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The Village Glebe Reviews

The dirtiest showers and toilets I have ever seen

Honestly, I would never step my foot there again. Balls of hair on the shower floor and stinking smell all around the hostel. Very friendly staff but that place is a mess.

Age 28 | Australia

Good and Nice Place.

Age 32 | Sri Lanka

Almost concealed behind its own greenery, Glebe Village Backpackers Hostel is spread across three large, old houses with lots of character. If you like stained-glass windows, high ceilings, and old wooden staircases, this should appeal to you. It is unlike a lot of the Sydney hostels, which are in modern, high-rise buildings with no gardens.

The Location

This hostel is located to the south of Sydney, in a leafy suburb called Glebe. It is on the same street as a lot of similar buildings, shops, eateries, and a library. It is slightly further out than other Sydney hostels, but you can easily walk or catch a bus just a few doors away and head into the city. At both ends of the street, there are public parks; one has a pond and a lido, and the other borders the coastline.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are accessed by keycard. The dormitories have a decent amount of space around their beds and some random bits of furniture. Our eight-bed, basement dorm is actually two rooms with an adjoining door, so you are only really sharing with three other people. Inside the two rooms, there are windows, ceiling fans, mirrors, lockers, shelves, a table, and a large cupboard under the stairs for hanging clothes. Bunks are pretty sturdy, but the upper beds have no bars around them. A lot of the sheets are faded and mismatched but they do the job. The bin in the room is emptied regularly, but it would be nice if the floor was brushed more often.

The houses have a bathroom on the top floor with three showers and another in the basement with one. Out in the courtyard, there is an additional bathroom with two toilet cubicles, two showers, and a sink on an outside wall. Levels of cleanliness vary but there are a lot of people using the facilities. The showers are large with easily controlled pressure and temperature. They should remove the rugs from the bathrooms as they are always wet through and start to smell. There is a well-equipped laundry room on the same level as the basement.

Common Spaces

The kitchen -- open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. -- looks modern and there is a microwave, three toasters, two sinks, three hobs but no oven. There are a lot of fridges but they are packed brim full with all the long-term residents' things (a lot of the guests are people who are in Australia to work). The free breakfast is available between 8 and 10 a.m. on weekdays and 9 to 11 a.m. at weekends. There is the daily option of cornflakes, toast, or bread rolls, and on Sundays there are pancakes. The kitchen is kept clean, although the odd pigeon does invite himself in when he can!

There is a small TV room with comfy seating and an adjoining room with dining table and a shelf full of books; these areas shut at 11 p.m. The other indoor social area is around the reception desk, where there is seating and pay-to-use computers. People tend to gravitate in here after 10 p.m. as there is a curfew on socialising outside and this is strictly enforced. There are lots of benches and tables along the front of the building including one for playing table-tennis. People socialise and eat their breakfast outdoors. There is a free BBQ once a week, which provides meat and vegetables. Arrive promptly for this or you will miss out!


These old buildings are well fitted out for your needs in a hostel. This establishment may suit you best if you are looking to work in Sydney for a while. If you are just passing through, you may feel a bit like the odd one out -- it sometimes seems like everyone else knows each other. To keep guests in the loop, it would be helpful if there was a diagram on the wall to show where all the facilities are housed.

If you like to party all night, be aware that there are curfews on the social areas as it is a residential area and there is no flexibility on this. Glebe Village Hostel provides a pleasant, outdoorsy environment -- it is a calm place to rest after spending all day in the intensity of the city. We would stay here again.

TV room Along the front of hostel. Kitchen Outdoor Social Area Hostel from the street Kitchen fridges Cupboard in dorm Dorm with lockers Dorm room Dormitory

Safe and friendly roommates

Safe and friendly roommates.

Age 25 | Hong Kong SAR

Doing the bare minimum for your dollar.

This backpackers is in the same "chain" as "The Nunnery" in Melbourne which I rate highly. So I thought it would be safe bet and booked my stay. Big mistake. The moment you enter the reception area which is untidy with generic tourist flyers you can see the disregard for their customers. Sydney is a pretty interesting place but you are not likely not to see any evidence of that here, posters for yet more crass wet t-shirt contests. The backpacker working for their keep behind the counter gave me my key but couldn't tell me where my room was and didn't seem that interested either. Actually an air of tired boredom permeates the whole place. What a waste of an Victoria era heritage building. The place is ugly, musty and uninspired. If you plan a stay here make sure you have a full schedule of activities planned so you do not have to spend much time on the actual premises. Oh and I didn't even mention the cold showers.


Don't go the bathroom

The private rooms are cute and funky, not bad for $65. Comes with a TV, desk, chair, bedside table, bed (which is not that comfortable for more than a few nights, unless you like sharp springs poking into your back) and clean linen/towel. Nice high ceilings, big window over-looking a few trees, floorboards, a heater, even a mirror (always handy), clean and tidy. Glebe itself is awesome if you want a nice, peaceful, quiet place to come back to after a busy day of traveling around noisy, chaotic places in Sydney and I would highly recommend staying/living here. In fact, I liked Glebe so much I'm even considering moving here after my stay. The Thai place a few doors down is really good too, if you want cheap, good quality, delicious food. As far as the hostel itself goes, I found it really quiet and lovely the first night I was there. I thought the rooms were just really well insulated but I was VERY wrong. That was only because I arrived on a Sunday when people were more relaxed I guess. By Tuesday, it was raining heavily all day so had to stay inside. The other people were so noisy, MY GOD. All day long you hear them shouting, ranting and raving, doors being slammed continually throughout the day. So it was really horrible, definitely not peaceful at all. Having said that, I don't think the sound insulation is good at all, I think whether or not you have a peaceful stay is determined by the day that you arrive and the kind of people you have staying in the next room. Considering I rented a private room, I think this is very disappointing, because I didn't get the peace, quiet and privacy that I was promised on the website. Then again, I don't frequent hostels often so I can only imagine how terrible it would be elsewhere. If you just want a bed to sleep in for a few hours after a full day of sight-seeing I guess it's alright. But if you are stuck inside all day because it's raining outside, don't expect to be able to hear yourself think or have a moment to relax while there are loud, obnoxious, inconsiderate lunatics ranting and raving next door. Also, you definitely DO NOT want the room next to the bathroom. Take my advice on this one. Which brings me to the bathroom -- my God. You would be better off holding it in or going to the pub down the street unless you want to catch some horrible disease. The bathrooms are just ATROCIOUS. I don't think they have ever been cleaned. There are two disgustingly filthy showers covered in mould, dirt, urine, hair, and no doubt countless microscopic parasites/germs etc that have most likely built cities in there. I really think you would be better off not showering. In the same room is one toilet, yes ONE, (for like 10 rooms?!) with a door that barely closes and no 'occupied' sign so people are regularly interrupting you/trying to force open the door while you attempt to evacuate your bowels. Not fun. Unless you want to be constipated for days. The service was inconsistent. The first person I spoke to (a lady) was just so lovely, friendly and helpful, it was unbelievable. She went out of her way to help me. But then the next morning there was another guy at reception who was rude, arrogant, and unhelpful. So again, depends on your luck. Also, they do regular room checks' which I find highly irritating. I didn't know this was a boot camp. Why do they need to check the rooms? While you are paying for the room it is yours and they should stay the hell out. I understand why this may be required for the dorms but it shouldn't be necessary for the private rooms. So yeah, all in all, the room is nice, but unless you don't mind not showering/going to the toilet and want to hear doors slamming and annoying, loud shitheads all day, I would probably not recommend it. Would be much better if they had the toilets and showers in separate rooms and also if there would be separate facilities for males/females. You definitely don't want to be showering while another person is taking a sh*t right beside you and you can hear/smell it. And we all know that females are much cleaner. The last thing you want is to be putting the urine-covered toilet seat down every time you need to go to the john.


Good hostel

Nice place with cool outside area, but no sufficient lockers.


Average, kitchen opening hours 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

if it goes about this hostel itself, it was ok. i have spent a week in there. there are few cons though. firstly, the kitchen is opened only between 7:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. secondly, there were no lockers in the room. unfortunately, i have had one problem connected with the shuttle to airport, meaning i had it booked (at the hostel reception) at 6:15 a.m., waited twenty minutes and it did not appear at all.


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The Village Glebe Reviews from the Web

Property was comfortable and clean for my stay but difficulty getting into room with reception closed( 6.00pm) was a big issue as had to wait 30mins to get directions to room and further delay getting access!! Was also a charging issue as deposit was not deducted from total charge! This was queried but as yet have not had any response! Could this be followed up please!! Regards Kevin


Your staff member put my booking through from 12 may to 16 may without my

consent I asked him to cancel immediately within the 24 hr refund request your staff have ignored me and my requests to get my refund since


not bad for a backpacker , but lousy when booking for it .... wanted to book for 1 extra night , spend 3 hours trying at least 3 times with no result , the 4 Th. time as we were back at the place and still waiting for confirmation ( pin code ) ...... we got someone that was getting in to let us in than we were able to get a phone number to get someone to give us a pin over the phone to end the night nicely ..... now waiting to see if we were charged for the booking trial that got no answer.


Their cleaners are lazy. The worst one was the weekdays cleaner. She never cleaned the room. She only moped and threw the rubbish. She did not even wipe the table in common area. Their Kitchen was so yuck.


It's unbelievable that they offer service when they haven't staff to attend the guest, not sheets & towel, toilet broken, not answer the mobile, and calling to the guest 1 o'clock to ask for the payment! The hostel is rebuilding ate the moment, I think that is better that they keep close instead of provide worst service.


Great value. I really like this hostel, but I'm 41 and not much of a party person. Beds are good, kitchen well appointed, good value


Excellent value for a place this close to town. Only shared 4bed room with one other guest. Will stay again


Sucked ass


Good customer service


Liked: Location was decent. Big lockers that rolled up from under the beds. Building looked nice. Didn't like: The staff seemed rude and unfriendly. Kitchen not very clean. There were cockroaches in the room, they just crawled by the walls so it didnt get in my stuff but still not pleasant. I think Ive seen 5 in our room during the 2 nights I stayed. TV-room was empty and boring. Luggage storage was some dusty old corridor. Small bathrooms. Youre probably better off going somewhere else but I guess it was cheap here.


Liked: I liked almost everything. I was a bit concerned about previous ratings for this hostel first of all there are supermarkets (small ones) in walking distance like 5min or big ones in walking distance 20min or a 5min busride away! Also the staff was very friendly to me even if I had one million stupid questions and needs! Free Breakfast! Working Wifi!! I would recommend the place to everyone!! Didn't like: Some lockers where broken so you could not always make sure that your personal stuff was save! Please fix that!!


Liked: Nice atmosphere, easy to socialise. Free food on Tuesday and Thursday. Feels safe and clean. Rooms are quiet at night. Would recommend this place if you work. Didn't like: Staff are rude or dim. Reception is slow.


Liked: Comfortable beds.

The Kitchen. Didn't like: The 5$ of wifi doesn't work well.

We find a cockroach our first night.

The location, it is situated, at least, 30 minutes walking from everyinteresting point in the city. If you don't wanna walk, you have to pay the bus.

The is no supermarket near the hostel.


Liked: The aerea was fantastic, the staff is really good, good atmosphere Didn't like: The room was to unkept and felt a bit domp


Liked: the building architecturally looked nice Didn't like: being split into 2 diffent biuldings, the rooms lots of long stay people with there stuff everywere and also the smell, plus the bathrooms were small.


Liked: It looked like a normal, sketchy hostel when I first walked in but then I got to my room and met my roommates and it was sweet. also, in the cutest suburb with lots of cool places within walking distance. little far from city though. Didn't like: nothing




Liked: The place was great! Very helpful staff. Met some great people in the short time that I stayed here. Would recommend! Didn't like: Unfortunately, when I arrived, the receptionist had fallen ill and was present in hospital ! Luckily there was somebody there to show me to a room so that's a positive!


Liked: Location to central sydney. Free Breakfast. Value for Money Didn't like: I was a little dissapointed with Glebe Village Backpackers as I had stopped in Melbourne at its sister hostel the Nunnery which I really enjoyed.The bedrooms were dirty, smelly and had poorly maintained. The free breakfast is limited and isn't as good as that of the Nunnery. Whilst I was there the room was due for ' Spring Cleaning' but this didn't happen as the cleaner missed the room out.There was no guarding on upper bunks meaning you could easily roll over and plunge 6 ft in the night- a safety risk.A big part of why I moved was because it is primarily an outdoors complex and even to go to the kitchen you must go outside in the cold and wet. Free wifi would also be a bonus, i had to pay $5 for a 3 day pass which did not extend to bedrooms.



The Village Glebe is the perfect base to explore Sydney! Spread across two charming Victorian- style buildings, our hostel is located in the beautiful and buzzy neighbourhood of Glebe. Wander down Glebe's tree-lined streets, eat your heart out at the string of endless cafes, browse through trendy vintage stores or discover a quirky bar. Popular with students, musicians and artists, Glebe is the perfect place to mix in with the locals while being just a stone's throw away from the city! Darling Harbour, the CBD and all of Sydney's famous attractions are just a short bus ride away.

Our social communal areas are the perfect place to meet fellow travellers! Chill out in our tranquil, leafy courtyards and enjoy our social outdoor dining areas. Cook up a hearty meal in our large communal kitchen, or start some friendly competition with a game of pool. Sit back with a movie in our comfy TV lounge and relax after a big day of sightseeing, before doing it all again tomorrow! With our schedule of weekly events including BBQ's and Movie Nights you'll never be bored. Our friendly staff will help you feel right at home, and we'll get your day started the right way with free breakfast provided everyday!

Location and Contact


• From The Airport
• Shuttle bus to our front door: From $15 each (6am – 8pm)
• We’ll refund $15 of this ticket if you’re staying 3 nights or more and show us the receipt.
• Train to Central Station: Around $17 each. From there, follow the instructions below.
• Taxi: Roughly $40-$50.
• From Central Station
• Take the Railway Square exit. Get on the 431 bus from Railway Square (Millers Point to Glebe Point). Alight at Glebe Point Road near Pendrill Street, and walk 70 metres to the hostel.



Address: 256 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Website The Village Glebe Sydney
Phone Number: +61 2 9660 8133
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Facilities and Amenities

Groups (10+ people)

Solo Traveller



Luggage Storage


Airport Pickup (15)

Wi-Fi in Lobby/Commons ($5 per day)

Wi-Fi in Rooms ($5 per day)

Air Conditioning

BBQ Grill

Book Collection/Exchange

Clothes Dryer

Concierge/Info Desk

Credit Card Payments


Hot Showers



Lounge Area

Movie Library/Rental

Outdoor Seating

Pool Table

Power Point/Sockets by Each Bed

Power Point/Sockets in Rooms


Entirely Non-Smoking

Lockers in Rooms


Checkout: 10:00 (10 AM)

Curfew: No Curfew

Lockout: No

Maximum Stay: 1 month

Minimum Stay: 1 night

Open Dates: All Year

Reception Hours: 8:00am- 9:00pm. Night Manager on duty after 9pm.

Size: Very Large (100+ beds)


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