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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein" at Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 79.)


Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 79, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.363983, 4.883891 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0031 (0) 204208014
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62% Guest Reviews

Worst hostel and the rudest staff!
I have been traveling round Europe for 3 months and this was the worst hostel ever! We had several experiences of the staff being very rude and doing things they shouldn't do. For example every morning when people would check out a member of staff would wake us up every morning because they didn't know who was checking in and out. I even had him wake me up and tell me I'm checking out when I still had 2 more nights booked. The general cleanliness was not to bad but the showers weren't exactly what I would call clean. Once I had checked out I had put my bags into my brothers room because I was catching a late train. While I was in there talking to him I then got kicked out of the room for no apparent reason. So I was sleeping in the sofa area and I also got told I was not allowed to be in the lobby because I had "checked out." So I had to wait outside until my brother woke up again. When I finally got in to collect my belongings I also got shouted at by the staff. And later that day my brother and his girlfriend got kicked out for no reason apart from the fact that they were holding my bags in their room. There was a serious language barrier with the staff, the guy who was asking everyone who was checking in and out would get aggressive when he didn't understand.
Age 20, English
Great hostel, centrally located
This hostel was perfect for me and my boyfriend (we are 18 and 20). We were in a 12 beds room. It is right in leidseplein, a great place full of restaurants. It is easy to access from centraal Station. You just have to take tram 1,2 or 5 and within maximum 15 minutes you are there. It is near the Iamsterdam and all the museums. The room were clean. The staff was really nice. At our arrival, they gave us a map and explain us how to go to the major attractions. The toilets were ok. I didn't appreciate a lot the fact that there were no lockers in the room. However, it was possible to let our precious things at the Staff who put them in a room where no one could access. Overall i really appreciated my 2 nights stay there. I will return for sure if i Come back!
Age 18, Canada
We had a pleasant experience but others did not
First let me give the good. Perfect location. About two minute walk from the tram stop of Leidseplein. Look for the Burger King in the square and walk down that street. It is a little different than the directions given. Get off at Leidseplein. Everyone was very nice to us and we had no problems. Free wi-fi and basic breakfast. Dorms are ok. Nothing special or bad. Just a little cramped. If you get a room next to the street on the weekend, you will not be able to sleep. Common room was ok size. Free coffee and tea all day. It was also on some days, the cheapest place in Amsterdam available. The showers were ok as well. They also had free postcards. Now the bad. We stayed there twice. Both times, we overheard conversations between guest and hostel and spoke to people that told us things. What we actually witnessed was they overbooked both nights. People would show up with a reservation only to be told they were overbooked and would have to go somewhere else. We also witnessed them just throwing people's stuff out of their bed to make room for someone else. One guy came in about 4am and all of his stuff was downstairs and someone else in his bed. He had paid and did nothing wrong. They basically told him too bad. What I gathered in their search for fixing the overbooking, they just took his bed and moved his stuff. I was told by another backpacker that she had witnessed it before and it was nothing new. So in summary, if you want a cheap place to stay in a good location (Leidseplein Square -- walkable distance from Central Station and red light district but a long walk, maybe 25-30 minutes) then go there. But if there are just a cheap places closer to the red light district/train station, go there instead.
Age 47, USA
Definitely a good deal
The hostel is right in the middle of Leidesplein (huge bar, restaurant, club scene) not too far of a walk from train station. Somehow it was not that loud at night in the rooms even though there's a party going on outside from 11 until 4. The all you can eat breakfast was a little underwhelming but the coffee was fine. Staff was very helpful as well.

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