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Barndesteeg 21, Centrum, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
52.372451, 4.899197 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+31 (0)20 6253230
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There are bettere accommodations, more nice and friendly
Staff at reception are very afraid to mistake and the managers are business men. You feel the typical hierarchy of a church institution. There are bibles everywhere because it is a Christian hostel and they try to evangelize you. The manager will never help you. Pray God, maybe he will.
Age 35, Italy
Very good!!
Me and my friend are students, so the price was very fair. The staff were so nice and welcoming! the Christian part about it was very laid back and you could choose if you wanted to participate in any of the activities. It has a nice garden and it was a great place to be I you wanted a break from the city. All in all it has been the best hostel I've ever been to! And I can't say enough how smiling and helpful the staff was.
Age 17, Denmark
Nice quiet hostel with kind people and chill vibe.
I really enjoyed my stay at Shelter City Hostel. The people working there were really helpful, the garden was very Zen, the kitchen was cheerful, the night was quiet, and the location was right in the center of Amsterdam. Highly recommended.
Good location, nice staff, nice breakfast
nice and safe place to solo travelers.
Age 36
Very cool
interior is very beautiful and very interesting to visit.
Age 30, indonesia
Ok so, I chose this "Christian hostel" not really because of the christian part, but because their website states that no drugs or smoking are allowed, so I expected it to be pretty decent with members of staff who were actively making sure these rules were followed. The first night I arrived the bed they gave me had been slept in and not made, and the bed next to me had bags of hash and lighters. so, I told the reception staff, so said "ok" and nothing else. about four hours later they were still there. that same night I had to change rooms at 3 a.m. because the other people in the hostel were smoking weed and making loads of noise, again, I told the reception staff and another girl told me it's hard to control what happens in the dorms. The other room was much quieter, and I slept ok, but it stunk of sweat. Another off-putting thing about the place is the shady characters that hang around in there all day. I stayed for two weeks and there were people who did not seem to leave except to smoke a joint -- one of them told me he lived there! I would not recommend this hostel as the staff do not seem to care that the no drugs rule is broken, and regularly. I was very disappointed! also, the staff are really weird -- I can't really explain why, they are just strange. I did not have a good experience here. Good points include the price and the location -- around the corner from central station. and the breakfast is ok too!
Decent place to stay
I was a bit concerned about staying so close to the Red Light District, but I didn't find that to be a problem. The hostel was safe, was fairly clean, and the staff was very nice and quite helpful. I am twenty-eight and was traveling alone so I stayed in a four-bunk room which had four small lockers and a sink. The bunks were quite sturdy so I didn't feel the woman below me move but they were a little hard and the pillow was lumpy. Fortunately I sleep with earplugs because I wouldn't have gotten any sleep without them! There area can be quite noisy late at night but then again it's Amsterdam and the Red Light District -- I partially expected that. There was a nice outdoor area and three computers available for use. I used them a couple different times and didn't really have to wait at all. The free breakfast was so much better than most. They had a couple of options -- boiled eggs, bread and butter/jam/cheese, or the choice of a different hot breakfast each day. The luggage storage area was right next to the front desk, where you could lock your belongings to a chain. I found that to be more secure than at some of the other hostels I've stayed. The down side was there was no lift and I had to hike up to the third floor (through one of the most narrow staircases I've ever seen!) carrying my heavy suitcase. Also, there was no water pressure in the first floor women's showers. Overall I'd say it was a nice place to stay and I'd recommend it to any single traveler wanting a safe, fairly quiet place to stay close to everything.
Christian hostel near Red Light district
This hostel is very Christian-centric. I got in late and was trying to get food and had to wait until they were finished with their group prayer before the staff was available to cook me up something. The people are decent. My room was a bit narrow. I like lockers inside my room, and instead they are outside the room. The janitor guy is a bit weird. I left my shirt outside the shower door while I was showering, and I found him holding it up looking as if he were gonna take it. It was on top of my pack, so it was obviously not left behind. I'm going to describe the things I feel are most important when considering a place to stay: 1. Location: Ok. This was very close to Red Light District, so that can be good for some and bad for others. Near a few restaurant/pubs. 2. Price: Ok. I booked this place for $33USD per night thru in shoulder season 3. Food: Good. Free breakfast..had some meat. Bar/dining room has food you can order at a reasonable price. 4. Curfew: Bad. 2am. I heard people had to stay outside for the night when they came back too late. 5. Internet: Bad only one computer at a reasonable rate
Kelvin Pan

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