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Atlantis Hostel is one of a few hostels located in Krakow's Jewish Quarter. Just across the street from a beautiful park, the hostel is an excellent budget option in a lovely neighborhood.

Payment is usually taken right away. There are no deposits for keys or towels. They offer free luggage storage and complimentary coffee and tea all day. There is Wi-Fi that is strong enough for a blurry video call. There are several dorm options. Guests are locals and foreigners. Staff are all local and customer service is hit or miss.

The Location

This is one of a few hostels located near the Jewish Quarter. It is on a very quiet but large street. It's very easy to find and you'll feel safe to walk down late at night. Aside from the area's historic importance, the neighborhood boasts several cute bars, cafes, and restaurants. It's about twenty minutes from Florianska's Gate, but it is a lovely walk.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Atlantis offers private rooms and en suite dorms as well as dorms with shared bath. For the shared bath, there are several showers with good water pressure and hot water. It's not luxurious by any means but it is clean and comfortable. The showers have space to safely store your stuff. There are several sinks. There are only two toilets, which is a minor inconvenience.

The en suite dorms are lovely. They are not much more expensive than dorms with shared bathrooms, but the difference in quality is very significant. None of the beds are particularly comfortable. All dorm beds come with lights, shelves, and sockets. Each bed also has a locker with key.

Common Spaces

There is a bar/restaurant on the ground floor. It lacks ambiance but is a satisfactory place to grab cheap breakfast for the day.

There are three common rooms on the first floor, with several comfortable places to sit. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hostel and works at about maximum seventy-five percent quality.

The kitchen is fully stocked with a full-sized fridge. Many people use the kitchen so it feels like a home. Just off the kitchen is a small balcony, large enough for a few people to sit outside and have a smoke. The best part of the balcony is that it overlooks the strip of park across the street. It is a lovely and relaxing view.


Atlantis Hostel is part of a chain of reputable hostels in Krakow and Prague. It is a very large hostel with several guests, but it does not feel overwhelming. The hostel is very organized and make check-in fairly simple. They could put more effort into training their front desk staff -- some staff are helpful and others are not. One front desk staff did not match a price found on a booking site, even though there is a sign at the front desk that clearly states that booking with the hostel guarantees the lowest prices. Your best bet is to book online. For dorms, book the eight-bed en suite.
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Common area
Dining area
Shower in shared bathroom
10 Bed Dorm
8 bed dorm ensuite (one section)
proust Staff Reviewer
Published on 2018-11-18

A good cheap place to stay.

When you first walk up, you will be a little wary. The neighborhood and building looks scary but once you climb the steps and go into the actual hostel it isn't that bad. Staff was pretty nice. The common room is actually pretty nice. It is set up with one big room but separated into three separate "rooms". That was really nice because you could possibly have your own space. A couple of nice couches, tables and little round things to sit on. Really nicely decorated. Wi-fi was very good on my laptop but only in the common room. I couldn't get it to work on my I-phone. I think it had something to do with the double log in. For whatever reason, the 2nd screen wouldn't pop up. But no one else seemed to have a problem. Kitchen was the usual hostel kitchen though bigger than most. Free coffee, tea, milk. Breakfast was cereal and I believe toast as well. I don't recall there being any butter or jam. Off the kitchen is a little balcony that overlooks the street. The dorms were big with a table and chairs. The beds were not the most comfortable I have slept in but they weren't the worst either. The showers were nice and hot however, there were only three for the floor and I had to wait over a half hour at 9am. But if you take showers at night or after check out, it is fine. The only thing that I really didn't like is the way they store the bags for you. There is a shed out back. They just gave us the keys to go put our bags in and again to take them out. No one came out with us to see that we didn't mess with anyone else's bags. They also paid no attention to us as we walked out with our bags. They do have lockers in the rooms which is nice. Girls in our room were drinking heavily (vodka straight of course) and one puked all over the bathroom in the middle of the night. By the time I got up about 8am, it was all cleaned up. Kudos to the cleaning staff. Kitchen and common rooms were very clean. Dorms would have been as well except for the drunk girls. The location is close to the Jewish quarter. About half way in between old town and Jewish quarter. I would say about a 10-15 minute walk to old town. If you are coming from the bus station, get really good directions and have a map or a GPS if possible. The directions I got from google map were really missing some major details. The pedestrian tunnel goes under the train tracks so when you walk out of the bus station doors, you go right on Bosacka and then right on the first street -- Topolowa. You walk to the end of the pedestrian tunnel turning left right before you enter the shopping mall. After a very short time, you will see the plaza. (If you don't see it and keep walking, take a right when you come to the street which is named Lubicz street.) When you see the plaza, walk diagonally or left to get to the corner of Lubicz and Westerplatte. Going diagonally will safe you a few minutes walking. Take a left on Westerplatte and walk along side the park. Take a left on Starowislna. Take a right on Jozlefa Dietla. The hostel is a few blocks up. I think the walk takes almost a half hour. Bottom line, it is a nice place to stay. The security in the actual hostel was pretty good. Code to get into the common room/kitchen. Keys to get on your floor and into the rooms. They could use more showers and have a little bit more security with left luggage but other than that, I was happy to stay there.


The best part of Atlantis Hostel is probably the staff; everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is really laid back and comfortable.

The Location

This hostel is pretty easy to get to by bus, and the locals are friendly enough that you can easily ask for directions. It's close to a few main squares and a grocery store, which is very helpful. However, it is located in a somewhat sketchy area. There are homeless people sleeping in the park just across the street, and at night there are lots of drunken men with wandering eyes and cheeky comments. Don't go anywhere alone, especially if you're a girl. It's within walking distance to the main square, which features awesome restaurants with cheap food and beer. There are also a few little underground shisha bars, which are awesome -- street performers galore!

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are awesome -- the cleanest we've seen for a hostel -- featuring massive windows looking onto a huge lawn with lots of foliage. The wall art is pretty cool, too, and there's a huge cabinet for storage. There are really high ceilings as well. The only downside is that the bathrooms are shared, so you have to walk down the hall to brush your teeth/shower/go to the toilet. There are electrical outlets over only one of the beds.

Common Spaces

In the breakfast room, they have free cereal, tea, and coffee, which is perfect for the weary traveler who hasn't had time to go to the store. This room connects to a common area with a whole bunch of colourful couches and tables, as well as a whole bunch of magazines to read if your room isn't ready yet. Even though there's no air conditioning, this room is very cool and easy to kick back and relax. This spot is not great to meet new people, as it's not a massive space, but it's awesome for taking a quick nap. There's also a locked luggage storage shed where you can leave your stuff if you have just checked out but you are not leaving the city just yet.


Atlantis Hostel is a pretty solid hostel. Everything has just been renovated, and you can totally tell because even though it retains its old-timey charm, it's very modern inside.



The hostel was a very nice place to stay. It's a kind of weird when you come in because you need to go through a small hall to arrive to the reception and the stairs are very old ... so, you "travel" to a different world in this hostel but I need to say: it was perfect! The rooms and the bathrooms were very clean, you feel comfortable all the time, everybody is very helpful. I called to my parents in Brazil and they didn't charge me because I used the phone for very few minutes (enough to say I was fine). They helped us to book tours to Auschwitz, to Wieliczka's salt mines and others. I don't speak polish and I had no problems to book tours because they helped me all the time. In town it's important to talk in polish, because just the youth understands english, but in the hostel you can relax and stop making mimicry. I truly recommend this hostel!!!


A nice place with great people

I stayed there two nights with my friend Ian. We had a great time. Nicely renovated rooms. The staff rocks! Lovely girls. And three KASIAS! They lack common areas, but it is not a huge problem in Krakow -- as there is tons of pubs around.


All the things you need.

This hostel is worth a recommendation. Its dorms are nice-looking, have lockers, and ok beds. The bathroom/showers are big, plenty, and clean. The receptionists are friendly and very helpful. Only disadvantage is that they don't have a common room, especially because the other guests are great. But they do have free internet (one computer though), cheap drinks, and tea and coffee in the hallway for nothing too! Ten minutes' walk to the city center, just next the very cosy jewish neighbourhood.


Great place, great bargain!

This was an awesome place to stay! We arrived late-ish, and had a little trouble finding it at first, but had no problem checking in. They provide sheets and blankets, so you don't have to bring a sleeping bag. Their in-room luggage lockers were huge (big enough to sit in) and the room we were in was nice and spacious. The unisex showers/toilets were quite clean, but the toilet stalls had sort-of opaque little windows. You couldn't see much through the windows, but it was a little strange. The shower had a similar arrangement. When my (female) friend and I were showering, some fellow guests came in and yodelled at us. After that we enlisted our male friends for bathroom jaunts. We stayed two nights and both nights we had obnoxious people in the room next to ours making lots of noise around 4 a.m. But the beds were comfy and the toilets were clean, so we were a very happy lot of hostel-goers. The staff was very helpful, when we needed to get transport back to Katowice they lent their assistance in phoning a company since none of us spoke Polish. All the staff we met spoke English very well. This hostel is a great base of operations for seeing the best of Krakow!


The Atlantis Hostel is ideally located only a couple of minutes walk from both the fantastic Krakow old town and the nightlife of the Jewish quarter. A fifteen-minute walk (following the directions on or from the free map available at the station) or a four-stop tram ride will find you buzzing into a large building with good hostel signage.

The newly renovated dorms are located on two floors of the building, each floor with its own large unisex bathroom, which has strong hot showers. The rooms are clean and very spacious with each bunk being allocated a locker big enough for an 80L pack. There are rooms of different sizes available --some are street facing while the others face a huge rear garden which is quiet and provides views of the Wavel Castle. The twenty-four-hour reception provides all the travel, city, and tour information you could need with a free Internet station available for use.

Each floor has an area where you can make tea and coffee but there is no kitchen or common area, which is a drawback for this hostel. A small table in dorm rooms end up being the center of social activity, which is not ideal but is ok for sharing a story and a beer with fellow travellers. If you don't plan on using a kitchen and would prefer to do your swapping of tales in a nearby bar, you will have no issues with the lack of common area. Overall this is a very comfortable place to stay in a great location.

Marcus Nance

I stayed there a couple of times now, even if you stay in a 12 people room, it is so spacious, that you don't feel that so many people share the room with you :O) This is a cheaper option. But if you want they also have different rooms, for 2, 3 or more beds.


Renovated, clean and not very expensive, not far from the city center. One of the best that I stayed in during my numerous stays in Cracow. Highly reccomended!

Have an enjoyable stay!

A pleasant place to stay

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A fine place, if you just need to apend a night. It's cheap, it's pretty safe, the location is perfect, and you can charge your phone and take a shower.

The furniture is quite old though, the two-level beds are shaking as someone moves or stands up. But it's a minor inconvenience.

As I'm a female it was a bit uncomfortable to stay in a 12-beds room full of men, but well, there're other rooms for a bigger price one could have taken.

But it's pretty safe nevertheless!


The only downside are the beds, low quality bunks. If you move the other person sharing the bed will move. Also, NO curtains in the beds, everyone can watch you sleeping.


Very good calm stay, friendly staff, and clean. Lockers were available. The location is super convenient next to my favourite quarter Kazimierz :)


Overall was pretty decent but one thing that annoyed me was the unnecessarily complicated sur-charge they take from you when you check in. I was charged the money for our stay twice over (one for a deposit), which was ridiculous. Staff also seemed irritated when I asked about this.


Very clean, I felt very safe here!


Location is perfect and very close to all the sights and the Kazimierz district. Beds are very squeaky and uncomfortable. Every time someone turned in the bed you could hear it. I stayed in a 10 bed mixed dorm and most of the time it was only older men staying in my room. That made it a bit hard to meet people and not so nice to be a female traveller. Very few bathrooms and showers for a lot of people. I guess for the price thats what you get.


Very pleased with the Atlantis ,comfortable beds . very good power showers , clean hostel would most definitely stay again. It was shame the bar was out of order.


I had a single with my own bathroom so cant speak to the dorms or shared facilities.

Pros: Easy to both walk to old town or catch a tram to go elsewhere in the city. The front desk staff were always nice and helpful, available 24/7. Price was very reasonable for a single room, with a large bathroom and clean shower.

Con: Super uncomfortable mattress- you can feel the springs poking into you. I used an extra blanket for padding but would not have stayed the full week otherwise.


Bunker Beds should be changed as they were vibrating alot.


Beds were the absolute most uncomfortable beds Ive ever stayed on in a hostel. Luckily Ive worked in summer camps where its worse but I could feel every spring in the mattress and the bed frame felt unstable and would shake when the person above me would move at all. The rooms dont auto-lock you have to do it manually by key and this seems super unsafe when youre in a shared dorm and dont know the other people and cant guarantee theyll lock the room when they leave. Weird vibes overall in the common rooms, lots of people but nobody wants to talk. My room was right next to the common room balcony where people smoked and had angry phone call conversations throughout the night. There was only 2 showers for the floor, which didnt seem like enough and the bathroom often stank. The only redeeming qualities were that the lockers were huge, the room was spacious, and the location is quite good. Otherwise, I felt quite unimpressed by my stay.


Good hostel. Big lockers able to fit both of my bags. I liked the fact that the bathrooms were outside of the room and not in the room as most hostels have. The location was great, good walk to all the sites. Their is no real atmosphere for connecting with people. A great option to stay at though. Started my solo backpacking trip here. Amazing price too!


This hostel is in a good location, however it sits on a main road with LOTS of noise. I didnt find the beds comfortable, especially with the fleece sheets! (Vile In 30 degree heat!) The staff where ok, but felt they was a little cold and rude. Its cheap, but I have to be honest, I wouldnt go back. Every Green Hostel literally 2 minutes round the corner was far far better!


I recommend the hostel apart from a lady who works at the reception, a mean lady who speaks badly with these customers


Stayed in a double room on the top floor at ,(room D5) the view out the window was beautiful.

The room itself was clean, spacious, bed comfortable. Even had a table and chairs.

Apart from checking in never had any interaction with reception, did not use the kitchen.

Hostel location is good, about 20 minutes walk to to the old town, 5 minutes from the jewish quarter and about 10 from the river.

Would use again if we were back in town.


Really loved our stay here. The room was nice and clean, we had a good view onto the street and it was amazing value for money! The location was really good, easily within walking distance of everywhere we wanted to visit and with a 24 hour supermarket just a couple of minutes down the road. Also the staff were lovely and efficient, and it felt very safe with the front door being shut to only let you in when buzzed by reception in the evenings. Would definitely stay again and highly recommend.


Super helpful staff, rooms and bathrooms were clean and common rooms are lively! The only issue was the wifi not reaching the rooms very well.


Great spot.


I really like staying at this place. Location is perfect as it is right next to the Jewish Quarter.

They clean it every day.

points to be improved:

Wifi sometimes does not work fine.

I left my food on the fridge and it dissapeared.

Even when booking online, free cancellation and payment at the hostel, they still had to use my card for reitaining money (never requested in other places).


Super clean, helpful staff and friendly people. couldn't ask for more, expecially at this price


Absolutely beautiful hosting, quality, kind staff, perfect location and cleanliness. If I go krakow once again this hostel definitely will be the one that I will choose.



We don't offer jacuzzis.
We don't have a Thai restaurant, nor a bowling alley.
We don't give out coupons for lunch in the city.
In our hostel, the urinals aren't equipped with sensors.
Our hostel isn't decked out with a billiard or ping-pong table.
We don't have a 45" plasma TV.
We don't offer free transport to Zakopane.
We haven't equipped the rooms with waterbeds.
Our staff doesn't speak Dutch, Ukrainian, Greek, Finish, or many more languages – we are very sorry.
We don't offer free exotic fruit every Monday morning, nor do we cook for our guests all that their hearts desire.
The water temperature of the shower isn't hotter than 80 degrees Celsius (probably not even higher than 65).


We definitely have one of the cheapest accommodations in the centre of Krakow.
Here you won't pay for things you don't need and don't intend to use, while at the same time, you'll most likely find everything that you need, and you won't have to pay extra.

You have your choice of room: 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-, or 10-person. It will definitely be clean and comfortable. You'll fit with your group of friends, regardless of how many of you there are.

You won't be living above a bar, nor 40 m away from one, but in 4 minutes you'll walk to the main square in Kazimierz – the most popular quarter of the city, full of clubs, cafés, bars, pubs, restaurants and galleries. If you decide to go the opposite direction, you are 8 minutes away from the enormous restaurant and pub zone – the Main Square. Coming back to the hostel, you won't have to pay for a taxi and, besides, a short walk after a night out on the town does everyone some good. Kind of like free coffee or tea in the morning.

For those who are searching for the sights, you'll find what you're looking for, too – as we mentioned, the Main Square and Kazimierz are a stone's throw away, and the Wawel castle is at a 5-minute stroll. In planning your route, our receptionists will help you with a city map, pamphlets and good advice, and if you want to tour the town with a guide, you need not go any further to arrange it than the reception.

And when you get back from your day of sight-seeing, you can always use the free Internet, or relax in your room to look back at what you saw.

The hostel is equipped with a monitoring system and various security measures, so that you can be assured a calm stay in Krakow.

Hostel Atlantis, with one of the lowest prices in the centre of Krakow, guarantees comfortable conditions, safety, an ideal localisation, and the friendly service of our young receptionist team.

Do you need anything else? Probably not. So why pay more?

If you want to go to Auschwitz and/or Wieliczka Salt Mine - ask the receptionist, we can get you a tour

CITY-walking tours are available too

As for the towels, please ask the Receptionist at the check-in.


Location and Contact


• From the Railway Station go through the underground passage,from the stop get the tram no.19(needs to go towards BOREK FAŁ.) and exit on the 4th stop (STRADOM), cross the street towards baker's shop AWITEX(green one),pass the flower shop, turn left and just go untill you reach us.
• We are close to the Jewisz District - Kazimierz, stone's throw from Wawel and the Main Square



Address: ul. Dietla 58, Krakow (Kraków), Poland

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Website Atlantis Hostel Krakow
Phone Number: [48] 12 42 10 861
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Facilities and Amenities

Groups (10+ people)

Solo Traveller


City Tours

Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons

Airport Pickup

Bike Rental

Lockers in Lobby

Luggage Storage



Board Games

Book Collection/Exchange

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments

Currency Exchange

Entirely Non-Smoking

Hair Dryers

Hot Showers


Lounge Area

Movie Library/Rental

Swimming Pool

Wheelchair Accessible

Service Animals

Max. Age: All Ages

Checkout: 10:00 (10 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Maximum Stay: Unlimited

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 24 Hours

Size: Large (60-100 beds)


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