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The Review

Be careful not to confuse St. Christopher's Inn - Village with the St Christopher Inn – London Bridge, which is just up the road. The hostel is promoted as a partying hostel and lives up to the promise, so it's most suited to those who want to participate or with a tolerance for some noise as one bar has loud music until 2 a.m. (and later on weekends). It is difficult to find something wrong with this hostel -- it's a superb backpacker hostel with just about all the facilities expected. It is modern in style, has a backpacker culture, and it's in a busy area near London Bridge (Tower Bridge is within easy walking distance, and you can visit the Borough markets on the days when it's operating). Security is by swipe card to the dorm area and then to each room. Wi-Fi is provided through two systems and works well.

The Location

The hostel is situated in a lively area with many pubs with character, several supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants. It's about a ten-minute walk from London Bridge rail, underground, and local bus stations. It's about twenty minutes' walk to Tower Bridge, with the option of walking along the Thames Path to get there, and then just across the bridge is the Tower of London. With rail and Underground nearby, it's no trouble to get to all parts of London.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dormitories viewed are quite spacious -- a ten-bed dorm has such a large central area that the number of beds makes little difference. The hostel gets ten out of ten for providing each person with a lockable basket, which is stored beneath the lower bunk. The bunks are sturdy, metal-framed beds with no sway or squeak, and the mattresses are superb, but there are no individual lights. We had to look hard to find a real fault -- all we could find is a slightly dirty window ledge!

The shared bathrooms are clean, with enough warm water and plenty of pressure. They are both gender-designated or individual unit mixed washrooms. Although we had no problems during our stay, perhaps there should be a few more bathroom facilities.

Common Spaces

The reception is large and has fee-based internet PCs there. The hostel has a "chill room" (cool name for a common room) with relaxing seating and coffee tables, and there's an adjacent "cinema" with plentiful seating and a selection of DVDs. In the corridor and chill room are extra lockable lockers.

The hostel has two bars? Yes, and with good prices. One is an associated public bar next door offering food, a 4-to-8-p.m. happy hour and a 10% discount to hostelers. This bar, Belushi's, throbs until 2 a.m., but just a few hours later it serves a free breakfast with quite a wide range of food and drink. There's a second bar downstairs and multiple TV screens and loads of space. Additionally, there's a roof area which can be used in fine weather. Missing is a self-catering kitchen, though the chill room has a microwave and a kettle.


The staff aere pleasant and helpful, the atmosphere is good, the prices are competitive, and the evenings are for partying. During the day, it's quiet and somewhat impersonal, but as most guests are out in the day and there's partying in the evening ... so what? We consider ourselves "oldies" and would choose somewhere quieter, but that is not a criticism -- this is a great place, well suited to the needs of the typical traveler.
by OldNomad Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "St. Christopher's at the Village" at 161-165 Borough High Street.)


161-165 Borough High Street, Southwark, London, Greater London, England
51.502832, -0.091798 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 207 407 1856 +44 207 939 9710
+44 207 403 7715
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83% Guest Reviews

Good place to stay
The beds were comfortable, I stayed in a 10 bed mixed dorm, they were bunk beds and I had the top. I was scared to move just in case because I didn't know the person below. Bar was great, had lockers and supplied a lounge to stay in while I waited to check in. Had lockers to store luggage if I needed and wanted to explore while I waited, the price was good. Only thing I didn't like was no air conditioning but no where other then stores, or I assume very rich people, have air conditioning in england (none of my family did in Yorkshire). Great location, friendly and helpful staff, and very welcoming.
Age 21, Canadian
Good hostel, but could be better
This hostel came well reviewed and well recommended, but it's not quite up to the hype. It is a party hostel with plenty of atmosphere and pretty decent common areas and bar areas, but it lacks in some pretty basic hospitality areas. The bathrooms are pretty dirty and not well-maintained. My room only had 2 power outlets for 14 beds. There aren't enough front desk staff to handle the number of guests checking in. Most importantly, the water temperature in the showers cannot be controlled and so sometimes it's scalding hot and sometimes cold.
Age 24, USA
Good Beds. Most people ok.
The bunk beds used in this hostel are very high quality. They are sturdy and they don't squeak. The lockable baskets under the beds are very convenient. I wish that there were more outlets in the room. The conversation in the "chill room" is pretty horrible though. I'm not sure why people seem to spend so much time hanging out in there, instead of being out & about. Are they pumping carbon monoxide into the room? Everyone seems as dumb as a nail. I'd only recommend going in there if you have to use an outlet or get on the wifi, or to eat. Do it quick, and then get out, and don't forget to put headphones on, or else you'll end up losing a few points of IQ. Is this even intelligible? What if I lost the ability to write in there? Now I'm scared! Also, I don't really get the "party atmosphere" thing. I didn't see one. But that was perfectly fine by me.
Age 33, USA
A good place only to sleep in
The atmosphere is not really friendly, but a nice place to be and a good location.
Nice facilities, party constant
We recently stayed at this hostel, and the staff were pretty good. There is no kitchen, the luggage room lockers cost extra (if you got there early or wanted somewhere to leave your stuff), and the bunk beds are your typical hostel fair, but the hostel is fairly clean, the showers have hot water/actually work, the toilets actually flush and there are lockers (you can use your own lock on!) under the beds which was handy. It was our first night after an overnighter flight from Canada to London so we were looking for sleep. We didn't realize it was a party hostel, so there was a group of dudes that kept banging on our door and looking to party at 2 am onward. On the plus side, decent breakfast and the borough market/tube and the london bridge station(with trains to/from gatwick airport) are super duper close.
Lots of fun
This hostel is split between three building all about two minutes apart on the same street. the village building has most of the common facilities in it, the other two are basically only dorm rooms and bathrooms but your key card gets you into the common areas of all three buildings. The bathrooms were pretty clean and the rooms were also well cleaned each day with new sheets when you check in. The best bit of this hostel though is the social side, there are heaps of people around most days and it is pretty easy to meet other travelers, there is an excellent roof top deck area with a spa pool and sauna that is fantastic for sitting back on a long summer night having a cold beer (Im not a fan of the english habit for warm beer). everyone was pretty friendly and the staff were generally helpful. I would go back to stay again at this hostel.
(New Zealand)
Avoid it.
I have traveled extensively in Europe, Africa and Middle East, and I must say this is one of the worst hostel experiences in terms of staff management as well as noise issue. Most unfriendly and rude reception at the beginning not demonstrating the elaborate queue culture of England. I greeted friendlily and told them that I booked over the phone. The receptionist told me to sit and wait indifferently. While I followed her instruction, the other customers came in and asked for checking in, which she replied immediately without caring I was waiting behind. Free English lesson I received from the receptionist (with quite an exotic accent as an extra of the lesson). Finally I was attended after the late comers' queue was cleared. I still managed to talk nicely to ask for checking in. Next time it was a gentleman with a strong Southern European accent who received me for checking in. He told me to go to the Annex, which is two-minute walk away, that is still ok. I asked him the street number of the building. He corrected me it is called a door number in the U.K. I asked him whether I could borrow a lock for the locker. He told me it is not a lock but it is called a paddle lock. Finally he gave me the card key to the room. We were interrupted by a female traveler in the middle of the conversation who jumped in to ask a question. He forgot about me without finishing explanation. I thought it was ok and left for the annex building with the paddle lock and card key. The receptionist only provided me with an English lesson but not an access to the room! When I went to the annex and found my room, the card key did not work. A kind traveler inside told me that I needed to get an actual key to the room. I went back again to the same receptionist two-minute walk away and asked about the key. The receptionist insisted that the card key works. I insisted that the other travelers told me and showed me the actual keys, which were not card keys. When I asked the other female receptionist, she checked my room number and found out the room actually needs the proper keys. Unlucky man comment -- The famous English teacher from Southern Europe told me with his exotic accent even further exaggerated that I was only an unlucky person not to have had an access to the room. I told my teacher that I was not unlucky, but he was not intelligible enough to grasp the simple details about the key. Of course, teachers never say sorry to their pupils. Don't bother yourself about the hostel if you wanna travel happily in peace. Simply the staff have no clue on what they are supposed to do, period.
This was the first hostel i visited and the staff were so nice and helpful and wrote down everything we should see and how to get there. They also continuously encouraged us to come back for the three-pound, all you can eat bbq and beer on the roof and one-pound vodka drinks. The room was big and the beds were very clean. they have separate male and female showers and my showers were always hot. i found this place to be an excellent way to start and end my trip. I actually came back later on in my trip to this hostel so obviously, I'd return!

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