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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "STF Stockholm - Fridhemsplan Hostel" at Sankt Eriksgatan 20.)


Sankt Eriksgatan 20, Stockholm, Sweden
59.331335, 18.031041 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+46 8 6538800
+46 8 6538920
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This one has it all!!!!
Very nice hotel! Easily reachable by foot (even with heavy backpack). Reception is very friendly. I had a beautiful room with a big window front, comfortable bed and a great shower in the hall. The kitchen is great! And please, spoil yourself: the breakfast is overwhelming! (considering this is "only" a hostel).
Excellent in all ways except one
The place looks like a hotel. The lobby has comfortable couches, the front desk is well staffed and efficient, and there is plenty of space. The sleeping quarters are like hostels because it has no window. I stayed in a dormitory with four female beds spaced nicely in a room. I would have given five stars if the place had windows. It gets a little stuffy and slightly smelly because of the lack of ventilation. There is air conditioning but it can be turned up a little higher. The kitchen is huge and clean with three very nice computers to use for free. You can have breakfast included for an extra 60 SEK. You can bring sheets or rent them for 25 SEK. The linens and towels are clean and well kept. The other guests are friendly. Staff are nice.
(United States)
Very nice hostel!
I've been in a lot of hostels, but this was one of the best I've visited. The hostel was very clean, staff were friendly, and the dormitories have good beds with very good air conditioning. There were two rooms with good-sitting couches where you can socialize with other guests.
(The Netherlands)
  Taking into account the typical circumstances in a Swedish Youth hostel (toilets and showers are usually in the corridor, locking luggage is chargeable), this hostel seems to be the best choice of all. The staff were obliging but sometimes a bit of curt anyway. The location itself was really modern and inviting, as the rooms for example own beds equally to those in hotels. Both the rooms and the toilets/showers were always clean and I never noticed any queues before the facilities. Besides, the supply with internet for free in the lobby and the flat screen TVs in every room were nice addtions. Nevertheless, the hostel's distance to the centre itself is about two and a half kilometers and going on foot can be quite tiring after a whole day in Stockholm (better take the underground or bus, which are passing really near to the hostel). Moreover, you've got two well equipped supermarkets directly next to the hostel, wherefore it was not such a big deal to skip the breakfast offered in the accommodation (sixty SEK) and preparing our own meal in the hostel's own kitchen.
  My experience with this hostel was bad. The reception people were rude and aggressive, when I was making the phone reservation and on my arrival. If you arrive before 15 hours [3 p.m.] you will have to leave your things in pay lockers in the basement. The friendly and nice reception you get in all of Sweden is not present here. The rooms and bathrooms were clean. The kitchen was well equipped. But as it is two ovens for 150 rooms, people had to queue and wait very long to make dinner. Then the living room had the same queue line history.
  I think other hostels should take notes on this place. It was always clean, professionally run, the free Internet was always available and working, and it was well connected to the downtown area. Also, the breakfast buffet was reasonably priced and filling. It seems to be popular with families, but there were several single travelers as well. The hostel is huge so it wasn't hard to meet people, even though it does have a hotel feel. It has kitchen facilities and plenty of bathrooms and showers on every floor that were always clean. It was also really quiet at night so sleeping wasn't a problem as in many big hostels.
  Actually, the hostel really isn't that far from downtown. You'd have to walk a while to get downtown but you can choose to do so along the wonderful shore of Kungsholmen. The staff were amazingly friendly and the place was very clean and professional, so it really felt a bit like a hotel. Actually, this precisely was the only downside; it lacked some of the young atmosphere of the more alternative hostels (though maybe simply because we were there in May).
This is a hostel, but it masquerades as a hotel. It has the reception area and multi-lingual staff of a hotel, great security (video cameras in all corridors and key-cards for the doors), and a tv and internet connection in every room (just plug in your laptop and away you go, it's free!). It is very well-kept and clean and all the beds are free-standing (no bunks). There are also two computers free for use in the reception area if you want to get your internet fix. The location is pretty good, about 1-2 km West of the Central Station. You can get there alright on foot, but if you have a decent size pack or bags I'd recommend taking the Metro (it is one block from the Fridhemsplan Metro station). The kitchen facilities are first class, with two well-equipped kitchens right next to each other and a dining room. It also has fridges and a freezer for use. The price is about the same or cheaper than other hostels in Stockholm, but this one is nicer than many of them. The place is huge, but it is often fairly quiet, even in the high season. If you want somewhere clean, secure and quiet to stay that feels like a hotel but costs the same as a hostel, this is a good choice.
Dave Sanders
(New Zealand)

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