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The Review

Mountbatten Hotel Backpackers is one of the best-rated low budget accommodations in central Sydney. It's surrounded by an area with an Asian touch and offers clean and safe accommodation.

The Location

The hostel is located in the south of Sydney's CBD and surrounded by a couple of shopping malls (World Square, containing a Coles supermarket among other stores, is five minutes away), fast-food chains, restaurants, and bars. In the same building on ground zero there is a bar but it doesn't get loud in the dorms in the evening. The public transport stops are just minutes away -- and so is the free City Circle bus. The Central Train Station "Central" is a three-minute walk away, where you can find the next park in front. To the main sight seeing points you need to walk twenty minutes or take the bus for five minutes.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms are very clean and contain comfortable beds with clean linen, a well-working fan, a TV, free lockers (you get the key at check-in), a mirror, and enough power points. At check-in, the hostel management, which are very friendly, show you your room and where you can find the facilities. The shared bathrooms (unisex) are very clean and the lockers at the doors work fine.

Common Spaces

The hostel offers a very clean kitchen, which is normally equipped and contains clean dishes without needing to leave deposit. You can help yourself with free coffee and tea all day and in the morning from 7 to 9 a.m., bread and several different spreads and basic cereals with milk are provided for free. The Wi-Fi is not free, but there is a free public computer with internet to use. You can pay to use the laundry; next to the kitchen, you'll find a dining and living room with clean tables and a TV and the public computer. From the kitchen, you can reach the garden area (for smokers) which looks pretty and is clean, as alcohol prohibited there. When you check in or out you can use the storage room for free the same day.]


This is a very clean and safe hostel, without partying inside the hostel -- if that's what you're seeking you'll be happy here. The management are very very nice and helpful and the facilities are perfectly clean. We can recommend this hostel -- it's not the cheapest, but it's definitely one of the best (even if it's not the most centrally located).
by Armundo Staff Reviewer
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Dorm - 6bed


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Mountbatten Hotel Backpackers" at 701 George Street.)


701 George Street, Haymarket, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
-33.880482, 151.204739 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+61 (2) 9211-4894
+61 (2) 9280-0381
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Not worth the money
Very dirty, showers are not private or working correctly. The one I used did not even stay pointed at you -- it laid down flat and sprayed at the wall and was gushing water out of the fittings so if you wanted water on you the shower head had to be held in place. The toilets did not have toilet paper and somebody had a diarrhea ass-plosion all over the seat that stayed there uncleaned for at least 8 hours. The room was unbelievably hot/humid with no AC and the Fan didn't help much. It does offer a pretty good location in the middle of town and the young fella behind the counter was nice.
Age 26, Canada
Incredibly BAD Backpackers!!
The Chinese staff were smug and only seemed interested in grabbing as much money as they could! There was a rat in the kitchen; rubbish bins were overflowing with alcohol bottles; the refrigerators were overflowing during a heatwave; the lint filter in the dryer was never cleaned out and was ignored after I repeatedly told staff that it could be a fire hazard! The kitchen staff did not clean dishes properly and put them away wet! One of the Chinese male staff yelled at me that he had 'other guests to look after!' when I asked him for advice about the kitchen. There were bedbugs in the dorms. The unsanitary state of the place saw me come down with severe food poisoning and I was shipped to the local RPA hospital by ambulance -- 100% sincere about this. Bins in the bathroom were full with soiled nappies that stank awfully -- they remained in the bins for days without cleaning and I had to empty the bin myself. The hotel was noisy every night from drug-taking guests and traffic outside. Staff refused to get guests to put out joints, even when they saw them smoking inside. In the end I reported the place to the police and the health department and left in disgust after a head staff member threw out all my food in an act of spite! This is the Hostel from Hell, I can assure you!
(United States)
Clean but bugs
The Mountbatten is a bit sterile but generally clean. Yet, I had heaps of BedBugs one night but no one answered the emergency number when I called at night. However, they gave me my money back the next morning. I met a traveler who stayed in the very same room several weeks later and he too had bugs, so apparently they did not do anything about it.
Good location
Not a bad hostel but be sure to ask for a soft mattress if that's what you like as they have a mixture of soft and had mattresses. The hard mattresses are extremely hard to say the least. We assumed all the mattresses were the same and suffered sleepless nights on the hard mattresses only to discover out on the morning of our departure that there were available soft mattresses in our room. There was a fair bit of noise from the street in our room.
I stayed here for a week or so in January of 2008. The hostel was clean and a great place to meet people. The continental breakfast wasn't bad, and there were even TVs in every room. I wish there would have been a community room, but the kitchen sufficed. The showers were clean and so were the rooms. The hostel was easy to find, and close to the trains. It was also close to great shopping, restaurants, and nightlife. I will definitely stay here again the next time I come to Australia!
Bryan Clements
(United States)
  Well, I would just like to say thanks to all the staff and guests for an excellent night's craic during and after the Northern Ireland match against England, whom Norn Iron beat 1-0, YES 1-0!!! I was disappointed that the English lads in the hostel were in tears after the match but hey that's life!!! GREEN N WHITE ARMY!
  I moved into this hostel with a friend I met whilst in another hostel over here (we got bored at the first hostel as no one seemed to mix together). When we first checked in the staff were friendly, and once we were checked in and came down to the common room we realized that everyone was really friendly. Everyone was here for the same reason, to spend one year partying and seeing Australia. I would definitely go back, just remembering the drinking out the back with the Irish lads and singing silly songs. Also my friend who checked in with me at the beginning is now the manager there.

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