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The Review

The basic location of Lantana Lodge International Backpackers is so nice -- too bad it is run so poorly.

The Location

The hostel is set on a quiet side street in Ponsonby, one of the older neighbourhoods of Auckland, where you can still find a lot of old villas. It is easy to find, as it is just one turn off the main road. The area is very quiet and you'll have to do a fair bit of walking in hilly terrain to get to the city centre. There are nice small shops and cafes/restaurants on the main Ponsonby road nearby.

The location is convenient for those who are picking up a rental car or are returning one to the rental companies city office, as most offices are nearby. If travelers have their own cars it can be a good or bad place. In theory there is parking space right in front of the hostel in the street, but it is practically all taken up most of the time. For public transport there isn't much either -- it's all quite a distance away. People with a lot of luggage should consider a door-to-door shuttle or taxi.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms are anywhere in between four and ten people, all with old bunk beds and even older bedding. Add to that the old, rotten carpet and you get bedbugs! It's nasty. Each room has its own fridge (thus there isn't one in the actual kitchen), which leads to people storing their food in the rooms. Figure for yourself what that does to the carpets and to the air in the rooms! Stuffy doesn't nearly describe it. Apart from the beds and the fridge, there isn't any other furniture in the rooms. Unluckily, there are no security lockers either. At least the door locks promise some security. Bathrooms are not enough for the number of people staying at the hostel; there is constant waiting time. And because of this thrashing of the facilities, they are anything but clean.

Common Spaces

Common space is quite limited here. There is a tiny little outdoor area with a bench generally occupied by smokers. Inside there is a darkish living room with a TV and some books furnished with pretty old couches -- it doesn't have a nice air to it. It also quickly overflows with people due to its small space. Next to it is -- believe it or not -- a even smaller kitchen with an even smaller area for eating. The kitchen is so small that you almost step on each others' feet if there are only two people in it! So there isn't only queuing for the use of the bathroom but also for the kitchen. And then you can try to squeeze into the tiny little corner that is meant to be the dining room. Additionally, the kitchen isn't really clean and would need a complete overhaul. A good thing about the hostel is free Wi-Fi.


It is a really filthy, crammed place -- what a shame to have lovely old villa go to the dogs like this.
by gagalichen Staff Reviewer
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60 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand
-36.854008, 174.782494 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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DO NOT STAY HERE! It is rundown, dirty and in a state of disrepair.
I do not like writing negative reviews but this is a necessity to warn people NOT to stay at this backpackers. I have just returned home from a weekend at Latana Lodge and it was an experience I do not ever wish to repeat. I have stayed in a number of backpackers across the country and never before have I encountered such a dive -- trust me, 1 star is too many to describe my time spent here. The customer service throughout the entire experience was nothing but disappointing and rude, but it was the backpackers itself that was awful. I don't know when the pictures on their website have been taken, but they must have been a while ago, because currently the place resembles more of a dirty hovel. The sheets on my bed were stained and when I asked for an extra blanket because the one I had was paper thin and I feel the cold, I was informed they had run out of extras so I had to borrow some from a friend who lives in Auckland so I did not freeze the entire night. The towels that I paid for were also dirty. This backpackers also has a policy of no shoes inside -- so one would want to bring some shoes for indoors because there is no way you want to be walking around in bare-feet! The state of the bathrooms was also disgusting -- chipped paint, chipped basins, dirt and grime everywhere. Latana Lodge is rundown and depressing and a backpackers you do not want to ever stay in. This is surprising as it is in a nice location -- but it has clearly not been looked after or managed properly and is falling into a state of disrepair and squalor. Think twice before staying here.
Age 26, New Zealand
  This hostel is just out of town which is nice as its quiet and a good place to sleep of the jet lag -- it is also close to museum and the link bus into town. Its pretty clean, comfy beds (in the double we stayed in) -- the 7 bed dorm looked pretty cramped though. The internet is free which is brilliant especially when you first arrive. The owner is nice and will help you out if you ask. Overall we would recommend this hostel.
Laura & Lee
  This was one of the best hostels I have stayed in. More like a big house really, with lots of nice carpet and a homey TV room. The free internet is a bonus! The couple who run this place are so nice and friendly, they can help you out with whatever you want, I was even booked on a free tour of Auckland which I wouldn't have known about otherwise! The hostel is located in Parnell, which is a nice area of Auckland, and really close to the good museum they have there. It's about a twenty-minute walk to the city centre but it's worth it to stay somewhere which is a bit quieter and friendlier than somewhere with a pumping bar. They have bars on Parnell Rd anyway! Lovely and clean as well, and the herbs and spices shelf in the kitchen was a nice touch. I am staying here again when I go back to Auckland!
  Clean, well-run. Good, clean kitchen, with lots of stuff in the free box. Not too crowded. Good common spaces. Nice commercial strip close by. Friendly staff and guests. Only down side is that it's a bit of a stroll to get into the city or to a supermarket.
  This is the best place in the world, small and really friendly. It doesn't have the best facilities in the world but I wouldn't go anywhere else in Auckland. It's like home away from home. By the way, the staff are excellent!!!
  Nice, quiet and chilled (and chilly, but they are getting central heating apparently). The staff are really friendly and helpful, and the rooms are clean and decently-sized.
Jo and Steve
  Really nice friendly hostel with some of the cleanest rooms I've seen.

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