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The Review

The city of Amsterdam is full of hostels near the Red Light District that provide a bohemian atmosphere for enjoying the herb and partying all night long; fortunately, there is an alternative for those who have come to enjoy the culture, the people and the scenic beauty -- Inner Amsterdam hostel.

The Location

The hostel is in a quiet neighborhood near the Museumplein tram station. It is very near the concert hall and a short walk from the city’s museum district (in particular, the Vincent Van Gogh Museum, which has an extensive collection of works by the Netherlands’ favorite native son, as well as the work of his contemporaries and influences -- you can get a discount ticket from Inner’s reception desk, but admittedly, it's not a big one, but it will enable you to avoid the ticket line on a busy day). The desk can also sell you advance tickets to other attractions. Upon arrival, we bombarded the friendly reception people with a variety of questions, some simple, some not. They answered them all cheerfully and politely.

The hostel is easily accessible from the Amstel Station via the 12 tram, where the international buses stop. The 5 tram takes you to the Suid station, and from there you can get to the airport or to the Arena, where the football team Ajax plays. The 5 or the 2 can take you to the Dam Square area, the Red Light District, the Central Station, or the entertainment district.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The bedrooms are fairly small and get a bit stuffy as the night wears on, but the windows can be opened to air out during the day. The beds are comfy and warm (quite welcome during the cold Amsterdam nights). There are plenty of outlets for laptops and recharging your electronic devices in the bedroom. Small lockers are available in the hallway for your valuables, and will fit your electronics or maybe an average-sized backpack. There are two luggage rooms on the ground floor. The bathrooms are ensuite and average-sized for a hostel -- they may be the cleanest bathrooms you will encounter in a hostel.

Common Spaces

There are three rooms in the common area. One is a bar, but the bar itself was not open during our stay. There are drinks, Heineken beer, candies, and ice cream for sale in the lobby. The other two rooms are what must have been a restaurant when this was a more formal hotel. One of the large rooms has a big-screen television. There are only two outlets for laptops in the common area. There is a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout the hostel; however, it also has blocking software with an archaic view of what is inappropriate, especially in a city like Amsterdam.

The hostel serves a free breakfast every morning in one of the common rooms, starting at 7 a.m. If a traveler is weary of the bread and water breakfasts that many hostels serve, then this will be a welcome meal. It consists of hard-boiled eggs, deli ham and turkey, cheese, four kinds of bread, a strange pretoasted Dutch bread, jam, chocolate spread, granola, cornflakes, and three kinds of juice, as well as coffee and tea.

There are no laundry facilities on-site, but there is a laundromat in the neighborhood. They charge a lot for a self-service washer and dryer, so you may want to consider doing your laundry either before or after you visit Amsterdam. If you want to cook, you are mostly out of luck. There is a prep area, but only two microwaves. They do provide plates and silverware. A clean, well-stocked supermarket, the new Albert Heijn store, is across located at the Museumplein stop.


If you want to party like it’s 1999, there are plenty of hostels in the Red Light District for you. If you are a bit more grown up and want something quieter, away from the weed and working girls, this is a nice alternative.
by Ggreg Snyder Staff Reviewer
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Wanningstraat 1, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.356935, 4.877503 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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65% Guest Reviews

Age 26, turkish
Awful hostel with bedbugs. Unhelpful staff. Stay Away!!
This place is dark and old looking. The front desk staff are aware that there are bedbugs in the rooms but do nothing to warn you or fix it. I found bedbugs in my bed when they woke me up crawling up and down my arm at 3am. When I asked for a new bed, the staff told me they were full and gave me a new set of sheets, as if that would shield me from the bugs. They refused to help me find a new hostel and it was the middle of the night in an unfamiliar city, so I couldn't find one myself. The next day, I discovered that all but one of the others staying in my room had also noticed bedbugs in their beds. They assigned me and a few of the others new beds in other rooms of the hostel. Once again, I discovered bed bugs in the new bed (I checked before going to bed this time!). I left immediately and didn't look back. You have been warned. Stay far, far away.
Age 24, USA
Bright, clean, spacious hostel
This hostel was close to the gallery and museum area of Amsterdam. The rooms had lots of space and big windows, and everything was very clean. The hostel was on a beautiful street -- I recommend it!
Age 30, Australia
This hostel was located in a nice and quiet location while still being close enough to the City Centre. I found the beds quite comfortable and the cleaning was very rigorous. There was no kitchen and I never opted for the 5 euro breakfast, but there was a bakery near by. The 6 people in my room shared a bathroom with a nice shower. Overall, quiet and cozy.
Age 23, Canada
The hostel is excellent, although it is missing a kitchen
The hostel is very recommendable. It is one of the best hostels i have been in. It is very nice from the inside, there is a pub and a chill out kind of dining room where breakfast is served in the morning and you can of course bring your own food and eat there. Talking about food, breakfast is excellent, even meet such as ham and cheese are served. The only disadvantage this hostel has it is that there is no kitchen to cook, so you have to buy things that you can eat without cooking for instance sandwiches, pre-made salads, hence if you are planning to save money by cooking this is not ideal. In spite of this anything else it good! Location is great; it is literally 2 min walk from Van Gogh Museum and it is well connected to central town in terms of transportation. Talking about cleaning which it is the most important to me. I have allergy to flees and most of the time when I go abroad I get bitten by them and thus I develop an allergy reaction afterwards. So anytime i look for a hostel, believe me I look at the cleanness of the place, no matter if it costs a bit more. Therefore, I 100% warranty the cleanness of this hostel as I didn't get any allergy reaction. Luggage room! It is available and for free, very important for travelers.
Good Place and location
I liked this hostel for its service and location. If your interested in distancing yourself just a little from the crazy red light district then this hostel is situated in a lovely part of town the 'Museumkwartier'. It is a short walk to 'leidsplein' area and perhaps a 20min walk to the centraal area and station. My first couple of nights were in room 10 on the ground floor which had no window and became very stuffy, but it was no big deal ... it is a hostel after all. The staff were helpful when I decided to stay another night. I had a different room and it was much better. It was clean, fun, safe, and it seemed to be equal female and male. Oh and the breakfast is good!
Great Place to Stay!
This was a great place to stay, very clean and comfortable. As previously stated, though, the number of keys per room is quite small, so you may have to knock on the door in the middle of the night to get into your room. There was one instance where the people in room had taken the key with them, and I was locked out of the room entirely. The staff reluctantly allowed me to use the master key. So, other than the key situation, it was an excellent place to stay.
Casey C
Could be a lot better.
Two great drawbacks to this hostel. There was only one key for our room, which had six people in it, so every time someone came home late, that person would have to knock on the door and wake everybody up to get in. Imagine how popular that makes you. And the room was so packed with beds that there was absolutely no room to put your bags anywhere. Third, the bar was kinda boring, but when you're in Amsterdam, that's not such a problem. There was one person though, from the staff, who gave us free beer one night -- we will never forget her!

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