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Nieuwendijk 23, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.378463, 4.895374 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Worst Hostel Possible
There is no security, a random guy came in my room and I thought he is sharing the room. Turned out he was a thief and stole my phone while it was charging. These people didnt help at all. Receptionist was helpful but the boss was very rude. Toilets are extremely sh*tty. Please don't stay here!!
Age 21, India
Absolutely sh*tty Palace. Do not go there!
We arrived and the entrance seemed okayish. So, checked in and went straight to the so called "locker room", which is the cellar. The floor is wet and dirty and there is trash lying around everywhere. The lockers are made out of thin wood which everybody could easily break with just their hands. After seeing this we just hoped the room would be better. It wasnt. Super small room in which they somehow managed to stuff 4 bunk beds. The floor is dirty and in the corners of the ceiling there is fungus growing. The bathroom was the worst though. No place to hang the shower handle and their was not only sh*t in the toilet but even the floor looked like somebody wiped it with sh*t a bit. Never ever go there! We went straight back down after seeing this saying that we dont want to stay there for even 1 more minute. Their answer was just that there is no refund after check-in. After discussing for 5min they offered a 50€ refund of the 120€ we payed just a few minutes before. After about 15min discussion left with 80€.
Age 20, Germany
Excellent location next to the train station. Definitely no 5-star hotel but served well as overnight accommodation. Relatively clean but I wouldn't be comfortable staying for more than a few days.
ok, so this place was the cheapest in town -- all good, ladies behind the counter are LOVELY. we thought our room was semi clean when we got up there, celebrating it was only the two of us in an 8bed dorm, woke up to a dude with the meanest toe jams, so we let him freeze and opened the window -- 'smelly feet' slept in so 'the mafia' came in waking US up and when we paid for 3nights -- HOW RUDE! idiots. toilet smelt of urine the whole 3 nights, think cleaner just wiped it down? then sheets, duvet cover felt like it's not washed between guests -- so that was gross! i would wake up at 5am to shower cos i was itchy. just unhygienic. 'DONT F*** WITH LOCKER' GROSS!!!
if you want a bed (just a place to sleep, maybe a couch or the floor), shower, and a bong this is the place to be! im a young australian female traveling with 2 other friends and we stayed at 6 other hostels during our time in amsterdam (to try and find the cheapest each day) and this by far was the most laid back, chilled fun hostel! you will make best friends with a little man named johnny who will most likely wake you up in the morning asking you if your staying here again and that your free breakfast (2 pieces of bread and jam) is waiting for you! he never seems to sleep and is always smiling and wanting to chat! the girls at the front desk were lovely and kinda helpful. DO NOT STAY HERE IF YOU WANT A HOTEL -- THIS IS A HOSTEL FOR BACKPACKERS AND TRUE TRAVELERS! TRUE AMSTERDAM EXPERIENCE!
georgia ammi ashleigh
It was ok
Ok, so the place is a little dirty, a couple of mice were running in the basement(where the lockers are) when I went there, my room was on the third floor, the stairs were too steep, also the whole place smells a little like weed, but then you should expect that since you are in Amsterdam! the bed was comfy, washroom was ok, the receptionist was pretty cool, very helpful with everything, and dont expect too much from that free breakfast, i was given 2 slices of bread, thats it! I am giving it 3/5 just because of the location of this hostel, its walking distance from centraal station and the RLD area as well. there is a pretty good grocery store right next to this hostel, and also all the good eating places are right there.
Good for the youth
went to aroza in 1992, we all took the piss out of the place but for a tenner a night what u expect ... had crap fruit machines but good pool table and bongs.
jog on
Travelers Hostel
I see a few bad reports here but I think the people who click one star are tourists. This place is not for tourists, it is for travelers. Unless you are a tourist with that inner traveler then you wont like this place. For the traveling backpacker or camper this place is perfect. Shared dorms, leave your valuables at your own risk. My own policy is always keep your passport and your money in your pocket! Anything else can be replaced so I don't mind leaving my backpack. That said, nothing went missing. I had actually left my camera here and it didn't get touched. The smoker's cabin is just a cabin with a single bench, not good for chilling out. I didn't use it much, I like to get out and about, so i smoked in the various coffee shops during my day and only smoked in the hostel's smoking cabin early in the morning for that first ciggy and late at night for that last joint. Staff seem friendly enough, any bad attitude experienced I would say is down to the language barriers and could have been provoked -- to be honest asking for mugs of hot water and expecting them for free is out of order. The water is intended for tea drinkers who always pay for it. About the cat: A thing I realised about Amsterdam is that their are loads of cats about but then I remembered the story of the pied piper and the RATS! The cats roam free everywhere to keep mice and rats away, in Amsterdam, always wash your hands and dont eat off of counter tops. To conclude: This place is clean and friendly to the traveler, to tourists who hold their nose up a little bit it is not for you. In fact, I would imagine that because you don't like it the staff are picking up on your slight hostility and thats why your having problems. To the smokers, it is ok while your their but I recommend looking outside the hotel for better places to hang out. Free WIFI is awesome, cheap computer use if you dont have a netbook or iPhone. Breakfast is poor, but I always eat out in the markets and whatnot. Pool table is crap but its there. I seen a few signs telling us that it's ok to be sexy and I am sure I heard a couple of dudes creaking the bunkbeds one night, watch out for bed hopping. If someone is in your bunk it might mean he wants to bite your pillow. Your trip is what you make of it, and if you make your trip about your hotel then you really need to reassess your holiday criteria.

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