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I've been to many places and many I will not go back to, but Olympos will always be in my heart. What a fantastic place -- everyone should visit Olympos at least once in their lifetime.
Mark Crosby
Olympos was great, and if you search hard enough in the caves -- mousewax!
Burt Bacharach
Olympos was the best place I've been so far during my six months traveling -- ruins, beach, sunrise, and the people I met. I will be there again and again.
anna sincilar
The ruins are so wonderful and give you the feeling as if you just discovered them. They are so overgrown and the walk is a real adventure. Don't miss out on climbing to the top of the acropolis, you'll have breathtaking views.
If you come Olympos you should do these things: swim at night once, go to orange bar once, be on the beach at sunrise.
Berk Sagocak
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