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Portree Independent Hostel used to be the old post house of Portree on the Scottish Isle Skye. Portree is the main town on Skye, offering a good base to explore the largest island of the Inner Hebrides in the northwest of Scotland. Rated as one of the world's greatest islands by National Geographic, the island's natural scenery is truly spectacular, and rarely found anywhere else in the world. Famous people once said when visiting Skye you experience the whole diversity of Scotland in a nutshell. Come here to admire rolling hills, lochs, waterfalls, tropical vegetation, rugged mountain ranges, to visit old castles, and to hear about clans and major historic events.

The Location

The hostel is well situated in the town's square, only two minutes away from the main bus stop servicing all major connections, from Edinburgh to Inverness, and Glasgow to Fort William. A well-stocked supermarket; three Indian curry places; one Italian restaurant; and the snug harborfront -- with its bopping fishing boats, screaming seagulls, and insider-tip seafood eatery -- will ensure you're never hungry. For further information, visit one of the charming village pubs with its friendly locals or the welcoming information center in walking distance nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel can accommodate up to sixty travelers, mainly in four- and six-bed rooms, while larger groups can make use of the two ten- and twelve-bed dorm rooms located on the top floor. There are three mixed bathrooms in the house, with two further toilets on the ground floor.

Common Spaces

The largest room in the house is the well-equipped kitchen. The small reception area includes comfy sofas where you can relax, read a book, or watch TV. All rooms and walls are painted with bright colors, creating a warm atmosphere. What stands out is the unique carpet on the ground floor with a local tartan pattern. The rooms, fitted with carpets and proper dark curtains, are cleaned daily.


This is a nice little hostel run by a local couple. If it is fully booked (as it is most of the time), it can get a bit crowded. At peak times you may experience a queue in front of the bathrooms. The kitchen provides plenty of space and is a good place to meet fellow international travelers.
by Sophie
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Old Post Office, The Green, Portree, Isle of Skye (Skye), Inner Hebrides, Scotland
+44 (0)1478 613737
+44 (0)1478 613758
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Portree Independent Hostel is centrally located in the main town of Portree on the Isle of Skye. It’s a good base for all your explorations of the island. It’s a quirky little hostel, brightly painted throughout in reds and greens and blues and purples. Access to the hostel is by key card after hours -- make sure you get one if you’re going to come back after 10 p.m. in particular, as reception is not open twenty-four hours. (There is a small deposit, refundable when you return the card). The Location The hostel is just off Portree’s main square, from which all the buses depart (both local buses and long-distance coaches to points on the mainland). The tourist information office is just a short walk down the street. Rooms and Bathrooms Dorm rooms do not have locks or in-room lockers. Size varies from four to six beds with price varying accordingly (note that there is an additional charge if you’re paying by credit card). Bathrooms are not ensuite, but are individual toilet/shower combinations (that do have door locks!), with ample space to change and stow your shower gear. Common Spaces There is a huge kitchen/dining area with lots of room for food storage, and continental breakfast is provided in the morning for a small fee. Views over the harbour can be spectacular when it`s a clear day (which, sadly, doesn’t always happen on Skye). There is a TV viewing/seating area attached to the reception area, with DVDs available to watch and books for exchange. There is one computer with internet access (on a paid basis) and Wi-Fi is available for a fee (with a range of options for length of time -- one hour, one day, three days, or one week). The hostel was relatively empty when we visited, but it was the off-season; given the limited number of cheap accommodation options on Skye, it probably fills up quickly in the warmer months and has much more activity going on. Summary Portree Independent Hostel is a good base if you choose to stay in Portree, as you’re within easy reach of everything in town, and buses from the town go all over the island. Saturday bus schedules are limited, though, and there is no bus service on Sundays, so you’ll have to make other arrangements if you want to get out of town.
Not too impressed
The man at the reception does not use deodorant and the whole common room smelled of body odor extremely bad. How those people can not smell themselves is up to me. In the morning I asked for help and he gave me wrong times and then would not have anything to do with me and I tried to show him if it was possible to take a different bus as the time schedule showed. The bed had bars in the middle and very uncomfortable. The window I had to hold shut with the pillow because it kept reopening. The kitchen was huge and great for gathering. The bathrooms were very clean and nice. It was a nice hostel except for the man at the reception. I am not sure if he is the owner but he was extremely unfriendly and I just can not stand the smell of extreme body odor.
  I stayed in this hostel for almost a week in 2005 and met wonderful people, the staff included. Everything was very clean (including the kitchen, a rarity in the world of hostels) and the lounge was always filled with interesting conversations. The bathrooms are private, single-serve types, so no hopping around in a tiny shower stall while you try to put your clothes back on before coming out. Steps from the square, from where all the island's busses depart, it's perfectly located for a stay on Skye.
  This hostel was awesome. It is very clean and has an enormous kitchen that is fun to hang out in late into the night. Just be sure to be quiet after 11 p.m. and clean up after yourself. The bathroom was really, really clean!!!
Kelley, Suong, Gina, Mike, Jeff, & Leo
Portree Independent Hostel is first and foremost extraordinarily convenient. An olive building with coloured trim and great sign out front, it is a distinctive building in distinctive surroundings, and you catch sight of it on the way in and it turns out to be only fifty meters from bus stop in the town center. You do pay a little for this convenience (and the fact that it's the only hostel in town), but it nevertheless provides good value. Although the common room out front is not as inviting as it might be, the wood-trimmed kitchen is warm, nearly always active and has a decent view out onto the bay. The kitchen, it might be added, is well-equipped and clean--indeed, you'll see the owner himself in it most nights. The owner is a good chap and quite helpful and knowledgable of the local area, although he works elsewhere as well and so locks the doors between 1030am and 3pm each day (a slight inconvenience if you don't plan on wandering far). A key is available for a small deposit which will also get you in after curfew. The rooms and facilities are also very clean and most are plenty spacious enough for three bunks or pair of beds and all the luggage. Even the rooms looking over the street are quite pleasant, since Portree is a small town so most of the traffic is gone by midnight and most of the rest of the noise are visitors who likely staying in the hostel themselves. That said, Portree itself doesn't offer much to the backpacker, but it provides an excellent base for day trips out to other parts of the island, while remaining very convenient one of the two main bus stops. Portree Independent Hostel is definitely recommended as a stop for those visiting the beautiful Isle of Skye.
Lance Labun
(United States)

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