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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Village Surry Hills" at 207 Cleveland Street.)


207 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.889517, 151.204159 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (2) 9319-4031
+61 (2) 9319-4036
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Nice and friendly hotel
It's great living here. we have great time. Enjoy the clean room, hot water and beautiful SYDNEY!!
Age 23, R.O.C (Taiwan)
Not good!!
Dirty, spider in my room, just felt like a prison and ghetto. Very good staff, but I wouldnt go back there!!
Alfred Park Budget Accommodation is a classic case of all show and no substance. A fine old villa promises a lot, but rooms and amenities can't keep up with the facade. The worst seem to be the residents though. There are a lot of long-termers who have no interest in even sharing the most basic cordialities such as a good morning in the kitchen with travelers. A lot of the residents are also super unclean and leave the whole hostel in a disgustingly dirty stage all around the clock. The Location The location doesn't sound too bad when one first hears or reads about it. It truly is right next to Sydney station but at the far, far end. From where the passengers board, it is a good ten-minute walk without luggage. And unfortunately it is in the direction away from the city centre. Around the hostel is basically nothing -- bars and shopping are all a fair bit away. The house is directly opposite Alfred Park and offers nice views, but unfortunately it is also directly on a heavily frequented road and rooms facing the street are quite noisy. Rooms and Bathrooms Rooms are spread out over three floors -- all of which can be reached via one old staircase with rotten carpet. Those on the top floor are unlucky in several ways -- they have to haul their luggage up there without a lift and they'll have to walk down two floors again to go to the bathroom as there are no bathrooms on the second and third floor. The rooms themselves are small and don't offer a lot of room to store stuff. Beds seem to be second hand at best and the mattresses have seen better days as well. Rooms under the roof get super hot in summer. Cleaning of rooms apparently is sporadic. Bathrooms are scarce anyway and there are not nearly enough for the number of people residing at this hostel. The bathrooms are rarely clean. The plumbing seems to be problematic. The showers flood almost instantly when the water is turned on and also inundates the connecting sink and toilets. The water doesn't fully retreat and all the dirt and hair remains on the floor of the shower. Common Spaces There's not a lot of space to hang out, especially in cold weather. There is a nice balcony with chairs and nice views of the park, but it tends to be trashed with old bottles, cans, and cigarette butts. Another option would be the dining area, which is an outside-only seating area with a few tables and chairs under a tarp -- not exactly fancy if you stay in winter. The adjoining kitchen is also kind of open air, which leads to wild pigeons roaming both places, picking on the stored food, and excreting everywhere. The kitchen itself -- apart from being sprinkled with pigeon poo -- is not ever even close to clean. People who stay at this place must have no interest in hygiene or the well-being of their fellow residents. All of the scarce utensils would need to be cleaned before use -- if you really want to use them, that is. The last resort for common space is the internet corner -- this place has a handful of computers and Wi-Fi is accessible on the ground floor for Australia-like high prices. Summary This is one of the filthiest places ever, with immensely unfriendly long-term lodgers.
It's good!
The staff are helpful and friendly. My friends and I shared a four-bed female dorm with bathroom, and it was clean. The only problem is that you can't be noisy at night, it's a quiet zone.
(Hong Kong)
Worst place ever run by Racist Sexist and Agressive owner
As many have reported, the Owner seems to be very aggressive with its clients, when we were there he decided to kick out a couple that was there for no reasons and another two guys got kick out because the owner "hates f***cking africans." They said there were no reasons and he did it just because they complained the place had bedbugs and wanted to change rooms. Oh the bedbugs is a real problem, we got ate like crazy and everybody else too. There are calls to boycott the place because many have reported racist and sexist problems. What ever happens do not go there, we shouldn't encourage that.
Very clean and tidy, fridge, and lots of air con in your room. Very cheap, and great location. Ticks all the boxes.
  Ok, let's start with the pros. It's a nice location (overlooking Alfred Park) and it's cheap and it's five minutes from Central station. It has free internet access (fifteen to twenty minutes free though). It has TVs in the rooms (although a few channels that work intermittently), plus refrigerators and wardrobes. The kitchen is well equipped. The cons. It's just too far away from anything, despite being five minutes from Central. Shops are close but expensive. There is a supermarket about fifteen minutes away. I had a dorm room that was not cleaned the entire time I was there. Someone else shared a bed there and it was not changed. Ok -- so for two nights I had the dorm to myself, but I would expect cleaners to come in. There is no central area for communion. Ok, there is an outside eating area, but this certainly isn't enough, despite the TV in the rooms. I'd say if you want party time, or friends to meet, go somewhere else. It's too quiet here, plus there are no facilities to meet other people. Otherwise it's fine. I was given a four-dorm instead of a six, and I had no one in the dorm for two nights!
  Impressed by the helpfulness and kindness of owners, the great location, convenient shops, and restaurants within walking distance and the wonderful sights of Sydney. A super vacation.
Marilyn Matthews ( Canadian)

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