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Summer is already here and I can't wait to visit San Diego. The place I like to visit the most is Ocean Beach because of its unique character, the beach, the location, and all the friendly people there. The place is a little out of the sixties from what I can tell, but you'd really have to ask someone who was around at that time to really confirm this. If you're young and want to meet people who are fun, try this place out first.
Bobbie B.
If you are looking for tweak, then San Diego is your place. They have the really good ephedrine-based, red-phosphorous washed stuff that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. You'll be twacked for days off just a quarter-gram!
Just thought I would add my two cents about Ocean Beach. I am just a regular guy and I have add zero problems there. The tweaker stuff is overrated. I have never been threatened or hit or any such melodrama. Just be cool and friendly and you will have no problems in Ocean Beach -- or anywhere.
A regular guy
Ocean Beach is fine, it just has a seedier element then some of the other beaches.
I'm Italian and I used to live in San Diego for few months. My favourite neighborhood was OB. I never had problems there, I surfed near the pier often, and though my skills are poor not even a single local dissed me. I went skateboarding in OB almost everyday on the sidewalks, no one harrassed me. It's definitely one of the best beach communities in San Diego. If you give respect you get respect. And fools are everywere.
Unfortunately tweakers are everywhere anymore. All beach communities have trolls grubbing money. There are some positive things in San Diego. The O.B. Pier can be fun to fish from. Tide pools are cool. The surf is good. Sunset Cliffs is nice. South Beach fish tacos rule, along with a couple of other good places to eat. Good coffee shops. The true local people are very nice.
Just go to OB and see what it is really about. It's has a richer "cultural texture" than PB or MB. Worth a visit.
I love Ocean Beach. I felt at home there. I can't wait to finish school and maybe live there for a bit, but I'm not sure if I can afford an apartment. Great place, great people.
San Diego is about the beach and the weather! There is a "downtown" San Diego but it's still developing and easy to miss (compared to San Francisco, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and many other cities that do have a downtown). If you're older, like to dress up, not too energetic, like yuppie bars and high end food, can handle cover charges, and don't mind paying some hefty coin to park, head to "downtown" San Diego and have a ball! One night should be enough. On the other hand, if you're into good value for your dollar, looking for outrageous times, nightclubs and pubs, want to meet people who are "experiencing" life and not on the treadmill yet, park free, surround yourself with a younger, more casual crowd, enjoy loads of good, lower priced eat and drink places, and want to find out what Southern California is really about, hang-out at the beach. Ocean Beach can't be missed!
John A.
All of San Diego's beach communities are wonderful! They are all home to different peoples from all over and everybody accepts you, if you are just nice. My friend and me stayed in OB, MB, and PB over the summer and had a awesome time! Met some of the nicest people ever. Excellant journey my friend and I had!
I was a tourist in Ocean Beach and it was a fun place to go if you like crowds and parties at the beach. I had a great time vacationing there, and would definately go back!
It makes sense that these comments come from tourists and not locals. Regarding that OB comment, you were probably not respected because it was obvious you weren't from here. OB is not a tourist attraction. It's a tight, unique, and independent community that supports local merchants and businesses unlike any other town. The people here are the friendliest and neighborly people I've ever met. If you're coming to San Diego to get drunk, act a fool, pick up girls, and party - then please go to PB or snotty La Jolla. If you're interested in culture, social justice, ecological wisdom, civil rights, as well as gender and racial diversity - then come to OB. By the way, how can a slacker afford a million dollar house on the beach?? Keep the US (and ignorant people) out of OB!!
1 Proud OBecian
San Diego is a beach community. It has Ocean, Mission, and Pacific beaches, which are known for their slacker or college drop-outs and crime. San Diego's best beaches and communities friendly to internationals are La Jolla and beaches located north of La Jolla. There is low crime and they're beautiful and natural, not like the city beach south of La Jolla. Rent a car from dirt cheap rental car place, public transportation in much of the USA sucks. In California everyboby has a car. For SD nightlife, check out L5 downtown. It closes at European time, 4am, with world class hip-hop and house/trance Djs performing there. Or underground clubs such as The Whistle Stop in South Park or Bar Dynomite near Old Town. Check out or or for more nightlife or
State Side
If you are going to visit San Diego make sure you stay in Pacific Beach. The beach is awesome with some great surf and the nightlife is impressive. Heaps of great bars with some really good drink specials.
Ocean Beach (OB) is not known for respectful people, so be forwarned. However there are lots of cool bars around and a colorful array of people in OB. Basically a slacker town with priorities that are not exactly much in the way of production, mostly destruction.
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