijuana. This may be interesting for people unwilling to go on their own. It is otherwise an unremarkable hostel, so it is up to you to find your own fun.
by Monica Staff Reviewer
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726 5th Avenue, Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, California, USA
32.712948, -117.160415 (accuracy not guaranteed)
None (if you know the URL of their website, tell us and we'll add it)
+1 (619) 232-3100
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93% Guest Reviews

Perfect Location
It had a great location, right downtown, close to Petco Park, walking distance to Balboa Park, where all of the museums are. Free breakfast, affordable, clean.
Age 32, USA
I went to this hostel about A year ago and it is nothing short of magnificent. I really enjoyed my stay there. The rooms are clean and good size. I had no complaints. when you enter you feel a sense that your stay will be a relaxing and welcoming one. the staff is very attentive and always kind to their customers. its location is perfect as it is near the beach. if you are looking to have fun come here. it has a very lively feeling and play music. The bathrooms are clean and nice. the manager treated me and my friends very nicely and got us very lovely rooms. room service was perfect and this hostel is close by all the good restaurants and shopping stores. overall just great time.
Age 20, USA
For Partygoers only!
The place is really noisy and smelly. And it's not (just) the noise from outside. They play loud music from morning to 11 pm. My room (4 bedroom mixed) was not very big and did not have a window looking outside! However, it was still not dark at night, because there was a window to the lobby that was lit brightly all night. The mattresses were actually ok and the idea with the privacy shields is quite good, but it stank terribly (smelled like some detergent or other chemical), especially if you put your head in the "privacy" area which is not well ventilated in the lower bunk beds. So I preferred to skip privacy and slept the other way around. That way the air was at least less smelly. The interior decoration is quite nice, but you hear people walking around because the wooden floor is really loud (I used earplugs and still heard some heavier people). I picture that many of the guests are actually quite happy with the place. Because they love loud music and are so drunk by bedtime they don't even notice the smell. It's centrally located to many bars and clubs.

Response from the accommodation: We're sorry you were disappointed in your stay with us. We hope you told someone that there was a strange smell in your room as that is not how we like to operate. We pride ourselves on a clean hostel and would have happily moved you to another room. As for the music -it shouldn't have been playing loud or until 11 pm and we'll get the sorted. As we are historic building, the floors are wooden, but they are all carpeted to cut down on noise. We hope the rest of your travels are more enjoyable.
Go someplace else
The hostel system was set up to be for all that were traveling. Well this place doesn't take any locals because of the homeless population. They are right smack in the middle of the homeless area of San Diego also. Yes, these were to be set up for short periods of stay but who knows how this management does it or why.

Response from the accommodation: This review is from 2009 and frankly we don't understand it at all. Our location is in the heart of the Entertainment district of San Diego and certainly not a homeless area. We do not take locals because we cater to budget travellers who have less choices than local guests. Reviews on this page do not reflect the quality of this hostel and we encourage potential guests to read our reviews on and
Born in America
All in one hostel!
Quiet bedrooms, fun party room, super clean bathrooms and rooms, very friendly and informative staff. this place earned five stars in my book. The hostel is located in a very centralized area called the gaslamp district. Markets and restaurants were very near by. Wi-Fi access was good as with multiple couches for seating areas. Plugs in lockers were a plus. Showers and restrooms on multiple floors made it easy to use one. Showers were hot when needed. The hostel creates a very welcoming environment with its colorful walls/paintings and its very cool hostelwide sound system. One of the top hostels in the U.S. in my book.
Dirty, noisy, miserable experience
Positives -- cheap, central location, some staff are friendly. I have stayed in quite a few hostels so I know what to expect. For just over $20 per night this place gets you off the street and it is downtown if you value that. But I had a miserable time staying there. The room stank and there was no air -- just a window into a service shaft. I had my food stolen during the day and when the kitchen was locked at night (the only people who have access are staff). The kitchen stank, there aren't enough showers, and the place is very noisy. There are preachy signs about keeping quiet after 11 p.m. and "respecting your roommates" -- only trouble is when the staff decide to party that goes out the window. I guess they are exempt. Some say how friendly the place is -- but that's mainly due to the fellow guests.

Response from the accommodation: This review is 5 years old.
The desk clerk was a jerk! Their policy that you must have a passport or out-of-state driver's license doesn't help if you're a resident of California and traveling. I had flown down from San Francisco but was denied lodging. I know from reading some of the other comments here that this policy is selectively enforced. This doesn't speak to well about the staffing. Also I learned they had some guys from Chile living there as their residence. That seemed a bit shady and not what hostels are meant for.

Response from the accommodation: This review is from 2008..our policies regarding CA residents has changed. We welcome all guests from outside of San Diego county. Our maximum stay limit is 2 weeks but we do sometimes offer long term stays to international students taking English language classes.
Great for Partying
I had an awesome time at this hostel. It was my first stop in California and it was a great place to start the tour. The staff was very laid back but at the same time very hard working. The bathroom were surprisingly clean and the staff seemed to always be working on cleaning something, with the exception of the party room, which had some disgusting carpet (some of which I probably contributed to, spilling drinks late at night). I had a chance to meet a lot of great people here and partied every night with the cheap drinks they offered. Admittedly, I didn't see much of the night life in San Diego, but thats ok, I had plenty of fun at the hostel. The location is great for being downtown, close to tons of shops, and good restaurants (go to Pokez, best food for the price). Beaches are rather far, but buses are easy to catch. Take advantage of their included zoo ticket deal, it was worth it! Free pancakes were great too. I loved the staff and loved the atmosphere. No AC sucked, but I'm from Texas so the "heat" in San Diego was a breeze. To really get the best from this place, make sure you stay up late and hang out in the party room, it was great experience. Good job USA hostels!

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