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Ricardo Arias 8 (between Hotel Continental and Hotel Marriott), Panama City, Old Quarter, Panama
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Horrible staff, b*tchy owner
Avoid this hostel! This place is horrible! Cramped and dirty is acceptable if you are dealing with good people, but Zuly herself tends to treat her guests like unwanted annoyances! She is incredibly disrespectful and rude, the words b*tch or p*ta (en espanol) comes to mind. The hostel is located near a grocery store, a few gentlemens clubs and a pile of casinos, not the best location. The rooms doors do not lock and are constantly left wide open, during my one week stay, 2 travelers had their things stolen. It is cheap, but I have stayed in cheaper where the staff are actually friendly. I have stayed at more than a few places during my travels, and this is one of the worst!
Michael Lucas
Staff and owners are total trash
The staff take their cue from the arrogant and nasty owners! I didn't wash a dish to the satisfaction of Zuly and instead of calmly mentioning it to me she carries on about it in front of everyone for five minutes waving her hands and rolling her eyes in disgust at me. The staff behind the desk couldn't care less about anyone or anything and will greet you with a glazed dismissive "why are you bothering me?" look every time. The place is excessively noisy due to construction across the street and constant heavy traffic on the nearby streets. Steps to the room I stayed in were obviously broken and in need of repair and had been for years. The rooms do not lock and anyone can go in at anytime. A typical sh*thole with arrogant staff and owners that need a swift kick in the ass!
Among the best Hostels in Central america
I stayed twice in Zulys Backpackers, first in June for six days and then again in July for another five days and I would definitely recommend this Hostel to other travelers. Ok, it is maybe not the right place for the 100% mainstream Backpacker but I avoid such places anyway and at any cost. I would recommend Zulys because of the following reasons. perfect location where you feel 100% safe twenty-four hours, good value for money (dorm beds only $8.50), huge communal area which makes it a good place to meet other people, good travel information, clean bathrooms, clean and well equipped guest kitchen, they organized a wonderful trip for me to San Blas to isla Robinson. That this area is sometimes a bit noisy is the only downside!
You´re better off somewhere else.
On my second night in Panama City, I decided to move to Zuly's simply for a change of scenery. The hostel itself isn't bad, maybe three out of five, but Zuly herself really brings it down in quality. She's rude and did not treat me with very much respect from the very first seconds of my stay until the end. Like I said, the hostel isn't bad, but I'd take points off for it feeling a bit old and rundown. You also won't find much help from Zuly or the staff on getting around the city, you're better off asking the other guests. If you really want to see the surrounding area (or check out the cheap vegetarian restaurant right across the street) I'd recommend that you simply take a bus there and spend a few hours walking around -- there's really not much to do, and afterwards, you can return to a more enjoyable hostel than this one.
Two thumbs down!
I was immediately turned off by Zuly as soon as I met her. To say she is rude and unfriendly is an understatement. I wanted to leave but was too beat after a long day of riding to go anywhere else. I asked to park my bike in the courtyard/backyard as advertised for bikers. She insisted that it was safe outside, and that I didnt need to bring it in. I pointed to the homeless folks wrapped in newspapers against the fence twenty meters away. After threatening to leave if I wasnt allowed to park the bike in the backyard she finally consented to allowing me to bring the bike in. I couldn't believe it. Nowhere in my five months of traveling Central America have got any flak for requiring security for my motorcycle. After parking the bike, I was confronted aggressively by Zuly and some dude for parking it the wrong place. She insisted that I lift and place the bike in the farthest corner of the establishment, which required five men to lift the bike into that position. Noticing that we were struggling to meet her source of entertainment, she commented that plenty of other bikers with bigger bikes had managed this easily. Let it be known I ride a six-hundred-pound bike, it's the heaviest tourer on the market. Enough about my biker issues. I found the accommodations spartan and cramped. Not a big problem, but I cant deal with paying for unfriendly service. Bike or no bike, don't go here! do your research, there's way better/friendlier places close by!
First class in backpackers' land
Stayed at Zuly's place for more then a week and had a perfect stay. Whomever is looking for a nice travel experience with a colorful bunch of people will feel right at home here. Whomever expects to find a perfectly clean place for $8 dollars a night right in the centre of town should get lost. People who don't use lockers and then complain that their stuff gets stolen should face the conclusion that not all backpackers are angels rather than take it on the staff. Zuly takes care of whiners!
Unfriendly, Dirty
I really can not recommend this hostel. They were so unfriendly, especially Zuly; the rooms very dirty; and I won't tell you anything about the bathrooms! And for everybody who is planing to manage his trip to the San Blas Islands, Be careful, they try to cheat on you. Saying there is no place on other islands and so on. Don't trust them! They try to make money with you. Don't stay here and especially manage your trip somewhere else!
One of the worst I've been to
True, it is a good and safe area in Panama City and I also met some very nice travelers there. But not the friendliest staff (not cooperating, not caring about its guests) and also Zuly herself, generous but bold and cocky! we got robbed by a little guy from the staff cleaning up the rooms while we were sleeping. he took 22$ out of my brothers pans and even the change, thats why he even woke up and saw him leaving the room. finally he did not want to admit that it was him and the german owner/manager (whatever) living next door, did not manage to come over to solve this problem -- seemed to me that it is all about money, not the service! oh and not enough bathrooms, always busy. so guys, i seriously do not recommend this hostel! there are better options in town.
Jurij Peters

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