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The Review

London Eye Hostel, is a small hostel in a smart-looking, three-story, character-filled building nestled on a quiet street among other businesses. It is easy to spot, as it is clearly titled right across the front (unlike a lot of the London hostels, which are often secluded above a bar). The nearest tube station is Lambeth North, which is in Zone One. Waterloo is the nearest actual railway station.

The Location

The address is easy to remember -- it's located on Lambeth Walk (the same as the famous old song). This hostel is set in a quiet area, south of the River Thames. The Imperial War Museum is just a few streets away but the actual London Eye big wheel ride is further away -- so the hostel's title is a touch misleading. The ride is located on the South Bank, near the river, amongst other tourist attractions like the London Dungeon and the London Aquarium.

Rooms and Bathrooms

There are code locks on bedroom doors, and clean white sheets are provided for guests to make up their own bed when they arrive. The small female dormitory has an unusual furniture choice of triple-decker bunk beds! The top bunks offer the most space as the lower bunks are rather close together. It is nice to find a personal light by the side of each bed, along with both UK and European plug sockets.

There must be better rooms, ours has no windows and feels rather dark. The room gets very warm but the heating can be turned off. The dorm is cramped, with no lockers and very little space to store any luggage. (There is a per-day charge to rent a small locker in the reception area.)

Bathrooms are adequate. They are not particularly plentiful but it is only a small hostel. They are clean enough. Showers are the push-button variety and the lights can switch themselves off before you are finished showering. Bathroom sinks are very small.

Common Spaces

As soon as you enter this hostel, you are in the main common space. This is a large, bright area, which is a combination of lounge and dining room. There are plenty of chairs and tables where you can eat your dinner. Also, there's a cozier space with sofas, TV, and a snooker table. Free Wi-Fi is available, as well as a couple of public computers for use with no charge.

The reception desk is at the opposite end of the room from the entrance. There are leaflets and free tourist maps that can be picked up here. The kitchen is a good size and provides a free breakfast of the usual hostel fare of toast or cereal. No food is allowed in the bedrooms.


This hostel is ok and provides the basics -- it is not somewhere with a fun atmosphere, and no social activities are offered. If you are keen to be in the centre of the action, you may feel a bit removed from the main drag, being south of the river. Rooms would definitely be better with less people crammed in. This establishment would benefit from a few improvements, because at present, there are better value options for hosteling in London.
by Charli Staff Reviewer
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Front view
View of front door
Computer in social area
Reception and social area
Triple bunk beds
Dorm beds
Dorm at night
Light and socket on bed


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "London Eye Hostel" at 73 Lambeth Walk.)


73 Lambeth Walk, Lambeth, London, Greater London, England
51.494342, -0.114461 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 (0) 207 582 3088
+44 (0) 8452835696
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72% Guest Reviews

Cheap in centre of London
It's a lovely hostel, the staff is helpful and sympathetic.
Age 49, France
Not happy
I chose this hostel because it was convenient for my job. My accommodation was going to be ready in 8 weeks and I was planning to stay in this hostel for that time. The hostel is good, nice beds and guests are friendly. It has a kitchen 24/7, BIG plus. Stuff were extremely friendly and polite. They respected you. (some receptionists were extremely nice). The only negative thing I can say is the attitude of one receptionist who was bald was extremely rude. In my last booking, he told me very rudely, I am not to book any more bookings since we want to get rid of all LONG stay residents which is not true! (I had only spent 15 days in this hostel). I am a paying customer and not a free passenger to be treated like this. I will NOT recommend this hostel and will leave as many negative reviews about this hostel just because of his customer service attitude.
Navid Salami
Age 43, Sweden
The hostel was very cramped. 15 person room is in a room the size of a tiny kitchen, with 5 sets of triple bunk beds. There were about 3 of these rooms on the same floor, with one bathroom to share. The place felt too crowded and a bit dirty -- also not in the best area of the city.
Age 22, USA
I stayed there with my mother in June 2007 and I really liked it, the people were very nice, there was breakfast, and you can cook your own meals. In 2007 the staff spoke english. I think they even are English, but anyways. The only thing I thought was a little bit negative was that the toilets didn't always flush right, that's not only pretty embarrassing but also stressing. I will probably stay there again this summer, looking forward to it.
(The Netherlands)
London Eye Hostel (previously called Journey’s Waterloo) has a great location -- it's tucked away in a residential area so you get to see that side of London, however, it is less than five blocks from the Underground and less than a five-minute walk to Big Ben. Location We feel it is in a great location, and with such access to the Underground (which is not that expensive) you could really get anywhere in the city. Finding it is quite easy -- you just get off at Lambeth North from the Underground, but once you get off you will be on Lambeth Road. The hostel is actually on Lambeth Walk, which is a street that comes off Lambeth Road, and this street curves around. Just follow the addresses and you will find it no problem! Rooms and Bathrooms There is an option for private rooms, but we stayed in a ten-person and it was completely comfortable. The main lobby door closes at 11 p.m. but all of the doors are accessed by a code they give you when you check in. You have a key code to get in the main door after 11 and a key code to get into the dorm room; it also has a key code to get from the lobby into where the dorm rooms are, so not just anyone can walk into the dorm area! When checking in, ask when they last changed the codes and if it was not as recent as you would like you may request they change them. There are no in-room lockers but there is luggage storage in the lobby. The bathrooms are very clean but they are not very big. They are dormitory style so there are separate spaces for shower, toilets, and sinks. There seems to be enough for everyone except for in the morning when everyone is trying to shower. The shower areas are small but they are nice because they have the stand-up shower and a separate changing space. It is a great hot shower with good water pressure, but you have to hold the button while showering. Common Spaces The hostel has a very large main lobby with plenty of common space containing couches and coffee tables, as well as a large television. There is a large hang-out area with a pool table and the front desk sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Within this same room there are three computers with reasonably priced internet and free Wi-Fi if you have your own computer, but only in the lobby, not in the rooms. The hostel does have a book exchange and some board games. Your reservation comes with a free breakfast in which you could eat as much cereal, toast, and milk as you wanted with plenty of spreads for the toast (jams, Nutella, some honey spread, peanut butter). It is a social hostel if you want to hang out downstairs in the main lobby but if you want quiet and to sleep, upstairs in the dorm rooms it is peaceful. Summary Overall it is a good hostel -- we would stay there again when traveling back to London. The hostel staff are helpful and can give advice on what to do and help you find your way (they directed us to the airports we needed to go to)!
Jessica Patera
(United States)
Very poor management, ridiculous
I stayed here a few nights ago. It was all fine 'til we got robbed of possessions in our rooms. This was due to the staff letting someone in our room to access their stuff then not changing the codes. They were not security-conscious at all and very unhelpful when we had to contact the police. Would never stay there again.
  Downstairs area is nice. Large meeting room, big kitchen with lots of supplies and internet (except is was down 3 of 5 nights we were there). The rooms are tiny. I could touch each side of the walls by spreading out my arms (about 6 feet wide). We found foreign hairs in the room. We were forced to switch rooms halfway through stay. The funny thing is, the room we switched to was exactly the same as the first room. Why did we have to switch? Hell if I know. The staff was OK, except they didn't know the area worth a sh*t, which is a shame, because we were travelling and were looking for some helpful advice. Also, the staff used the downstairs area as their personal entertainment room. Watching loud, crappy movies while drinking with friends. That was a little irritating.
El Stone
  I've actually made a stop there two nights ago. Things must have changed a lot there. It's a great place to stay in London (very useful if you need to travel via Waterloo, at ten minutes' walk) -- at a stone's throw from Big Ben, a great meeting room downstairs (brand new and perfectly clean!) with a large screen for video, pool, computers, games, books, and a long bar which enables you to enjoy an evening without having to go out after a busy touristy day downtown. The staff was great (very friendly with everybody, and very efficient too). Even if not an English speaker, he spoke perfect English! It was a very safe place to stay (with digital lockers everywhere, almost a bunker!), the area seemed safe too. Toilets and bathrooms were perfectly clean (brand new showers too). Same for the Ikea beds (new clean sheets and blankets provided!). Good self-service breakfast where you can eat as much as you can (lots of choices of jams and chocolate spread, lem curd, peanut butter etc)! Well, it's true that a few people are not actually travelling but are living there for a while but at least they're at your disposal to socialize quickly as they already know each other. Plus if you really want to speak with travellers, they are some too! Don't worry about it! So, good luck to this hostel which is as good as the HI ones I've already experienced around the world. Hopefully it's going to get rid of this negative image! I'll recommend it to my friends anyway.

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