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417 Pitt Street, Haymarket, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.878534, 151.207094 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (2) 9211-5115, 1-800-813-522
+61 (2) 9281-9605
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Ok, not great
Very centrally located which was a plus, staff seemed friendly enough. Place wasn't particularly clean. The lock on my door was broken (although I didn't ask for a different room or anything). Cheap price but you could probably find something nicer to have a better stay.
Staff HATE people
Staff makes your stay really uncomfortable. We went to work there but we had to pay AUD 200 to get that job! No one said nothing before about that. Manager (Nick) is the worst and everybody hates him. In rooms people stole my staff and no one cares about that. They even have all over the walls lists people who own money and your name's gonna be there when if you don't own money! No apologies ever! I checked out wednesday and they promised to keep my post packet which should arrive in day or two. I asked my packet every day in that week and still they lose it! It was there thursday and when I went there it wasn't anymore! Wtf? It's my mail and you promised! (Thanks Daniel alias Justin Bieber). When I tried to solve the problem manager asked me to leave and when I didn't he sais ' off' to me. Never apologies about my lost post packet! Only off. Thank you staff for giving me energy to contact the owner and tell what's wrong whit you! Really poor customer service! Also dirty, smelly, and noisy. I felt unsafe.
Age 27, Finland
Go somewhere else ...
smelly room and extremely dirty showers. disgusting! i give 1 star for the localisation and no bugs but the rest was awful. not so quiet at nights, and the staff was not friendly. don't stay if you dont have to.
Had plus sides
Couldnt get on top bunk as no ladder, and i'm short! Thin windows, but quiet hallways. Stairs and lots of them, bad for my friend with suitcase. Great location, have def stayed at worse places. But will say ... GET NEW PILLOWS THAT DONT LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN RUN OVER!
Nomads Maze Backpackers is in a great location, just past Pitt Street Mall, in the heart of Sydney. It appears dodgy from the outside, but is actually well organized and cozy. Maze Backpackers will amaze you! The Location Located near Pitt Street and Goulburn, you can walk twenty minutes to reach the highlights of what Sydney's tourism has to offer. Chinatown and its cheap eats, Darling Harbour, and The Rocks are only a five-minute walk. Street parking is available, but with such a great transportation system, who needs a car? Rooms and Bathrooms Double bunk bed dorm rooms are most common, but private shares are also available. Shared bathrooms/showers are plentiful down each labyrinth-like hallway that leave you a bit confused about where you are. Rooms come with fans and windows that open and sheets and pillows, but little else. No soap in the bathroom, bring your own! Common Spaces Maze is a fairly lively party hostel -- if you're looking to hang out, this is the place. Tons of common areas abound in the kitchen, upstairs DVD rooms, and more. Drink coupons are handed out freely as are free BBQ tickets and free breakfasts. DVDs and board games are available to borrow at the front desk and movie/computer rooms are on each floor. Summary Maze is a good hostel and affordable for all its comforts. Don't look at the walls and floor and wonder they were last washed! Just marvel at the size of the kitchen, common eating areas, comfy couch chairs, and flat screen TV room!
Nikki Felker
Good for the price
i stayed here for one night when i didnt want to spend much. for $45 i got a single room, with single bed. for one night it was perfect for me. i spent very little time in the hostel or room because i was out in the city and it is right in the middle of the city, really good location, only downside is that it was a tiny tiny room and you could hear construction going on, but it was good for the price. also no powerpoint in rooms. i couldn't stay here for weeks, but i definitely recommend it for a night or two.
el cheapo
I wouldn't stay here for free!
This hostel was bloody disgusting! The bathrooms are probably cleaner in prison. The kitchen has a couple hotplates and microwaves for hundreds of guests. The rooms don't have electrical outlets. The staff suck including the security guard who is a huge d*ckhead! I hated every minute of this hostel, I would not stay there ever again even if you paid me!
Canadian girl
Lots of fun
i stayed at this hostel for two months. Although it may not look the nicest, i didnt see one cockroach and didnt come across any bedbugs and i slept in several different rooms! The kitchen is the worst part, not enough rings for all the people, at one point there was only two for the whole hostel. What i loved about it was the people staying there and the nights out, free goon and food, and cheap deals in good bars. You get what you pay for and i have friends and memories that will last forever! Plus i found the staff very friendly.
scots gal

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