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The Review

Saban Treehouse is an absolute gem in the chilled-out, small town of Olympos. The main area of the property is full of pavilions and hammocks perfect for lounging and hanging out. The hostel provides a full Turkish breakfast buffet as well as a full dinner buffet with more food than you can imagine eating. It is some of the best food we ate in Turkey! If needed, during the day, lunch and snacks are available for purchase from the hostel or the neighboring convenience stores. Strong Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel, including all of the lounging pavilions and the dorm room. All of the pavilions have power points for charging electronics.

The Location

There is really only one "main" road in Olympos where all of the guesthouses, shops, and restaurants are located. From the main bus stop in Olympos (where all of the bigger buses from Antalya and other cities will drop you off), take a shuttle and ask the driver to drop you off in front of Saban. From the hostel, it is a short walk down the street to the beach and the Olympos ruins. There are a handful of convenience-type shops withing short walking distance (including one that's located right next door), but there are no grocery stores or supermarkets in the area. There is a small fee to get to the beach and ruins, but often, people will purchase a multi-entry pass. If any guest of the hostel has a pass with entries leftover, they will leave it with the hostel who will them pass it on to future guests.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Saban has one large, twelve-bed mixed dorm; two-, three-, or four-person en suite bungalows; and two- or three-person treehouses. The dorm room and treehouses have a shared bath. The dorm room and bungalows have air conditioning. The dorm room is spacious and the beds are all singles -- no bunk beds. There are no lockers and the room is not kept locked. The area of Olympos and the property, however, have a very safe and secure feel. The beds are sturdy and comfortable. Both the rooms and bathrooms are cleaned regularly. The bathroom has three sinks in an outdoor area. Soap and towels are provided at the sinks. There are several toilets and shower stalls. The showers have hot water and good pressure.

Common Spaces

The entire property is one big common space. There are about a dozen pavilions with low tables and pillows -- perfect for a day (or two or three or four!) of lounging and hanging out. There are enough pavilions to take your own for the day or share with other travelers -- a great way to get to know each other. There are also a half-dozen hammocks for lounging, snoozing, or reading. Saban is not a party hostel; rather, it is a place to go for rest and relaxation. There is no kitchen for guest use, but a huge breakfast and dinner are provided. So other than possibly a snack or lunch during the day, there is no need to cook. The numerous pavilions are conducive to spending time alone or socializing with others.


Overall, Saban Treehouses is a perfect place to stay in Olympos. There are a few bars within a short walk as well as a party hostel down the street, but Saban is the place to be for chilling out and a guaranteed quiet night's sleep. Coupled with delicious meals and staff that are available to assist with any guest needs, Saban is the best place to stay in Olympos!
by Stella Staff Reviewer
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Dorm room
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Saban Treehouse" at Olympos Yazirkoyu.)


Olympos Yazirkoyu, Kumluca, Olympos, Antalya, Turkey
36.389748, 30.460753 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0090 242 892 12 65
0090 242 892 13 97
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Exactly as advertised
Nice place. Walk to beach. Breakfast and dinner included - good value and good food. Nice staff, very helpful and accommodating.
Age 58, Usa
Great Food!
A good place to stay. The treehouses are basic, cabins on stilts, no window screens. The bungalows provide better bug protection. Both the breakfast and the dinner buffet are excellent. To get to the beach you must pay admission to the Olympus ruins. Daily admission is 5TL, but you can buy a card for 10 admissions for 7.5TL.
Age 61, USA

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