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The Review

Cracow Hostel is a well-run hostel in a superb location that is housed in a lovely old building that is well maintained with high ceilings. Dorms are on the fourth floor of the building; the staircase is narrow and there is no lift. Once on the fourth floor, the space itself is open and inviting.

The Location

This is located right in the market square. Right outside of the hostel are the picturesque restaurants lining the square, and from the hostel you can see St. Mary's Basilica. This is the place to stay for those who like to be right in the heart of things.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms are on the dark side. They have wooden bunks with spring mattresses. The mattresses themselves are quite old and not terribly comfortable. There are no lights or shelves, but there is a sufficient amount of power outlets. Each bunk has a locker with lock -- it's spacious enough to store a large-ish carry-on bag. There are two small hooks for each bunk, and beds are made for you. Towels are available for a fee.

There are five showers for the entire floor, three of which are enclosed in full baths, which limits their versatility, but it's not usually a problem. The hostel as a whole is a little dark.

Common Spaces

There is a large common area where guests can also store their luggage prior to check-in and after check-out. This room has an incredible view of the square. The Wi-Fi is solid (it works quite well but does not quite extend to the far corners of the hostel) and there are drinks for sale. This room also has a computer for shared use.

On the top floor, the kitchen is very large and spacious. There are two small couches where guests can enjoy some of the complimentary coffee and/or tea, a small dining table, and one large wooden picnic table with benches. This space is really lovely and inviting. Breakfast -- included in the rate -- consists of bread, cheese, coffee, tea, cereal, milk, and fresh eggs that guests are welcome to prepare however they see fit.

There are no deposits required for keys. Reception is a little relaxed about payment, and you have the option of paying at check-in or at checkout. This hostel accepts credit card payments.


This is a solid choice. Providing breakfast is a very nice touch, and including eggs with said breakfast is a welcome change from processed cold cuts. The toilets and showers look like university dorm baths but are clean, spacious, and adequate in number.
by proust Staff Reviewer
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Reception/common area
Reception/common area
View from reception
Computer area
Lockers in dorm
10 bed dorm
10 bed dorm
10 bed dorm


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Cracow Hostel" at Rynek Glówny 18 31-008 Kraków.)


Rynek Glówny 18 31-008 Kraków, The Main Market Square, Krakow (Kraków), Little Poland (Krakow), Poland
50.060690, 19.937170 (accuracy not guaranteed)
(48) 12 429 11 06, (48) 663 872 834
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92% Guest Reviews

  The Location Hard to find a better place for a hostel. Right in the middle of the central square, held in an old house, it's actually hard to see it's a hostel! The only clues are the people looking out the windows... As Rynek Glówny is the main market square, it's easy to access from the train station (10 minute walk), by tram or bus stopping anywhere near the Old town (Dworzec glwoney being the closest stop). Rooms and Bathrooms The interior is bright, the reception area has the best view over the square. There are a lot of stairs to climb, so access for handicaped persons is not possible. Dorms are on the second and third floor. Each floor has a common room and kitchen, bathrooms are at the end of the corridor. The dorm itself is nice, clean and cosy. The ones on the top floor of the building only have a small window, be warned if it gets hot during summer... Beds are comfy and bathrooms are clean! Common Spaces Each floor has a common room with a kitchen. That's where breakfast is served in the morning. There are tables for 15 people to sit, sofas and books left by other travellers. Common spaces are really nice which is why a lot of travellers just hang out in there. Summary Great hostel,clean spaces, great value (quality/price) and awesome location... what more could we want?
Cracow Hostel is one of three hostels that are on the main market square, but the only one that has a window opening out onto the square. You have to walk through a cafe to get to hostel and through a metal gate. The Location The hostel is located on the market square -- you can’t get closer to the sights. With so many things to see in Krakow, being so close saves you time getting back from exploring the city and going out. The metal gate and cameras keeps the guests safer than most hostels. Rooms and Bathrooms The dorm rooms have lots of space to walk around and most have windows looking out onto the market square. The mattress could be better, though. The rooms and bathrooms are clean, with the bathrooms set up like in school with stalls for toilets and showers with doors and sinks inside them. Common Spaces There are two common places to sit, one at check in with a PC to use and a great view of square out two windows, and one on top floor where breakfast is served. The breakfast they offer is very good, with cereals, cheese, bread, orange juice, ham -- all you can eat! The kitchen has a flat screen with TV stations on it and both areas are always filled with guests drinking and talking so it is easy to meet up with people here. They could use more conformable sitting in the kitchen but overall the common spaces are great for meeting people. Summary Overall this hostel is a good choice in a city with so many hostels. The location makes seeing the city easy, and the social common rooms will have you making friends in no time. They leave out apples and other fruit as well as cookies for you to snack on -- a nice touch. The hostel also promotes a lot of activities around the city, which keeps you busy as well. We would stay here again.
steven hume
You can enter from the front entrance on the main square at any time. We did it at 4 a.m. The staff were extremely helpful, telling us the best places to eat, drink, and have fun. Dorm room was great apart from bastard who walked in at 3 a.m. every morning and turned on the lights. But he's not a permanent feature so this hostel was amazing.
Cracow Hostel's claim that they are "the only hostel in Krakow located directly in the Main Square" is a little bit misleading. Yes, it is the only one with an entry way located "exactly" on one of the sides of the square, however getting into the hostel after 7pm requires walking around couple of streets, since the Main Square enterance is through a souvenir shop that closes early. In fact the 24 hour entrance is through Bracka street, in the same courtyard as another hostel. Now that Cracow's Hostel main claim to fame has been dispelled, let's look at what it has to offer. Rooms are clean and bright, however the prices are in the high range for Krakow's hostels. The most reasonably priced room has 18 beds (not too cozy) and smaller dorm rooms are outrageously priced for this city (which was about $22 per bed at the time of the review). The hostel has a rather small, not too sociable common area. Free breakfast (corn flakes, milk, toast, jam, tea/coffee) is served each morning and free internet available 24 hours a day in the common area (which has a computer). As of October 2005, the kitchen is under renovation and additional rooms are being added and all is expected to be in use by November. As compared to other hostels in Europe, this is a nice place and a good value. Within Poland however, and in particular in Krakow: you can do better. If location is your primary concern, this is a great choice, with a beautiful nighttime view of Mariacki church and Sukiennice right out of the lounge windows. For a livelier hostel and a better value look elsewhere.
Bartlomiej Kwieciszewski

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