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Siebensterngasse 15, Vienna (Wien), Vienna, Austria
48.202220, 16.353958 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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extremely poor
I went with my 3 friends around europe and in Vienna we booked Blue Corridor Hostel. We arrived after midnight and to our horror the lady with long white hair was very rude and we almost ended up in a big argument. She was down right rude and demanded us to pay the balance by cash. We booked for 2 nights. The rooms are like prison (I think prison is better) and the bathroom was filty and when I tried to lock the bathroom, the knob just drop off! We had a nightmare taying there and ended awake the whole night. The next morning we just moved to another hostel. Blue Corridor was the worst hostel I ever stay in my life!
Rough experience
Overcharged and difficult to get refund.
Worst Hostel I've ever had the displeasure of staying in!
I stayed for a few nights in May 2007. It was really warm out and the tiny, tiny room was stuffy (and didn't really have a window). The shared bathrooms were frightening, and worst of all, the staff was so rude! I'm surprised this place stays in business!
Look for another place
They will treat you like garbage, the owner is simply a bitch. Too many beds for the room, nothing is clean. One toilet for fifty people. Rooms are separated by sheets and not by walls.
The environment just like a prison!
The owner divided the flat into many rooms, so every room is very, very, very small and without any decoration! Imagine the environment in the prison! Some rooms even have no windows! Horrible! And the lock of the bathroom is out of order! so it is a true shared bathroom because everyone can enter the bathroom even when you are taking shower -- really inconvenient! And I do think that the staffs there should change their attitudes when providing services.
(Hong Kong)
  I would like to express my extreme UNSATISFACTION with BLUE CORRIDOR HOSTEL, in Vienna. Here is the story in a nutshell: a month ago, I booked a DOUBLE BEDROOM WITH PRIVATE FACILITIES. Upon arriving at the hostel, the lady at the reception urged me to pay the balance first (in cash) and only then she showed the room. To our astonishment, the room we were given was a BUNK (literally less than 4sq.metres, with 2 small beds on top of each other) and had NO WINDOW. In addition to that, THERE WERE NO PRIVATE FACILITIES: only a bathroom to share with the occupants of the other rooms. Upon our politely pointing out the discrepancy between what we had booked and what we were being given, both the lady at the reception and the hostel manager prooved extremely rude and unacceptably unprofessional. They kept claiming that in Austria "double bedroom (doppel bett zimmer) with private facilities" means two beds on top of each other and a bathroom close enough to the bedroom, regardless of how many people have access to it. They yelled at us that we should not go to Vienna without speaking fluent german. We have travelled in many Countries throughout the 5 continents and we have stayed at countless hostels providing true self-contained double bedrooms. We were never confronted with such an unwelcoming attitude. Despite our repeated requests, the manager refused to reimburse us for the room (for which we paid in cash and which we never used). We are disgusted. I think the manager of blue corridor hostel should use the words "double bedroom" and "private facilities" more sparingly, since THERE ARE NO PRIVATE FACILITIES IN THE WHOLE HOSTEL. In addition to that, I think he should mention that what he calls "double bedroom" IS IN FACT A BUNK and that these rooms have NO WINDOWS. I hope people who book know what to expect. I just thought I should let you know, so other travellers can be on guard.

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