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48-50 Inverness Terrace, Bayswater, London, Greater London, England
51.511848, -0.185981 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+44 207 229 0000
+44 207 229 8333
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Well ... that happened
The beds were too small, everything was filthy, the showers were awful, and don't even get me started on the breakfast. But it was cheap. So I guess that's ok.
Age 22, Germany
Decent hostel. Not the worst.
Found the staff not very attentive or friendly. Lots of stairs (no lift) makes lugging bags to room hard. Room was hot and cramp, no room to put bags on the ground without them blocking the path. They have lockers under the bunks which you pay for (£1.50? A night?) but there was no way my bag would fit in there. Overall it's a decent place to stay, good location.
Good location/cheap, thats about all
I would have hoped that things would be better, alas in 2012 i had many issues. First off though the location is very good, especially for the price. If you dont mind a harsh hostel for cheap stay here. Things to be wary of, 3 bed private is not 3 bed private -- its a bunk with a double on the bottom. It was quite funny, for me who snagged the top bunk, but not so for my mates. Then there is the stairs up there. The hostel was very disorganised and it seemed to lead to constant arguing between staff and clientele which was very off putting. After 1 hour you are charged for wireless, its ok though just go to starbucks nearby. I really hope they get act together it has the potential to be a good hostel.
Smart Hyde Park Inn is located in a trendy area of London. The Location It is located on Inverness Terrace, about a two minute walk from Bayswater station and a four-minute walk from Queensway station (both of which are good stations to go to depending on your route. It is also located near many bus stops that run all night. Rooms and Bedrooms The eighteen-bed coed room is what you pay for. It is located in the basement next to the kitchen, where breakfast is served. Also, check out is at 10 a.m. so it gets very noisy at this time. Also, the cleaning staff talk noisily during the day. This is a place to sleep at night, don't expect to sleep during the day. The washrooms seem like toilets and sinks installed into wherever there is room, like a closet or underneath the stairs. They are clean but sketchy. The showers are the same. There is little room to change and the hooks in some of the shower rooms are broken off. The doors have a key card to enter, but sometimes did not close properly. For an extra charge there is the option of a storage locker (using a key) in the bedrooms, and these are big enough to hold a backpack. The room gets hot and damp in the summer and the pillows are old and stained, and also very thin. This is a cheap hostel and you get what you pay for. Luggage storage is provided before you check in for free, but after you check in there is a fee. The hostel has a lot of backpackers looking for cheap accommodation. Because it is a budget hostel with very cheap rooms, a lot of the people staying there are backpackers on very tight budgets, which adds colour to the place but may be a little sketchy for the more upscale hosteler. The breakfast in the morning is toast with some jams and butter, and cereal. Nothing more. It will give you something to eat but it is not worth a lot since you can't really get full on bread. Common Spaces Internet is provided in the front common room, but it is on high chairs that provide no place to rest feet and there is a charge to use them. If you need to use the internet a lot it might be better to find a hostel with free internet. There is also no way to print things if you need to print tickets or boarding passes. Summary This is a budget hostel, and you get exactly what you pay for. It is a safe place to sleep for the night -- not a comfortable place -- and you will have to put up with loud noises in the morning during breakfast if you stay in the eighteen-bed dorm.
Chris Blake
The best place i have ever been
Is the best place you can go. The best hotel, the best room, everything is cool, and the staff were very friendly. Huge sauna and swimming pool for the hot english summer. I recommend this hotel.
arthur conan doyle
(de somewhere)
Handy but greedy!
Good things first -- it is really close to tube station, has late night food stores and all other facilities just around the corner, really practical. Rooms are ok. Bathrooms are ok, except they are not in the same floor as your room. There is a funny divisions of floors and doors, so you feel like you are in a labyrinth of twenty floors and fifty secret doors, and that can be a pain. if you wanna go pee late at night, when it's cold! But then again, if it is summer, you won't be cold. On the contrary, you will be roasting inside! Seriously, it is the most unpleasant sensation ever. The worst thing, as mentioned before, is the fact that for everything little tiny thing you have to pay or leave a deposit. It is not about the money, but it's extremely annoying having to take your wallet along just to use a pan in the kitchen or getting an socket adapter, a key, or anything you can imagine. Staff is very often in a very cranky mood too. I also hated that the only common area had this huge TV, so no one would really talk and interact with each other, just stare at the screen almost drooling. Not laid back and conversation inviting at all.
  I stayed in this hostel for two nights in March 2007. I booked a double room with shared facilities, as there was no room with private facilities available online. But when I arrived I got a triple room with facilities. The room, toilet, shower were all clean. I haven't had breakfast there because I preferred to get coffee at Starbucks and drink it in the park. I'd definitely stay there again, as very it's conveniently located.
  I had never had such a negative experience in a hostel. The position is ok, near the tube station and easy to reach, it is quite cheap and you can also leave your luggage after the check out and they keep it safe (you have to pay for that though, which doesn't happen often). It is also quite clean. But there was only one tiny bathroom with tiny sink for twelve people! And with other people coming from other floors to the same bathroom as well. I had booked for two nights but when I went back to the hostel the second night, I found out that somebody else was sleeping in my bed, because the staff had given that away without checking if it was actually already taken! So I had to wake people up in the room and after an hour one of them was offered by the staff to have a bed somewhere else, and so I finally had another bed (I had to prepare it again though). If you want to lock your things you have to pay for the key (1.50£ a night)! I had to pay everything when I booked and I didn't even had an email confirming the booking, only the booking code. To sum up, I can promise you that I am not that demanding, but I would never go to that hostel or recommend it to somebody else!

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