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ul. Jezuicka 2, Warsaw (Warszawa), Masovia (Warsaw), Poland
52.249352, 21.013587 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+48 22 635 06 76
+48 22 887 65 60
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Seriously, "apartment" is a huge overstatement
They have a few rooms in the area of the Old Town. We have been in two, and neither was acceptable -- the maintenance and cleanliness leave a lot to be desired. This particular room was in a street off the old town square -- from the bus stop at the airport an around 45' ride plus around 20 minutes by foot, much of which on cobblestones, so take care of your trolley wheels! A small supermarket is located a few cross streets (5 minutes' walk) away. To the nearest tram or bus stop it takes around 10 minutes. The staff are friendly and speak foreign languages and apparently try to sort out problems, but in most cases unsatisfactorily or unsuccessfully. The "apartment" wasn't cleaned during the three days we stayed there, the trash wasn't taken away, we had to buy our own toilet paper because they hadn't restocked it when we reported, the toilet flush wasn't fixed in three days, we were asked to write a letter but so far after a week already still got no response. From nearly 50 establishments we have reviewed here and elsewhere this was by far the worst experience (barring a hostel dorm with bedbugs). The room itself was of moderate size, in a post-war tenement house with a nice decorative ceiling. Two beds, wardrobe, big kinescope TV set, WiFi. The kitchen annex has a fridge, ceramic plate (no oven), one pot and pan, crockery, half of which dirty, and some cutlery, but no spoons. No safe for valuables. Shower cabin had one door missing and replaced with a curtain; the result was that every time you used it you had to mop the floor (a mop and bucket was therefore a permanent equipment in the bathroom; see photo). Also the drain in the shower was very slow, so practically you could only take one quick shower, or otherwise the standing water threatened to flood the bathroom and bedroom. The toilet flush was broken -- you had to hit the button several times in different positions for the chance to finally work. It was constantly and noisily dripping and -- every 20 seconds (yes, we measured) -- hissing, which could be heard throughout the day and night. A maintenance worker called in to fixed it apparently reported he couldn't repair it. The mirror lighting in the bathroom didn't work, either. Generally there were too many lash-ups around the place. There was a stale/mouldy/musky smell in the room when we arrived; took some getting used to. Every now and then you the smell of cat pee would seep in through the air vent in the bathroom. There was only a residue of liquid soap in the bathroom, no shower gel/shampoo, and not enough toilet paper. We reported the shortage, but it wasn't stocked up. This is the first case we know where guests have to go hunting for these themselves in a store. There were two hand towels, but nothing bigger. The room is on the ground floor -- the level of the street and passers-by outside; you can easily hear them at night, especially on weekends. Rather dark; you need the light on at most times. When we arrived, the curtains were too short and would end 25 cm above the windowsill, letting everyone outside easily see everything going on inside the room and offering no privacy. These were replaced only on the second evening.
Worst experience ever
I booked a room in Kanonia one month before arrival. One week before arrival I called them and confirmed my reservation. Two days before arrival they send me an email that unfortunately they don't have a room for me. I read it one day before arrival, because it went directly to spam (which I don't normally check, so it was a miracle that I even realised what's going on). They cancelled it last minute but they didn't even call me to make sure that I got the message. When I called them they didn't want to help me and didn't try to make it up for me. They said that they booked me a room in a hotel, which is 40min from the old town. They informed me that they called every hotel and hostel near the old town/city center area and that everything is booked. I decided to call hostels on my own anyway (cause sleeping outside of the city center wasn't an option in my situation). I called first hostel very close to the old town and I booked a room without any problems. Then I called Kanonia to inform that I'm not gonna use the reservation outside the center and that I booked a hostel in the center, even though they said it's impossible and that they checked it. Girl who picked a phone was very rude and she hang up really quickly. My advice, if you want to be sure that you are not gonna end up on a street, without any place to sleep, better don't book a room in Kanonia.
Age 24, Polish
Every now an then one stumbles onto a gem! We arrived in town without any booking, this place being our second choice. The location in the middle of the old town is extremely quiet, the most likely sound to wake you up are the hooves of the horses drawing a carriage on the cobbled street in the back. (Ok, there was a building worker jackhammering on the facade of the church next door). The talk of the tour groups passing through the yard in the back fade into background noise. Reception is staffed by several women (including a very docile dog), all of them polite, knowledgeable and friendly with excellent English (something not too common in Poland yet). Sheets are supplied, the mattresses very soft. The first impression of the very cheerful interior is matched by the small but usefully furnished kitchen/common room. It's kept spotlessly clean. Regarding design the most has been made out of a small old building. Nothing to complain about, apart from some minor problems with the sanitary installations. I am most amazed the hostel was not solidly booked during peak season (1st week of August). The prices of 40-55 Zl p.p. are more than moderate.
Hostel Kanonia has a very convenient location, right into the city old town, the great Warsaw tourist attraction. The estate is an old building, with typical architecture, very special, close to all visiting places. Location Getting to the hostel is not so easy since the old town is a bunch of small narrow streets and it is convenient to have a map in hands as a practical guide. Besides, the hostel entrance is located in a small dead-end street without signs at the main street. So it is necessary to keep an eye out in order not to get lost, particularly at night. The hostel has no parking lot, which is not really necessary since the access of cars to the old town is restricted. Rooms and Bathrooms The hostel is pretty small and reservations are needed. Accommodation or availabilities for one night are hard to get. There is only one bathroom per floor and the shower and WC are located at the same room, which is not so convenient. The washing machine and dryer are also at the same space. The beds are not so good quality and the maintenance of the place requires more attention (bed frame broken, broken window glass and stairs handrail). Common Spaces Though not so ample and spacious, the hostel has an unusually big kitchen with a large dining room and all appliances (microwave, stove, fridge). There are cosy, large tables for people to sit, eat, and chat. It is easy to cook and prepare meals any time of the day. Summary This hostel is very quiet and ideal for a nice relaxing sleep night. It is perfect for a romantic stay with the opportunity of walking around the special streets of central Warsaw. It is not the kind of a party hostel. The reception team is English-speaking and very willing to furnish information about the city and how to get to outstanding points/bars. Train schedules and any other tourist information are easily obtained. There are cheap restaurants and food markets nearby, which can be recommended and located by the reception. The hostel offers free internet facilities. There is no curfew and no lockout.

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