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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Hostel Aphrodite - Athens" at 12 Einardou Street & Michail Voda 65.)


12 Einardou Street & Michail Voda 65, Victoria Square, Athens (Athinai), Attica, Greece
37.994675, 23.724632 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+30 210 88 10 589
+30 210 88 16 574
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Lost our booking and put us up in a dump!
Made a reservation two months in advance, received a confirmation email, showed up with all our luggage on our day of arrival and they didn't have us listed and had no room for us. Their solution to this problem was to find us a room at another place and paid for our cab to get there. However, that place was absolutely awful. We reserved Aphrodite because of all the recommendations in various guidebooks. We made this reservation for the main purpose of not ending up in a place like where we ended up. To explain just how bad it was, the other hostel, while closer to the city center, is in a very sketchy neighborhood and in a much louder area than we wanted to stay in. As a result, we did not explore the neighborhood beyond the main street, and were woken repeatedly by noise outside when we had our window open the first night. our first night we were put in a room on the 4th floor (no elevator by the way) directly across from the bar, which kept us awake until well after 1am (we were terribly jet lagged and really wanted an early night). we had to wake up early, as that hostel wasn't sure whether they would have a room for us the second night. We wanted to return to Aphrodite, but there were still no rooms available. We managed to move to the third floor in the new hostel to avoid the bar noise, but were basically chased out of our original room by the very rude housekeeping woman 30 minutes before the checkout time. Our room on the third floor had the window painted shut, which made for a very hot, miserable, stuffy room in late July, but when we complained to reception they still insisted on charging us 4 euro to use the air conditioner. The showers on the 3rd and 4th floor did not work because the water pressure was not strong enough to reach the upper floors if anyone on the lower floor was using a shower (this was true of the sink in our room as well). Once again, on our day of departure the housekeeping woman knocked on our door well before the required checkout time to ask us for a second time that day if we were checking out. We received no paid fare back to Hostel Aphrodite to catch the Pink Bus, and had to haul our luggage on the metro once again. When we complained to the reception at Aphrodite about the very poor experience we had at the second hostel, we were told simply that they would "take care of it." No offer for a refund on a hotel we were basically forced to pay for (where else do we go at the height of tourist season?) that we very clearly did not want. I have no doubt staying at Aphrodite would have been a more pleasant experience (it's hard not to beat the experience we had). However, travelers be warned that they are poorly organized and if you happen to be one of the unlucky individuals who gets left off the books, your confirmation email gets you nothing more than a cab ride to a hotel in the worst part of town. Good luck!
  We were forced into staying here after the hostel we had booked into gave our room away. As we made a fuss they KINDLY put us in the room over the bar so all we could hear until 4.30am was music and people drinking. Then at 6am they began to use our room as baggage storage. This place is sh*t. The toilets are gross the staff unhelpfull and unfriendly. Plus its TOTALLY over priced for what you get (E14 for an 8 bed dorm!) We stayed one night, Sept 2006.
Kat A
  When I was at this hostel it was very chill — not necessarily the party atmosphere some of the other posts describe! The bar was all right but it's in the basement and wasn't the most happening place when I was there. I'm sure it totally depends on who stays there. I stayed in an 8-person dorm, which was reasonably clean and had air-conditioning part of the time. We had a bathroom for the room. The place got really crowded my second night and people were sleeping on the balconies and in the hallway. The staff were helpful and friendly, but the person who books travel (ferries, tours, etc) was on vacation while I was there. All in all I'd say you could do a lot worse than this place, but nevertheless I may try to find another place on my next visit to Athens.
  I stayed in this hostel as a chaperone with 18 high school students. All the staff were particularly nice and accommodating. They were very knowledgeable about the area sites and excursions. The area around the hostel appears a bit sketchy but once you are in the hostel, the room and bathroom accommodations are quite nice.
  The Hotel Aphrodite should be seen as a last resort in Athens, unfortunatly often the only bed available. Inconviently located at about a twenty minute walk from the Acropolis through the crowded and often confusing streets of Athens, it is not a pleasure to try and navigate your way back to your bed at any time during the day, but especially after a night out. It is too close to anything to want to spring for a bus ticket for travellers on a budget, yet too far from anything to be a intresting or fun walk. Especially in Athens where most of the sightseeing is done best on foot, it can be appriciated to be close to the Acropolis, or whatever your destination. The staff is helpful, when they are not too involved in thier own affairs to help visitors. Or hitting on the visitors. A good feature is there is no lockout, or curfew, but there is only one key per dormitory. So the first person in the room is responsible for letting the next in and so on. Therefore if one desires to sleep.... Niether the computer nor the internet are always available to travellers. Breakfast is not always served. The bathrooms are few and dirty, and the rooms are crowded and feature a similar lack of cleansiness. The luggage room is a unfinished basement whose security system is the lack if a doorknob, which fell off, and has to be aquired at the front desk. It also has a flucuating price, so one cannot be assured of what they will pay when they arrive, for this hostel the cheap price of 20 euros is not worth it.
Ed Mack
  The hostel has a cracking bar, with good atmosphere and a free shot of ouzo when you go in.
Mick Winter
  We stayed here in July and the staff were super-friendly. We hung out in the bar with them one of the nights and had an awesome time. It was fairly close to the train station. It was also clean and cheap. We had a double room with bathroom and air-conditioning for 25 euros per person. Breakfast wasn't included, though, and it was a five or ten-minute walk to the subway. Overall, it was a great hostel.
  This is the second time I've been to Hostel Aphrodite, and I'd have to say that the first time I came I had an absolute blast! The staff were very helpful and friendly. Having arrived again at Hostel Aphrodite, I found that, yes, the staff are still friendly, around the bar anyway, but there was one receptionist, a male with a Portuguese accent (I didn't care to catch his name) who was really a jackass to me and my friends. He bossed us around like he owned the place, which is not too cool to do to customers. Anyway, I had a good time in Athens, but tell that ass to shove it! Ciao!

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