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121 Borough High Street, Southwark, London, Greater London, England
51.503825, -0.091192 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 207 407 1856
+44 207 403 7715
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If you like wifi, plugs, and non-creepy staff, then don't stay here.
There was no wifi in the upper floors of the hostel, which I've never encountered in a hostel before. There was one outlet with maybe four plugs in an 8-person room. This means that not only are there not enough plugs, but you can't charge your phone while you sleep without fearing it being stolen or having your alarm wake up the entire room. No check-in before 2pm is, again, something I've never encountered in a hostel before. I arrived around 10am after an all-night flight and all I wanted to do was rest, but I was prevented from doing so because of this policy, one that every other hostel I've stayed in has managed to be able to develop a system preventing. I got Subway on my way home at night. I wasn't allowed to take it to my room, and I wanted to use the wifi while I ate (since I couldn't get it in my room anyway), so I decided to eat it on the picnic tables outside. Despite the kitchen being closed, I was told that I couldn't eat my sandwich there. So essentially, I couldn't eat food at my lodging. I understand why a policy why this might exist, but having a human staff who can recognize certain situations and gray areas would be helpful. One incident was very troubling. I had a guest staying in my bed with me, a fellow guest of the hostel. Now it may have been bad hostel etiquette to have a guest in my bed, but that doesn't excuse the behavior of the staff. A man came into our room. He clearly wasn't staying in the room, and he didn't say a word while inspecting each bed and guest in the room while they slept. After about 20-30 seconds I decided he had to be staff, but especially for female guests I'd imagine this could be an unsettling experience. He leaned over me and said that I "didn't belong there." I recited my name, bed, and room number and stated that yes in fact I did. He left the room, only to come back 20 minutes later and stare into all of the beds before leaving again. Apparently he went outside to lay in waiting for my guest, who returned in tears saying we were getting fined and that we needed to go to reception. Despite her begging me not to dispute it, he seemed surprised when after being assessed a fine and threatened with having my last night cancelled, I asked why we were being fined when both of us were guests at the hostel. So while he managed to say enough to put my guest into tears, he didn't bother to ask if she was staying at St. Christopher's, which she was. After this "mistake" was realized, not only did he not apologize, he didn't even acknowledge any sort of mishandling of the situation. He insisted that his entering rooms was normal and for him to get ready for check-ins (which is confusing since nobody would be allowed to check in for almost 12 more hours due to the previously stated policy). His rude behavior and the fact that staff members can creep around the rooms at night, along with my other experiences mean I will never stay at any St. Christopher's again and I will not recommend them to anyone. On the other hand, I was very impressed by the 25% discounts on food.
Age 25, USA
Too many extra costs/inconvient access to rooms
I thought the hostel would include sheets and towels but no towels. There was a fee for the towel but also a ten pound deposit. There were lockers to store my bags but they cost money. My room was down the street and upstairs with check on and check out up the street. Nothing was explained to me as the female staff was too busy flirting with the male checking or guys around the desk. Overall I was not excited about the service, only the location of the hostel in the city was good.
Deborah Gregrich
Age 54, USA
Not my favourite accommodation.
My group was quite disappointed with St. Christopher's inn. The beds were fairly comfortable, and to their credit, they got back to me within a few hours when I needed to make a last minute change. But other than good customer service, this hostel has very little going for it. There was a single toilet and shower for the whole floor -- several rooms of eight people. The bathroom was in bad shape as well, and for some reason they decided to try to clean it during peak showering hours. Are they trying to be inconvenient? The free included breakfast was abysmal too. I've experienced quite a few of the "hostel breakfast kits," and this was somehow even worse. Bread, jam, canned fruit, and hostel cereal. I guess beggars can't be choosers, but I feel like they could have done better. The rooms have lockable cages under the beds for personal possessions. Checking in and out was easy. Its difficult to give this place a decent grade though.
Age 23, Canada
Well priced, but not a good atmosphere
The location is great and the beds are comfortable, but that's about it. They finally seemed to have fixed the complaints about the showers ... because now the showers are scalding hot. The showers are a bit cramped, but clean usually. The rooms aren't too clean ... there are mice that scurry around the floor. The staff was friendly but exclusive. The pub downstairs is ok, but better places can be found in London, as a lot of the local creeps seem to come in to pick up on hostel-goers. Breakfast is not exciting. Toast and cereal. Common area isn't that great either, and there isn't a kitchen. I wouldn't stay here again, simply because there are other hostels in London that have a better vibe for the same price. It's a fine place to stay if you're only there for the night or if you don't want to actually hang out in the hostel.
Not so great
The place is crawling with annoying jerks. Staff was very good, and the place was generally pretty clean. Showers are not tall enough to stand up in, and don't expect any hot water for the first ten or so minutes (if you're lucky). The location is alright, but the street out front was incredibly noisy (sirens about every eight to ten minutes), making it hard to sleep even with earplugs.
  We were up here for one night back in March 2006 to meet some people we had met on our world travels. I found the place to be pretty good as the reception staff were helpful, our dorm room was pretty clean and spacious, plus it was in a good location of London to get to some of the main attractions. Belushi's Bar was a definite highlight and added at least half a star to my score -- a very sociable place that was a lot of fun well into the early hours. Our mixed dorm featured six American college girls, who invited us out the following night but we had to go back to work in the morning. Life's never fair! One bad aspect (and this could have been just bad luck on our part) was that the hostel did seem to attract some absolute a-holes. Ironically, the only hostel I have stayed in within my home country almost resulted in us getting into a fight! That aside, it was a decent place for the night but probably wouldn't be ideal for the long-term.
Howlin' Mad
  I booked this hostel on and when i got there i was charged more than the price londontown had given me! The rooms were ok, much smaller than i thought but it was fine. the worst thing though was that the bunk i was sleeping in had the stairs turn to the wall so it was very hard to get to the top bunk. and whenever the person below me had gone to sleep before me or i wake up before her or i had to go to the bathroom at night i would wake up the person below trying to climb down the freaking bed cause i couldn't use the stairs! The bathrooms were a little gross but I saw someone cleaning everyday so they weren't dirty, just small. and the showers were awful cause there was a button you had to push over and over again it was annoying! The worst thing though (wait didn't i say that before, well this is worse than the worst thing i said before) was they didn't change the sheets between guests. I was there for ten days and i had four different roomates and they never changed the sheets! At weekends it was very loud! My room was very far from the bar but the music was so loud it was like the bar was in my room! I couldn't imagine how the people at the bar could be down there cause the music was so loud and i don't mind loud music but this was even loud for my taste, i mean how the hell are you supposed to sleep! When i checked out i looked at my internet bank and i saw that st christophers had charged just charged me about six pounds -- i know that isn't much and i didn't even care but i just wanted to know what they were charging me for!
  If you like noise, this place is for you. I stayed here two nights. The first night the noise from the street was pretty loud but nothing earplugs couldn't fix. The second night the karaoke from the pub below literally rattled my bed until 4 a.m. Checking in down the street was a bit of a pain. Otherwise the place is decent and the staff were alright. They did tell me the wrong time for breakfast so I missed it. But considering London is generally a loud city, this place was acceptable.
Brad from Canada

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